Do Leggings Look Good On Everyone?

For centuries, leggings have been a part of clothing history. Although some people insist leggings are not real pants, everyone can wear them fashionably. The style changes every decade or two, but they are still an acceptable article of clothing if worn appropriately. But how do you know if leggings look good? We've pulled together all the best style tips for how to wear leggings and look great doing it!

Depending on your body type and planned activity, you can look great in leggings. Generally, shirts should extend to at least the upper to mid-thigh area to provide adequate coverage. Body shape is especially important to consider when choosing the right shirt and leggings. However, leggings in casual and active settings usually do not need to provide more coverage.

Leggings have been in and out of fashion for centuries, so you might wonder when they got their start. Generally, you should follow up-to-date fashion guidelines when wearing leggings. And gender and age do not bar you from the joy of wearing leggings. Keep reading to find out more.

Legs crossed of women wearing yoga pants resting on sofa, Do Leggings Look Good On Everyone?

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When did leggings become a thing?

If you take a closer look at history, you'll see that leggings go way back. During the 13th century, leggings were first worn by Europeans.

Vintage illustration of squires in medieval 16th century fashion

Their popularity continued into the 16th century. Have you ever seen Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? The men during this time period loved leggings, too! In fact, it was only appropriate for men and not women to wear them.

Thereafter, leggings were favored on and off for decades. Then, they took a dive in popularity in the early 1990s. Finally, the popularity for leggings as casual fashion was renewed in the early 2000s. Many celebrities wore capri leggings during that time.

How to wear leggings properly?

Legs crossed with yoga pants resting on sofa

Clearly, today's leggings are not worn the same as during the Renaissance and Elizabethan eras. Also, now women are more likely to wear leggings than men. Overall, body shape and activity setting affect how you should wear leggings properly.

Body Shape

Leggings are not just meant for slim people. Alternatively, some people might think leggings only look good on sexy hourglass figures. But many shapes and sizes can rock leggings! Plus sizes, pregnant women, apple shapes, and inverted triangle shapes can look great in these comfy clothes. Keep reading to find out how.

Plus Size

Plus size model in sportswear on gray background

Plus sizes, rejoice! Here is a plus-size model wearing black, red, and white fitted leggings with a red hoodie. Comfort and support are important to hold her curves, thus the leggings are thick and comfortable.

Body positive woman running with protective face mask

Here is another plus-size model. She is wearing a pink, long-sleeved shirt with black leggings. Notice how the shirt is loose and provides airy comfort. The leggings are form-fitting yet comfortable. Plus, they have pockets!


Young pregnant woman lies on sofa in living room

Even pregnant women can enjoy the freedom and comfort of leggings. Here is a young mom wearing dark purple leggings with an oversized red sweater. She can be comfortable and casual with minimal effort.

However, it's important to find a loose, comfortable waistband for a pregnant woman's growing tummy. Click here to see maternity leggings on Amazon.

Apple Shape

Smiling blond senior woman standing near antique golden door

Apple-shaped women should wear a loose top over any form-fitting leggings. Here is a pretty woman wearing an oversized, flowy shirt over a pair of jet black leggings. The roomy shirt successfully hides her rounded stomach and wide hips.

Inverted Triangle

Attractive Asian girl with skipping rope on shoulders

If your shoulders go past your hips, then your body shape is probably considered an inverted triangle. Here is a young woman with a triangle shape wearing workout gear. The orange print on the sides is slimming yet highlights the natural curves of her waist and hips.


African woman sitting in red armchair

In casual settings, there are several different ways you can wear leggings. Here is a beautiful, happy woman wearing artistic black and white leggings. The fun pattern and stretchy material are perfect for curling up on the couch.

Speaking of which, artistic leggings have become very popular in 2020 and 2021. You can show your personality with your leggings. Click here to see a fun pair on Amazon.


Young happy woman walking on sidewalk

Can you wear leggings with a dress? Absolutely! Pictured above is a young lady wearing black leggings with a mid- thigh dress and long coat. Typically, dresses and leggings pair great together. Check our article, "Can You Wear A Dress With Leggings?" to find out more.


Female hiker jumps between rock summits

For sports or exercise, you'll want to pay attention to the legging material. Leggings intended for activity are meant to allow maximum mobility and flexibility. A lot of women do the squat test, which is a way to determine if the leggings are too sheer or just right.

A young woman sits and rests at the center of a tennis court next to the net

Pictured above is a young woman playing tennis while wearing bright, fun capri leggings. They are flexible to give her great movement so she can easily run across the court. Also, they allow heat to escape by ending at the knees.

Is it weird for a guy to wear leggings?

Young athlete walking along the embankment

As mentioned, leggings were only meant for men in the past. Nowadays, men don't often wear leggings. But they are still perfectly acceptable! Guys can wear leggings, and we don't think it's weird at all.

However, just like with women, men need to get the appropriate size in leggings. Otherwise, yes, they will look weird. Pictured above is a dark black pair of workout leggings for men. Overall, the fit has great reviews. Click here to see them on Amazon.

How should guys wear leggings?

Active leggings aren't just for women. Oftentimes men wear leggings for sports or exercise. The key to men wearing leggings is to find the appropriate fit. Usually, they should fit snugly, but they should have a lot of flexibility in their material.

Handsome dancer with closed eyes in black leggings

Take a look at the male dancer pictured above. He would not have enough range of motion to perform if he wore regular pants.

Silhouette of a young man in sportswear running up the stairs of the subway

Here is a man wearing compression leggings and shorts. Compression leggings are great for athletic adventures because they are moisture-wicking, stretchy, and protective from natural elements, like the wind and the sun.

Here is a great pair of compression leggings for men. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Can an older woman wear leggings?

Senior woman jogging on a rocky coastline

Although some might argue that leggings are only meant for young people, we think older women can also pull off leggings. Here is an older woman hiking along the coastline in black compression leggings. She looks fit and fantastic!

Senior woman having fun on swing

Here is another seasoned woman wearing grey workout leggings and a grey jacket. She looks like she's having fun on the swing! The leggings offer her great movement so she can push herself off from the ground.


Even though leggings have been around for centuries, their style has changed drastically over the last few decades. However, they were not intended for only one or two specific body types. Several different body shapes can enjoy leggings. People just need to pay attention to the activity setting. Also, men and older women can wear them.

We hope this article helped you. Have a good time in pursuit of the perfect pair of leggings!

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