Do Thigh High Boots Make You Look Taller Or Shorter?

Thigh-high boots make an undeniable fashion statement. Do you want to try a pair of thigh-highs but don't know whether they will make you look taller or shorter? We've checked in with fashionistas to see what they have to say on this matter.

Thigh-high boots will help to make you look taller. This style, in particular, does a good job of elongating your legs, which can help add some height to your look. That said, not all thigh-high boots are the same, so make sure to choose a pair that fit you well and aren't too bulky towards the top.

As we begin, we will cover all things thigh-high boots. Whether you want to add some height to your look or have never tried a pair of thigh-highs and are curious, we've got an idea for you. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Beautiful young woman in denim jacket walking down the street in the early spring. Do Thigh High Boots Make You Look Taller Or Shorter

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How Should Thigh High Boots Fit?

Generally, thigh-high boots should fit you snug, but not so tight they are uncomfortable to wear. Especially for shorter people, having your thigh-highs hug your legs is crucial so they can work their magic.

Although this style does have an elongating effect on legs, it can give you a shorter, frumpier look if your boots are too big. To avoid this, we recommend finding a pair of thigh-highs with elastic material or a slim fit, so you don't have to worry about them looking unflattering.

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How Long Should Thigh High Boots Be?

Typically, you want your thigh-highs to cover around two-thirds of your legs. Of course, this will be different depending on your height, but try to find a pair of boots that end at least a few inches above your knees.

If you are on the short side, you can probably get away with buying a pair of knee-length boots and wearing them thigh-high style.

Do Tall Boots Make You Look Shorter?

Most times, no, tall boots won't make you look shorter. Thigh-high boots, specifically, will help elongate your legs, which can trick the eye into thinking someone is taller than they are.

That said, fit and design can make a world of difference, so we recommend finding a pair of boots that are both slimming and flattering to your legs/thighs.

Which Boots Make You Look Taller?

Like we covered above, thigh-high boots are great options for anyone wanting to look taller. Another style we like for shorter people is a lower-cut ankle boot to show off your legs while still adding some height.

Regardless, try to avoid wearing mid-length style boots that cut off at your shin because they can give your legs a shorter, bulkier appearance.

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Can A Short Person Wear Tall Boots?

girl, tall, with long brown hair and gray eyes, walks through the streets wearing high boots

When it comes to a short person wearing tall boots, we think this is a great idea. Not only will taller boots give you extra height, but they will also slim down and shape your legs.

As we mentioned, wearing knee or thigh-high styles is perfect for shorter individuals wanting to look taller and works great for all kinds of bodies. Of course, if you are plus size, we recommend finding a pair of tall boots with elastic or stretchy material, so they aren't uncomfortable.

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How Do You Wear Tall Boots When You're Short?

For those who are shorter, there are endless amounts of ways to style tall boots. Most importantly, make sure to accentuate your legs and body with a form-fitting pair of pants or skirt.

As far as tops go, try sticking with something that will continue to shape your body and complement your footwear. Although we don't think your clothing needs to be skin tight, we do believe your boots will end up looking better if at least one of your pieces fits close to your body.

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Should You Size Up In Thigh High Boots?

When it comes to sizing, we would recommend sticking to your normal shoe size for thigh-high boots. Especially for anyone on the shorter, curvier side, choosing too big boots can be unflattering and uncomfortable to move in.

Of course, if you find a pair of thigh-highs that don't have stretchy material, we do think choosing a slightly bigger option might be a good idea. Generally, you want to keep taller boots on the tighter side, but not to the point they hurt to wear.

Will Thigh Highs Stretch Over Time?

Generally, thigh-high boots will stretch a bit as they age. Especially if your boots have an elastic lining or material, they will eventually start to droop down while you're wearing them.

Of course, this shouldn't happen for a couple of years, but if it does, you can always try using a body adhesive or clip garter to keep your thigh-highs in place.

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Are Thigh High Boots Comfortable To Wear?

 girl stands with her foot lifted up in Black jackboots boots on her feet on a pink background

Comfort-wise, we think thigh-high boots are a very comfortable footwear option. Most times, as long as your boots fit well and have a bit of stretch to them, they shouldn't be painful to wear.

When it comes to style, chunky heel thigh-highs tend to offer more support than stiletto options, so we recommend choosing a thicker heel. Of course, whichever style or material your shoes are, make sure to find a pair of thigh-high boots that are snug enough to stay up on your legs but not so tight they are difficult to move in.

Are Tall Boots Flattering?

Regardless of your height, tall boots can be very flattering. As we covered earlier, wearing taller-style boots is an easy way to add height to your look while slimming down your legs.

Another benefit to wearing tall boots is that they work with all types of bodies, which is great for those on the curvier side.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you want to get a pair of thigh-high boots or already have some, it can be difficult to figure out whether they make you look taller or shorter. Thigh-high boots help give you a taller look and help slim down your legs.

When it comes to how long your boots should be, we recommend having them cover around two-thirds of your legs. For styling thigh-highs, have fun with your clothing, but try to keep at least one of your pieces form-fitting. Regardless of your shape, size, or height, remember to find a pair of boots that fit you well and have a bit of stretch to them.

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