Do Leather Pants Make You Sweat? [Including Faux Leather]

Deciding whether your leather pants will be comfortable or not can be tricky. Do you want to wear your leather pants out but are afraid they might make you sweat? We have done plenty of research to find you the answer. So let's discuss.

Yes, it is common for leather pants to make you sweat. Although they might be stylish, leather and faux leather trap heat, making for an uncomfortable experience if it is already hot out. Generally, if you want to wear leather pants and the temperature outside is warm, try staying inside as much as possible. If the occasion calls for being completely outside, we recommend not wearing leather pants at all.

As we begin, we will cover all things leather pants and tag some helpful products. Regardless of your pants being real or faux, wearing them in the heat might not be the best idea. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A woman posing and wearing leather pants and black shirt, Do Leather Pants Make You Sweat? [Including Faux Leather]

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Why Do Leather Pants Make You Sweat?

Although stylish, leather pants are infamously known to cause people to sweat. This is because of how thick leather material is and how well it traps your body's natural heat. When it comes to wearing leather pants in warmer temperatures, you are essentially inviting heat into your clothing and then not letting it back out. The same goes for faux leather, which, although thinner material, is still super uncomfortable to wear when the temperature is high.

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Can Leather Pants Shrink From Sweat?

Technically, if you sweat enough in your leather pants, yes, they will shrink a bit. With that said, your leather pants shouldn't shrink enough not to fit but might feel snug near your waist. If you notice your leather pants start to shrink because of sweating, we recommend pulling the waistline of your pants before and after wearing them. Of course, this might only help a little, but you should start to feel some stretching after a few wears.

Are Leather Pants Breathable?

When it comes to leather pants being breathable, we have to disagree. Like we mentioned, leather is a heat-trapping material, which is essentially the opposite of breathable. Unlike leggings or even jeans, leather pants are not made from cotton or spandex, hence why they don't have great airflow.

Even with faux leather pants being fabric, their plastic-coated material makes the heat feel stronger on your legs, and nobody wants that. That is not to say you can't wear leather in the summer, but we would personally not recommend it.

What Time Of Year Should I Wear Leather Pants?

For those with leather pants whose dreams we've crushed, the good news is, they are perfect for the fall through spring. Like any heavy clothing, we think leather pants are a great idea to wear as the weather gets colder.

Even wearing leather pants in the spring should be fine, as long as the temperatures stay around 75 degrees. Our same suggestion stands for people who love pleather, although if it's very cold, you might want to layer up.

How Does It Feel To Wear Leather Pants?

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If you don't have a pair of leather pants yet, they essentially feel softer and a bit heavier than jeans or regular trousers. Leather, in particular, is extremely comfortable to wear, hence why it is so expensive. Leather is considered a luxury option among pants styles and sits at the higher end of the clothing market.

If you don't mind wearing real animal products, leather pants might be a nice way to treat yourself. With that said, there are plenty of higher-end vegan/faux options that still have a luxurious look and feel to them.

Milwaukee Leather 'Sandy' Women’s Black Leather Pants

These leather pants are 100% real lambskin, button closure, dry clean only, and promise to fit similar to leggings.

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Retro Gong Women's High-Waisted Faux Leather Pants

These faux leather pants are nylon and spandex, have elastic closure, come in a few colors, and promise not to be see-through.

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Are Leather Pants Hard To Maintain?

Depending on how often you wear them, leather pants do require certain upkeep. Cleaning-wise, you should not wash your leather as often as regular pants. Generally, we recommend spot cleaning any spills or stains on your pants and washing them every three to four uses.

When washing leather, make sure to keep the water temperature low and let them air dry rather than in the machine to avoid shrinking. The same goes for faux leather material, as it will also shrink in hot water temperatures.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner & Cleaning Kit

This leather cleaning and conditioning kit comes with a lint-free cloth, is fragrance-free, non-toxic, restores, and protects leather.

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Should You Size Up In Leather Pants?

When choosing the right size leather pants, look for some that fit you close but aren't too tight. Leather pants, in particular, tend to stretch out as your wear them, so keep that in mind while purchasing a pair. Although leather does stretch as it ages, you shouldn't notice a major difference with regular washing.

Do Faux Leather Pants Stretch As They Age?

Similar to the real thing, faux leather also stretches as it ages. Synthetic leather material also tends to age much faster than genuine leather, so that is something to consider. Material-wise, faux leather is also more prone to cracking, peeling, and stretching with continued wear and doesn't usually last more than a couple of years.

Of course, faux leather is much cheaper than real material, so purchasing a new pair every couple of years won't break the bank. If you want to extend the life of your faux leather pants, we recommend using a conditioner or oil on them regularly.

Rejuvenate High-Performance Leather & Vinyl Conditioner

This rejuvenating real and faux leather conditioner protects and restores leather, contains natural oils, and promises not to leave a greasy residue.

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Will Leather Pants Go Out Of Style?

A woman wearing a leather jacket and leather pants

When it comes to leather pants going out of style, genuine options are slowly phasing out of demand. With that said, faux leather pants are very popular among all demographics, so they are worth looking into. As people become more environmentally aware, the need for real leather has dramatically decreased.

Although leather clothing, in appearance, is widely loved, the practices used to make it are no longer socially acceptable. If you want a real leather piece but aren't willing to support that industry, we suggest thrifting a pre-owned option as a compromise.

Is All Faux Leather Vegan?

Although some faux leather looks and feels almost too real, yes, as long as it is faux material, it is vegan. Essentially, synthetic leather comes in tiers, varying from fast fashion to high-end luxury clothing.

Despite not being the real thing, there are plenty of luxury companies opting for vegan leather and popularizing the idea of wearing it. Whether you can't fathom wearing something that came from an animal or you aren't comfortable spending hundreds of dollars on pants, we think faux leather is a great option.

commando Women's Faux Leather Joggers

These faux leather joggers are polyurethane, viscose, elastane, mid-weight, and have two color options.

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Jordan Nike Court-to-Runway Women's Faux Leather Pants

These faux leather pants are a heavy luxury synthetic fabric, have deep storage pockets, and are dry clean only.

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To Wrap It Up

Whether you want to wear leather pants in the summer or winter, expect to stay warm. Leather does trap heat from what we found, causing you to sweat if the temperature outside is hot. Generally, leather pants are fine to wear as long as the temperature isn't too high, but we don't recommend sporting them in full sun.

Although faux leather is not as thick in material, we also think it will make you sweat if it's hot out. Regardless of whether your pants are real or synthetic, we think as long as there is air conditioning nearby, you will be fine to wear them.

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