Do Titanium Rings Rust?

Do Titanium Rings Rust

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You walk into a jewelry store wanting to pick out the perfect ring for that special someone and are looking for something that does not rust or tarnish. The mind takes you to the, silver or rose gold. But has titanium ever crossed your mind as an option? Does titanium rust?

Titanium is a super-strong metal that does not rust or corrode. This makes it ideal for wedding bands or rings that see a lot of everyday use.

Using this metal for rings has a lot of benefits. Keep reading to find out more about this illustrious metal.

What is Titanium?

Titanium is most commonly used for airplanes, spacecraft, missiles and can even be found in grandma or grandpa's joints if they have ever had a surgery like a hip replacement.

This metal is super popular because it is strong and extremely heat resistant, which is probably why a spaceship was your first thought when thinking about the metal of the Titans.

Unlike its cousin, steel, titanium is a lot less dense but just as strong, plus it does not rust or tarnish, making it an easier option to make instruments that wish to soar the skies with their flying capabilities.

Now that you have a solid background on titanium and its roots, you probably have some questions as it relates to getting a titanium ring.

Titanium Crystals
Titanium Crystals | Photo by Hi-Res Images of Chemical Elements

Do Titanium Rings Tarnish?

The titanium wedding ring became popular amongst men’s wedding bands because of the durability. Titanium ring options are also middle ground when it comes to affordability, putting stainless steel as a cheaper option but gold is still more expensive than titanium.

If you are buying a ring that is made out of titanium, you can rest assured that it is made out of one of the strongest materials and elements on the periodic table.

Getting straight to the point it takes a lot for a titanium ring to tarnish. For example, if you are cleaning your house with harsh products you should take the ring off because this can break down the particles within the ring that keep it strong and shiny.

That being said, when it comes to day to day wear, titanium does not rust or tarnish as easily as other metals like silver and gold.

Titanium rings also gained popularity for being hypo-allergenic because people who have reactions or allergies to other metals usually find a titanium ring to be the better option for them.

Titanium Rings

If you have already purchased a titanium ring and notice you are having an allergic reaction, sometimes the prongs or other parts of a titanium ring are made with other metals. Therefore, the other metals could be the reason for an allergic reaction and not the titanium.

Can You Shower With a Titanium Ring?

As long as you are not showering with any harsh chemicals then showering with your titanium ring is perfectly fine. When cleaning a titanium ring it is recommended to use warm water and detergent-free soap with a cloth, so if that is what you’re using in the shower then you’re killing two birds with one stone.

However, stay away from other water activities that could have harsh chemicals like a pool with chlorine. Titanium is a natural element that could have reactions to saltwater as well over time.

Also, while cleaning make sure to use a soft cloth because it can scratch if you use something abrasive. Despite this metal’s strength, titanium is not fully scratch-proof, so it is best to take the extra precaution of using soft products for cleaning and keeping it away from situations that could dampen its beauty.

A Great Option

Titanium rings have become very popular due to their durability and their ability to not rust or tarnish. They can also be heat-treated to be various colors as well, which gives them an extra edge when looking at options for a ring that you are going to be wearing every day for the rest of your life.

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