Do Yoga Pants Keep You Warm?

Deciding whether or not to wear yoga pants out in the cold can be tricky without some help. Do you feel warm enough in yoga pants in colder weather, or does the thought of wearing them send shivers down your legs? We are also curious about this and have done our research to find the answer. Let's get into it.

According to what we found, yoga pants keep you warm as long as they are made well. Typically, yoga pants have insulation to keep you from breaking a sweat during a workout, leading to colder temperatures being unbearable. Between the options we came across, fleece-lined and thermal yoga pants will keep you the warmest in cooler climates. It is super important to be picky with your yoga pants because some can be misleading.

As we get this post started, we will discuss warmer yoga pant options and tag some related products. Regardless of where you live, having a warm pair of yoga pants is essential, so you've got to find some good ones. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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What Are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are stretchy, breathable athletic pants that fit closely on the hips and thighs. These uber-popular pants are not only for yoga but also for everyday wear and activities. Typically, yoga pants are a spandex and polyester blend and are similar to leggings. Yoga pants come in many different fits, including Capri length, skin-tight, and even flared towards the bottom.

Athletic female figure stretching wearing yoga pants

Are Yoga Pants Comfortable?

Despite being form-fitting, yoga pants are incredibly comfortable to wear. These breathable, stretchy pants are great for movement and adjust well to fit your body. If you are into a casual athletic look, a pair of yoga pants is a perfect option to try out. We suggest you look into a pair with fleece-lining or a thermal polyester blend if you want to wear them during the fall and winter seasons.

BALEAF Women's Fleece Lined Winter Yoga Pants

Here is a pair of warm, fleece-lined yoga pants from BALEAF. These pants feature a high-quality fleece lining down the legs, have tummy control, and even a hidden waistband pocket for your phone.

View these on Amazon here.

TSLA Women's Thermal Yoga Pants

Here we have another pair of warm yoga pants from TSLA for you to check out. These yoga pants are thermal polyester and spandex fabric, high-waisted, and have a fleece lining down the legs.

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Are Yoga Pants Warm In Winter?

One woman, young fit girl training on a cold winter day outdoors wearing yoga class

When it comes to yoga pants keeping you warm in the winter, we say they will. Although yoga pants have a breathable design, that does necessarily mean they won't keep you warm. Like we mentioned above, fleece-lined and any thermal style of yoga pants are a good winter option. From what we found, yoga pants with a polyester blend also tend to be thicker and better for the winter.

Should I Wear Layers Under My Yoga Pants In The Winter?

If you find yourself still freezing with just a pair of yoga pants on, we love the idea of layering. From what we saw, the best idea for layers would be long underwear or tights, so your pants don't look frumpy. Yoga pants are form-fitting, so another pair of leggings might give your legs a weird look versus tights or long underwear. We found that many people also decide to wear yoga pants under their clothing during the winter, which is also an idea.

VERO MONTE Womens Opaque Warm Fleece Lined Tights

Here we have a pair of warm fleece-lined tights from VERO MONTE to try under yoga pants. These tights are polyester and spandex and come in a few color combination options.

Check out these tights on Amazon here.

Thermajane Women's Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear

Here is some long underwear from Thermajane to layer under your yoga pants. This set includes a long sleeve top and pants and is thermal, fleece-lined, and form-fitting.

See this set on Amazon here.

Are Jeans Warmer Than Yoga Pants?

young beautiful woman in a fashion trench coat in a stylish knitted sweater with a leather black bag walks on the city near a white buildingWhen it comes to whether jeans or yoga pants are genuinely warmer, that will depend on their material. Although jeans are heavier than yoga pants, they absorb temperature and are not great for the cold. On the other hand, yoga pants trap warmth inside and are great layering pants for the winter. Between the two, we would recommend yoga pants rather than jeans for colder weather.

Can I Wear Yoga Pants Under Jeans?

If you are not willing to give up jeans quite yet, we think layering with yoga pants underneath is a great option. One of the benefits of jeans is their thick material, which will hide the imprint your yoga pants might have on your legs and body. We suggest you go with a thermal, breathable pair of yoga pants under jeans, so you don't end up feeling weighed down by your clothing.

Which Type Of Pants Keep You The Warmest?

Between the many types of pants, we found that wool and fleece-lined styles keep you the warmest. Similar to our yoga pant suggestion, pants with thick wool material and fleece will end up being the best in colder temperatures. When it comes to the actual style of pants that will keep you the warmest, sweatpants and joggers take the crown. The best advice we have for choosing warm pants is to make sure they have a few thick layers of either fleece, cotton, or wool.

Are Yoga Pants Better Than Joggers?

When it comes to whether yoga pants are better than joggers, that depends on your needs. Between the two, yoga pants are more stylish but might not be as warm as joggers in the winter. Joggers and sweatpants tend to have a super casual look, which is not great for specific settings. Although yoga pants also have a casual look, they are still sleek and go with just about everything. There is no one determining factor between which of these is better, but look-wise we go with yoga pants.

Yogipace Women's Thermal Winter Straight Leg Trousers

Here is a looser-fitting yoga pant from Yogipace to keep you warm in the winter. These straight-leg yoga pants have a four-way stretch fabric, quality fleece-lining, and promise to keep you warm in weather between 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Are Yoga Pants The Same As Leggings?

Woman's legs in red yoga pants

Although some people beg to differ, yoga pants are not the same as leggings. The primary and most important difference between the two is that yoga pants are for athletics versus leggings, which don't have a specific market. Yoga pants target those in sports and fitness and feature materials that are better for those environments, while leggings do not. Typically, leggings are for more casual wear and don't have the same insulated design as yoga pants.

Which Leggings Are Best For The Winter?

From what we found, the best leggings for winter are fleece-lined and knit. These two materials do best in colder weather and don't give your leggings a chunky or unflattering look. Fleece is a top pick for any winter clothing style because of its versatility and extra warm material. Another good fabric for winter leggings is knit because of its classic look and heat-trapping capabilities. Between fleece-lined and knit, we say that the fleece-lined leggings are just a bit warmer.

Premium Women's Fleece Lined Leggings

Here we have a pair of fleece-lined leggings from Conceited that are good for winter. These leggings are a nylon and spandex blend and feature a high waistband for tummy control.

See these on Amazon here.

MUK LUKS Women's Cable Knit Fleece Lined Leggings

Here is a pair of warm cable knit legging from MUK LUKS that are also good for colder weather. These leggings have a fleece-lining, polyester, viscose, and spandex blend and are machine washable.

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The Wrap Up

Whether you made it here as a yoga pant believer or an indifferent potential customer, you've got plenty of options. When it comes down to whether or not yoga pants will keep you warm, we found that they will. The key to yoga pants being warm is their lining and material, from what we discovered. Fleece-lined and thermal yoga pant options dominated the winter market and are perfect for cooler temperatures. From layering to year-round wear, yoga pants not only keep you warm but also comfortable.

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