Do Leggings Keep You Warm?

Finding clothes that keep us warm can be impossible without doing some digging. Are you worried your favorite pair of leggings won't keep you warm or do they feel too heavy in the summer months? We are also very curious about this and have done our research to find you the answer. Let's discuss.

When it comes to leggings keeping you warm, that depends on the material. From what we found, leggings lined with cotton or fleece tend to be the warmest styles. Most leggings have a blend of polyester and spandex, so it is essential to find a pair with lining or insulation. Leggings can certainly keep you warm as long as they are made with durable and heat-trapping materials.

As we get this post started, we will share everything you need to know about staying warm in leggings and even suggest some related products. It can get cold even in the spring and summer months, so finding a good pair of leggings is necessary. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A two women are out in the snow on a cold winter day wearing leggings, Do Leggings Keep You Warm?

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What Style Of Leggings Are The Warmest?

Out of the leggings we looked through, the warmest styles seem to be fleece, velvet, and cotton. A description to look for when shopping for leggings would be thermal or insulated because you know the leggings will be the real deal when it comes to warmth. Most times, leggings are worn with an oversized coat or sweater in cold climates or even layered under regular pants. If you find yourself still feeling cold in your leggings, try throwing on a pair of comfy sweats to wear over them.

Young fit girls hiking outdoor on a cold winter day

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined Winter Leggings

Here is a pair of warm fleece leggings from BALEAF to try out in the colder months. These leggings are high-waisted, lined with warm fleece, and come in a few fun colors.

View these fleece-lined leggings on Amazon here.

Conceited Premium Ultra Soft Velvet Leggings

Here we have a pair of warm velvet leggings from the Conceited Store. These leggings have a velour look to them and promise to be stretchy and comfortable.

See these velvet leggings on Amazon here.

HUE Women's Warm & Cozy Cotton Leggings

Here is another warm legging option from HUE that promises to soft and comfortable. These leggings are machine washable and feature a soft cotton lining to keep you warm.

View these cotton leggings on Amazon here.

Are Leggings Good For Cold Weather?

Leggings are either a hit or miss when it comes to keeping you warm in cooler weather. According to what we have found, It is best to layer up if you plan to wear leggings. From the outfits we came across, doubling up with an extra pair of leggings or tights can make a world of difference and keep you much warmer versus just one pair. We also found that many people choose to wear their leggings under a regular pair of pants or sweats similar to long underwear.

Can I Wear Leggings Under Ski Pants?

Girl jumping with snowboard from the hill

You can certainly wear a pair of leggings under your ski pants to stay warm on the slopes. Typically, it is good to layer up underneath a ski suit with either long underwear or sweatpants, so switching them for leggings is a great idea. Leggings have a more flexible and breathable feel versus sweats or long underwear, so if you get hot while skiing, this is the idea for you.

ToBeInStyle Women's Medium Weight Breathable Leggings

Here is a pair of medium-weight leggings from ToBeInStyle that are perfect for wearing under ski pants. These leggings are a mix of cotton and spandex and are machine washable.

Check out these leggings on Amazon here.

How To Wear Snow Boots With Leggings?

If you are unsure how to wear snow boots with a pair of leggings, we've got you covered. We suggest wearing an oversized sweater or jacket with snow boots and leggings to complete your look. The key to a cohesive snow boot and legging look is sticking with other oversize clothing and accessories.

Oversized Jacket Or Sweater

Here is an example of how to style your leggings with a pair of snow boots. We like how this outfit has an oversized and comfy look to it while staying warm. This idea is perfect for running errands or even walking around town with your friends.

Liny Xin Women's Cashmere Oversized Loose Knitted Sweater

Here is an oversized knitted sweater that will go perfectly with your outfit. This sweater is a wool and cashmere blend and is hand-wash or dry clean only.

Follow this link to view this sweater on Amazon.

As Many Layers As Possible

Another idea for your legging and snow boot outfit would be multiple layers similar to this example. We especially like the oversized scarf that makes this outfit feel super warm and stylish. Even going with a pair of fun large ear muffs would look cute with this type of outfit.

NEOSAN Oversized Cable Knit Chunky Scarf

Here is an oversized chunky cable knit scarf from NEOSAN that will compliment this type of outfit. This scarf is a cashmere-like acrylic material and comes in a variety of fun colors.

View this chunky knit scarf on Amazon here.

Are Jeans Or Leggings Warmer?

When it comes to whether jeans or leggings will keep you the warmest, we are going with leggings. We say this because jeans absorb temperature better than leggings, making for a shiver-worthy situation in colder weather. That is not to say that all jeans will have you regretting their existence in colder temperatures, but more often than not, they aren't the better option. A good compromise for those who want to wear jeans would be to layer with a pair of leggings or tights underneath.

Insulated Jean Options

If you prefer not to layer up underneath your jeans, you're in luck. There are insulated jean options that will keep you warm without requiring you to wear multiple layers. These jeans typically cost between $30 and $100, so we would recommend going with that option if you are comfortable with the price.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Women's Insulated Jeans

Here is a pair of insulated jeans from Wrangler Riggs Workwear to keep you warm during colder months. These jeans are a regular fit and washing machine friendly.

View these insulated jeans on Amazon here.

Yehopere Women's Fleece Lined Jeggings

Here is another pair of warm jeans from Yehopere that are lined with fleece. These jeans have a stretchy velvet fleece-lined jegging design and come in a few different colors.

See these velvet fleece-lined jeggings on Amazon here.

Does Lululemon Have Fleece-Lined Leggings?

For the Lululemon fanatics reading, we've got some sad news. According to their website and resellers, the company does not currently have any fleece-lined leggings available to purchase. It looks like they did have a small selection of fleece-lined options a while back but discontinued them for whatever reason. This may be due to summer approaching or maybe a lack of sales for the legging style.

Lululemon Alternatives

Hope is not all lost if you are still on the hunt for a good pair of fleece-lined leggings. Although Lululemon does not currently have fleece-lined leggings, there are plenty of warm and affordable options that you can find online. Just because a pair of leggings is not name-brand does not mean they aren't worth giving a try.

IUGA Fleece Lined Thermal Leggings with Pockets

Here is a pair of fleece-lined leggings from IUGA that even have pockets. These thermal leggings are high-waisted and come in a few different styles.

View these on Amazon here.

Yogipace Water-Resistant Fleece Lined Leggings

Here is another great fleece-lined alternative from Yogipace that promises to be water-resistant and thermal. These leggings come in a petite and regular size and can be washed in cold water.

Check out these leggings on Amazon here.

Are Leggings Good For Hot Weather?

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If you want to wear leggings year-round, there are a ton of lightweight options you can choose from. Leggings are a great hot weather option because they are light and don't feel heavy on the skin, ideal for warmer temperatures. We recommend finding a pair of polyester and spandex leggings to wear in warmer months versus fleece-lined or heavy fabric.

Coolibar Women's Monterey Summer Leggings

Here is a pair of leggings that are perfect for hotter weather from Coolibar. These lightweight leggings block 98% of UV radiation and are machine washable.

Check out these UV blocking leggings on Amazon here.

The Wrap Up

Whether you are an avid legging wearer or someone after a comfortable and warm option, there are endless amounts of styles to choose from. From what we found, leggings with fleece or cotton lining are much warmer than typical styles and can be accessorized with other pants and clothing. If you are after a comfier look, try wearing an oversized sweater or scarf with your leggings to complete your outfit. You can also wear leggings in the hotter months as long as they are lightweight material. Regardless of your taste or budget, there is a warm pair of leggings calling your name.

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