Do Trench Coats Have Hoods? [And What About Storm Flaps?]

It is important to know whether or not the coat you are purchasing has a hood so that you have what you need to wear in rain or harsh weather. You are probably wondering if trench coats have hoods. Look no further. We have researched all about trench coats for you and have the answers that you are looking for.

Trench coats do not have hoods. You can use an umbrella or raincoat instead when needed. Trench coats have storm flaps that divert rain from areas that would get your clothes wet otherwise.

Do not stop reading here. We have more to talk about. Keep reading to learn about the difference between a trench coat and a raincoat, as well as whether or not a trench coat should fit loosely and more.

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Trench Coats: Hoods and Storm Flaps

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Traditionally, trench coats are worn by men, but women can wear them too. Many celebrities and well-known people wear trench coats. They are stylish and a great outer layer for just about any outfit.

Trench coats do not have hoods and are usually made of leather, poplin, twill, serge, or waterproof heavy-duty cotton fabric such as gabardine. If you need a hood in the rain you can wear a raincoat instead or wear a hooded sweatshirt underneath your trench coat.

One good thing about trench coats is that they have an insulated lining which makes them warmer than a thinner coat. Trench coats are typically relatively long-lasting as well.

Trench coats traditionally have a storm flap. This is also known as a "gun flap." The purpose of this is the keep water from getting into the jacket. Ideally, water should run right off of the back of your trench coat over the storm flap and miss the rest of your clothes.

What is the difference between a trench coat and a raincoat?

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The hood versus no hood is one difference between them. Raincoats have a hood, unlike trench coats, and therefore, raincoats are typically preferred in the rain unless you have an umbrella. Another difference between a trench coat and a raincoat is that trench coats have a belt, while most raincoats zip or button up instead.

A trench coat can be worn on rainy days because it is usually made with water-resistant material. If it is a cold rain you may want to wear layers with a hooded sweatshirt underneath or a cap to protect your head.

The storm flap feature that trench coats have is another difference between a trench coat and raincoat.

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Are trench coats practical?

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Trench coats are practical and versatile. This is because they block both wind and rain from your clothes and body. If you live somewhere where it rains quite a bit, you should invest in a trench coat, especially if it is often windy.

When choosing a trench coat, its color may attract you to it. You can find trench coats in various colors, including khaki, brown, olive green, and blue.

Are Burberry trench coats water-resistant?

Burberry trench coats are not waterproof, but they are indeed water-resistant. When looking into Burberry trench coats, you can be assured that Burberry uses high-quality material. They are produced in England, where there are usually more rainy days than days that do not rain.

Gabardine was invented by Thomas Burberry which was is a fabric that nowadays is made from a poly-cotton blend. It is tightly woven, durable, and water-resistant.

To re-waterproof your trench coat, you can use an aerosol water repellent. It does not take a lot but will ensure that your coat is water-repellent.

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Since trench coats do not have a hood, you should keep an umbrella in your vehicle or office to use when walking from place to place. If you watch weather reports, you can prepare for rain by wearing a poncho, utilizing that umbrella, or wearing a hooded jacket or sweatshirt underneath your trench coat.

Should a trench coat be loose?

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Yes, a trench coat should be somewhat loose. They are made with the intention of being worn over heavy or thick clothing. The arms and body of trench coats should not fit tightly. A trench coat should fit tightly around the waist if you have the belt tied.

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When it comes to how a trench coat fits your shoulders, you should have approximately one inch of extra space or wiggle room. The sleeves of a trench coat should come to the bottom of the palm of your hand and not be any shorter than that. It should be loose enough that you can ball up your fist and move it around between your chest and the coat.

How do you know if a trench coat is too small?

If you can not move your arms or shoulders very easily, it is likely too small. Another way to tell your trench coat is too small is when the sleeves are too tight or do not come down past your wrists. You need to have enough space for easy movement and so that you can wear layers underneath.

One more indication that your trench coat is too small is if the bottom of it comes to your hips. The bottom of a trench coat should come down to your knees at least. Which length is best for you depends on how tall you are and your personal preference.

How long should a trench coat be?

A trench coat should be long enough that it covers more of your body than a typical jacket. This is one reason they are warmer than some alternatives. They also keep more of your body dry because they are longer than other jackets and coats.

Typically the bottom of a trench coat comes past your knees a few inches at least; however, this answer varies depending on the style. Some trench coats come down to your ankles. This style is the full-length trench coat.

If you are measuring your trench coat in inches, the average trench coat ranges between thirty-seven and forty-five inches long. How long your trench coat is will be based on which one you choose that fits your body type best. The other most commonly worn trench coats are three-quarter length and knee-length.

Shorter people tend to steer away from trench coats. It is an important fact to note is that full-length trench coats have a stigma associated with them. If you decide to wear a full-length trench coat, be aware of the reaction that some people may have. In general, though, trench coats are stylish and can be seen on all different types of men and women.

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Where can I find the right trench coat for me?

There are a few options when it comes to purchasing a trench coat. Searching thrift stores is one way to try on a trench coat before purchasing it to be sure it fits your body proportionally. The sleeve of your trench coat should o beyond the end of your long sleeves or suit jacket cuffs by two or three inches.

Another option is ordering online which you will need to take measurements for to choose the right size and length for your height and body type. You can buy a new trench coat for quite a bit more than you will spend at a thrift store but the benefit is that it will most likely last longer if it has not previously been worn. Always choose a reputable company for a purchase like this.

You can buy a custom-made trench coat if you have the money to do it. This is a way to ensure that your trench coat will fit your specific bodily features. One cool thing about getting a custom-made trench coat is that you can request pockets that are tailored to your needs.


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Trench coats do not have a hood and are not waterproof, yet they are water-resistant. They traditionally have a storm flap to prevent rain from getting inside the trench coat, and most are insulated.

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