Do Rings Fit Tighter in Summer?

It's a sultry July day, and you're getting dressed for a date with your spouse. You reach into your jewelry box for your favorite ring and slip it onto your finger, but it won't fit. The last time you wore it, it fit fine. Did your ring get tighter over the summer? We have researched to get the facts on this phenomenon for you!

Rings don't change sizes, but they may feel tighter in the summer. Hot weather means you retain more fluids, which can lead to a slight swelling of the fingers. So it's no wonder your rings feel tighter in the summer.


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But what about other seasons? And what happens if the ring is too tight? Is it dangerous, and can it be cut off easily? We'll answer these questions and more if you read on.

How Much Does Ring Size Change Between The Seasons?

As we've already mentioned, your rings can seem to grow smaller in the summer, but it's genuinely only your hands retaining fluid. Your ring hasn't changed size. But, your fingers can shift. It all depends on the person. Some people's ring size can change as much as an entire size or size and a half, while others may only change a fourth of a size.

Wider band rings will feel snugger or looser with the change than narrower bands. And in the winter, your fingers will shrink, making your rings looser.

Do Rings Get Looser Over Time?

Rings do not typically change size over time. They may get bent out of shape by wear, but once returned to be re-formed at the jewelers, the size will remain the same. However, as we age, often our knuckles will grow in size, causing the need for a larger sized ring or sizing up your current one.

Should A Ring Spin On Your Finger?

If your ring spins on your finger, then it's not sized correctly. Though you want your ring to fit over your knuckle snugly, a ring that is loose on your finger is more likely to get damaged. If you have a huge stone, it may tend to shift to the side, but that's a different story.

Consider using a ring guard or noodle if your ring spins for a better fit.

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These ring adjusters fit inside of your ring and are practically invisible. There are eight in the package and fit almost any size ring from 1mm to 10mm.

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Is It Better To Size A Ring Up Or Down?

Girl holding a ring in a beach during summer

Much of sizing depends on what you're looking for. If it's a ring that's grown snug that you want to remain on the same finger, then sizing up makes more sense. In general, sizing up is less expensive as often, a jeweler can stretch a ring. If it must go up more than a size, then you will have to pay for additional metal.

Ring Stretcher

Jewelers will often use a ring stretcher like this one to stretch a ring up a half size or so. This tool will typically not stretch a ring more than a single size upwards.

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Sizing down, you can do with either a ring noodle or guard as mentioned above, but if it must be sized significantly, then a jeweler will need to cut the band down and restructure it, which is costly.

Is Wearing A Tight Ring Dangerous?

It can be. If your ring is causing pins and needles feeling in your finger, it's a sign you're cutting off the blood flow to that finger. You could cause permanent damage to your hand. It's also dangerous if it were to get snagged on something at a workplace and won't pull off easily. This could lead to a serious accident. If it's just a little tight and you can't get it off of your knuckle, try some Windex! It works.

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Do Jewelers Cut Off Rings?

Yes, a jeweler can cut off your stuck ring. So can your local emergency room and EMT's as well, but the jeweler can do it with the least damage to the ring to put it back together with the least amount of cost. They will typically use what is called a ring cutter.

Working from the back, they will cut into the shaft of the ring. A small metal blade slips between your finger and the shank to protect the finger from the blade. Once the cut is made, they will stretch it open and bring the ring up and over the knuckle.

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Though we don't recommend you doing it yourself, the ring cutting tools are available for purchase commercially. Click here to see this one on Amazon.

How Much Do Jewelers Charge To Cut Off Rings?

If you're going to use that same jeweler to repair your ring, then there may be no charge at all. But if it's just for the removal, the going rate seems to be around the fifty to seventy-five dollar mark, though it some instances and locations that will be different. If they're feeling sorry for your swollen finger, they may do it for free.

Don't fret if your rings get a little tight in the summer. When winter rolls back around, they'll loosen up. They'll also be looser in the morning, so you might try early morning as a time to get one off, that you've wanted to change out. They also loosen when swimming, which is a good reason for having them a little tight or taking them off before you take a plunge.

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