Do Leather Pants Stretch? [Inc. Faux Leather]

Figuring out what size to get for your pants can feel impossible without some help. Do you like to size up if your leather pants shrink, or do you expect them to stretch a bit once you put them on? For your convenience, we have brought you the answer.

Leather pants do stretch depending on how you care for them. Generally, leather pants only stretch significantly if you pull them past their capacity, and the same goes for faux material.

With that said, your leather pants should stay pretty close to size if you don't stretch them purposely. Another way leather pants stretch is when your overwash them, so be mindful of that as well.

As we begin, we will go over all things leather pants and tag some related products. Whether you wear them often or want to get your first pair, leather pants will stretch a bit over time. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A woman wearing red sandals and leather pants, Do Leather Pants Stretch? [Inc. Faux Leather]

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Do Leather Pants Stretch Over Time?

When it comes to leather pants stretching over time, that is inevitably going to happen. Genuine and faux leather age as you wear them and eventually begin to stretch and peel. Between the two, the natural leather will hold out longer than faux and shouldn't peel as long as you care for it.

A woman wearing black leather pants, red shoes, and white blouse

Washing too frequently is one of the leading natural causes of stretching, as well as your pants being the wrong size, to begin with. Generally, we suggest choosing a pair of leather pants that fit you well and even have a little extra room.

How Much Do Leather Pants Stretch?

Typically, you can expect leather to stretch about one to two inches. Of course, this will happen if you manually pull your pants to make them bigger, not with everyday wear.

If you notice your pants begin to stretch out, try to wash them in warm water and leave them out to air dry. Although this won't shrink them dramatically, it will help keep their shape and size close to the original.

Do Faux Leather Pants Stretch Out?

For those with faux leather pants, yes, they do stretch out. Like we mentioned earlier, faux leather tends to stretch similar to real leather but does age faster. Ingredient-wise, faux leather is a blend of plastics on top of cloth material, which is not nearly as sturdy as genuine leather.

We suggest washing and drying faux leather pants in cooler temperatures and not getting them wet too often.

How Long Do Faux Leather Pants Last?

Considering their material is primarily plastic, faux leather pants will last between two and five years. Typically, premium quality synthetic leather lasts much longer than cheaper options, so you might want to splurge.

A good pair of faux leather pants to look for is one that is thicker and promises not to peel or crack. Although every pair of pants ages differently, you can expect a longer lifespan with better quality material.

Balleay Art Faux Leather Pants for Women

Here is a pair of high-quality faux leather pants from Balleay to try. These pants are mid-rise, stretchy at the waist, and made with thick quality material.

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How To Stretch Leather Motorcycle Trousers

A woman wearing black leather pants and holding a black leather jacket

If you need to stretch out your leather motorcycle trousers, you've got options. Leather motorcycle pants, in particular, are very thick and are not as easy to stretch as standard options.

One easy way to get a little stretching is to wash your motorcycle-style pants and wear them damp until they dry. This will essentially train the leather to fit your body, hence some stretching.

Another method to stretch thicker leather pants is to rub them down with a leather softener and pull at them until you see some improvement.

GRIFFIN Western Leather Conditioner

Here is a leather softener from GRIFFIN to use for stretching. This product has premium ingredients, softens and conditions leather apparel, and is 100% wax-free.

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Is Leather Hard To Stretch?

Whether your leather is thick, thin, genuine, or faux, stretching can be tricky. Between the different leather pants styles, genuine leather tends to stretch the most naturally. Although water and some pulling will help stretch out your pants, don't expect dramatic results when working with leather.

With that said, using a leather-friendly conditioner or softener regularly will help keep your pants in good shape and allow for some movement.

Paul's Pail All Natural Beeswax Leather Conditioner

Here is another leather conditioner from Paul's Pail to use on leather pants. This conditioner has a natural blend of animal oils, beeswax, is handmade, and is non-toxic.

See this natural conditioner on Amazon here.

How Do You Stretch Out Leather Pants?

When it comes to stretching out leather pants, patience is key. Generally, warm water is the easiest way to expand leather, real or not. For anyone wanting to stretch out their leather pants, try a spray bottle of warm to hot water and spray it onto the affected areas.

After that, begin to pull and stretch the pants to your desired shape. We recommend you wear your leather pants while stretching, so you know exactly what areas need work.

Does Water Loosen Leather?

Like we mentioned above, water does help leather fibers to expand. With that said, warm water works best to stretch out leather material and essentially loosen it. This happens because of the leather pants absorbing the moisture, causing your pants to expand. Typically, we suggest not overwashing leather because that leads to peeling and cracking.

Do Vegan Leather Pants Stretch?

A woman wearing black shoes and black leather pants on a red background

For those with vegan leather pants, yes, you should be able to stretch them a bit. Although vegan leather is not as sturdy as the real deal, warm water and some pulling will work fine. The safest way to stretch synthetic leather is to hang dry your pants after they have been washed.

It's best to let your pants naturally air dry rather than in the machine because they are most likely plastic. Extreme heat is not suitable for vegan leather and can end up melting your pants.

Is Vegan Leather Better Than Genuine?

When it comes down to whether vegan leather is better than genuine, that is up to you. Between the two, vegan leather is a cruelty-free option and essentially gives you the same leather look but at a better price. Real leather does hold out longer than synthetic material and is more durable, but that comes at a cost.

Generally, real leather pants will cost you about 300 to 500 dollars, versus vegan costing about a third of that. If you prefer a cost-effective and cruelty-free option, we suggest a pair of vegan leather pants over genuine ones.

KENDALL + KYLIE Women's Vegan Leather Jogger

Here we have a pair of vegan leather joggers from Kendal And Kylie. These pants are polyester and polyurethane, dry-clean only, and come with a medical-grade face covering.

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The Wrap Up

Whether you own leather pants or want to purchase a pair, expect a bit of natural stretching. When it comes to leather stretching, we found that it can and should expand with warm water and pulling.

Generally, real leather is easier to work with than synthetic material and won't age as quickly. We suggest you regularly use a conditioner on your leather pants to keep them hydrated and moveable.

Regardless of what type of leather you wear, make sure to leave some wiggle room and let your pants air dry after washing.

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