Do Skinny Jeans Get Loose? [With Ways To Prevent Stretching]

Realizing your favorite pair of jeans doesn't fit anymore is never fun. Did your skinny jeans used to fit just right but now seem too loose to wear? We have done our research to find you some answers on what to do.

Skinny jeans will loosen as you wear them. Material-wise, skinny jeans almost always have spandex or elastane, which are prone to stretching the more they are worn. Some good ways to prevent your skinny jeans from stretching include:

  • Line-drying your jeans
  • Washing jeans in cold water
  • Choosing high-quality skinny jeans

As we begin, we will cover all things skinny jeans and discuss the various ways to keep them from stretching. Whether you prefer a looser fit or not, there are ways to fix sagging and stretching skinny jeans. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A close-up of a female sitting down on a stone wall and dressing casual skinny jeans, Do Skinny Jeans Get Loose? [With Ways To Prevent Stretching]

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How Do I Keep My Skinny Jeans From Stretching?

Whether you've had your jeans for a year or only a week, if they are spandex or elastane, they will stretch. For the most part, keeping skinny jeans in their original shape is possible as long as you wash and store them properly.

A few ideas we have to maintain the shape of your skinny jeans include line drying them, washing them in cold water, and choosing high-quality made jeans.

Close up of a female wearing jeans

Line Drying Your Jeans

First, a good way to keep your skinny jeans from stretching is to line dry them rather than in a machine. One of the main reasons your jeans stretch is that the elasticity wears over time when exposed to heat, so even changing the setting on your dryer might help.

Once your jeans are fully dry, we recommend folding them rather than hanging them because it also helps prevent stretching.

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Washing In Cold Water

Another way to keep your skinny jeans from stretching is to wash them in cold water. Similar to the dryer, if your washer is too hot, it will loosen your pants over time.

If you prefer to hand wash your jeans, we recommend cold water and soap and then line drying or tossing them into the dryer on a low heat setting.

Choosing High-Quality Jeans

Lastly, if you don't want to worry as much about your jeans stretching, we suggest finding a pair made with high-quality materials. Generally, skinny jeans made with mostly denim or cotton have a thicker feel and won't stretch as easily as polyester blends.

Jeans with durable, premium stitching also tend to last longer than options without, so that is something to look for.

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Why Do My Jeans Stretch Out So Fast?

When it comes to why jeans stretch out so quickly, there are plenty of reasons this happens. Regardless of what type of jeans you have, overwashing and not correctly storing your pants are usually the main culprits.

Like we mentioned, keeping your jeans folded between wears is a good way to prevent unneeded stretching. Another way to prevent jeans from stretching is washing and drying in low heat to keep them from losing their elasticity and shape.

How Often Should You Wash Jeans?

Ideally, you only should wash your jeans about once per week. Denim, in general, doesn't require a ton of maintenance and does better when washed less often.

With that said, if you wear your jeans to work or love the outdoors, we suggest spot-cleaning them if possible. Of course, nobody wants to wear dirty clothes, so if your jeans need a wash, don't hesitate to clean them.

Why Do My Jeans Loosen Throughout The Day?

Legs of a caucasian woman in skinny jeans and blue shoes

For those wondering why their jeans feel looser throughout the day, you are not going crazy. This is very common in jeans with spandex or elastane and is usually due to overwashing or just aging material.

Although we wish our jeans would last forever, they will lose their ability to snap back into shape if they aren't high-quality.

How Can I Make My Skinny Jeans Tighter?

If your skinny jeans no longer feel skinny, you can shrink them down a bit. To do this, use a fabric softener on the affected areas and then throw your pants into the washer on a high heat setting.

Although we usually despise using heat, this will allow the fabric softener to penetrate your jeans and expand their fibers. Once the washer cycle finishes, toss your jeans into the dryer, also on high heat, and see the magic happen. We do not recommend doing this often as it will make the fabric of your jeans more prone to stretching.

Who Makes The Best Skinny Jeans?

When it comes to the brands that make the best quality skinny jeans, Levi's, Wrangler, and True Religion take the crown. Although there are plenty of brands making high-quality jeans, these three stand out in terms of craftsmanship.

Jeans, in general, are an all-American staple, so companies like Levi's and Wrangler dominate the market. Fashion-wise, True Religion jeans are very on-trend and often find themselves referenced in music and pop culture.

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How Long Do Skinny Jeans Last?

For a good pair of skinny jeans, you can expect them to last around five years. Of course, the way you wash and store jeans makes a huge difference when it comes to how they age.

From what we read, those who hand-washed their jeans seemed to have them last longer than those who machine washed. As we mentioned, skinny jeans will naturally stretch a bit as they age, but the less often you wash them, the better shape they will keep.

Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style?

Shot of a happy young woman laughing while leaning back on a stool

With everchanging style trends, skinny jeans remain a dominating force in the clothing industry. With that said, as of recently, looser, more comfortable clothing has seen a ton of new interest.

Jean-wise, we think skinny styles are still a great option to wear, but mom jeans and wide-leg pants are currently all people can talk about.

Are Skinny Jeans Comfortable?

Generally, we do think skinny jeans are comfortable to wear. We recommend finding jeans that fit your waist well and don't feel overly tight around your hips or thighs.

Skinny jeans should give the illusion that your legs are longer and thinner than they are, so try to find a pair that ends right at your ankles. Of course, don't be afraid to go up a size if your jeans feel too tight, but keep in mind that they will stretch a little as you begin to wear them.

To Conclude

Whether your skinny jeans feel too loose or have lost their original shape, there are ways to prevent this. From what we found, line-drying, washing in cold water, and choosing good-quality jeans are just three simple ways to avoid your pants stretching. When cleaning skinny jeans, try only using low heat settings and wearing them a few times between washes.

For storing your jeans, we recommend folding rather than hanging them to help maintain their original shape. Regardless of your jeans style, make sure to choose a pair with durable material, and don't be afraid to hand wash them instead of throwing them in the machine.

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