Do You Really Need Lip Liner?

You are getting ready for a night out and realize that your lip liner has run out. So, you start to wonder: is lip liner necessary, or will it still look good without it? We have researched whether lip liner is necessary and the answers to other lip liner-related questions.

Lip liner is optional, and it won't ruin your look to leave it out. However, it really completes the look. Some ways that it enhances your look are:

  • Defining and shaping your lips
  • Boosting color
  • Making your lipstick last longer
  • Making uneven lips look even
  • Making thin lips look plumper

Now that you know that while lip liner is optional, it's better to use it, continue reading to learn more about when to use it and what to do when you don't have any lip liner.

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What Is The Point Of Lip Liner?

The main purpose of lip liner is to shape and even out your lips before applying lipstick. We all know that plump, even lips have more appeal than thin ones. This is why lip liner exists.

Another reason to use it is to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and to really add contrast between your lips and the rest of your face. It makes your lips the focal point of your face. This contrast is what takes your style from simply looking good to looking sleek and polished.

Defining and Shaping Your Lips

To make thin lips more defined and shapely, use a liner that is a shade darker than your natural lip color. This will make your lips look fuller. You want to follow your natural lip curve as much as possible because going outside the lines only looks good on camera.

Boosting Color

Certain lipstick colors require lip liner to give them optimum color. These colors are matte and moisture-rich bright reds, nudes, plum/deep wines, and really vivid colors like blacks, blues, greens, and yellows.

These colors need to be paired with a lip liner because they tend to be more likely to bleed and smear than other colors do. A layer of lip liner prevents this.

Making Your Lipstick Last Longer

If you are going to be out for a while, you want your lipstick to stay fresh the whole time. This is where lip liner comes into play. It is stickier and thicker than lipstick, which is why it stays on so well.

For best results, cover your lips completely with the same shade of lip liner or a colorless lip liner before you put on your lipstick. This will offer a base that the lipstick can cling to, which will help it stay on all night.

Making Uneven Lips Look More Even

If you have thin lips, lip liner is a must. While it is not recommended to draw outside your lips' lines, you can apply a thicker layer of lip liner to color in spots where your lips are less than perfect.

Making Thin Lips Look Plumper

Even if your lips aren't uneven but just a little thinner than you would like, lip liner can become your best friend. To do this, line a tiny bit outside the edge of your lips, focusing on that little spot where your lip dips (the cupid's bow).

Be careful not to go too far outside the lines; otherwise, your lips will not look natural. Then fill in your lips with the color of your choice. To make them look even plumper, add a clear lip gloss over the top.

Is There A Universal Lip Liner?

If you are low on cash and want to get one or two lip liners that will go with every look, you might be wondering if there's a universal color of lip liner that will go with everything. Fortunately for you, there is such a thing as a colorless lip liner!

Because it is colorless, it works best for preventing your lip liner from feathering. If you want to create a more dramatic look, you should use a lip liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color or a shade lighter or darker than your lipstick, rather than the universal one.

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What Is The Best Way To Apply Lip Liner?

There are two main tools used to apply lip liner: a makeup brush or a pencil. The best one to use is a matter of opinion. Some people say they prefer to use a brush because they feel it goes on smoother than the pencil. Other people say that pencils are better because they are more precise.

Other people say that you should use the pencil lip liner and then apply your lipstick with a brush. So, whatever you feel is more comfortable for you, go with it!

Whether you prefer a brush or a pencil, here are a couple more great product suggestions!

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How Do You Line Lips Without A Lip Liner?

In this post, you have learned that although lip liner is optional, it can really make your lips pop. You might be wondering how you can line your lips if you don't have any lip liner. It's fairly straightforward, and all you need is lipstick, an accent brush, a fine eyeliner brush, and a smudge brush.

Step 1: Moisturize

To help the lip color stay on better, it is best to start your lip care routine by applying a moisturizing lip balm to your lips. This helps prevent you from having cracks in your color.

Step 2: Load Your Chosen Brush With Lipstick

Choose your favorite brush, and drag it over the top of your lipstick until you have plenty of the product on your brush. If you are using a liquid lipstick, rub your brush against the wand, so you don't get too much on the brush.

Step 3: Line The Outer Edges Of Your Lips

Rub your brush against the outer edges of your lips, making sure not to go outside the lines. Use a swift, sweeping motion, so the product goes on smoothly.

Step 4: Connect your Cupid's Bow and Bottom Lip

Get a little bit more product on your brush and fill in your Cupid's Bow and the bottom lip.

Step 5: Fill In

After lining your lips, take your brush and fill in any spots on the edges of your lips that you might have missed. You want it to look smooth and even.

Step 6: Apply Your Lipstick

Now that your lips are lined fill in your lips with your lipstick, and your look is complete!

Can You Use Lip Liner As Eyeliner?

Eyeliner and lip liner look really similar, so you might wonder if you can use your lip liner as eyeliner or vice versa. You can use eyeliner as a lip liner. However, you should never use a lip liner as eyeliner.

Even though they have similar ingredients, the FDA has very specific additives that they allow to be used in eye cosmetics. Since it goes near your eyes, the additives and pigments used in eye care products have to be nonirritating. Lip liner does not have this requirement, so putting any lip care product near your eyes could cause irritation or infection. It could even potentially lead to blindness.

Can You Use Lip Liner As Lipstick?

Yes, you can. Lip liner is essentially a longer-lasting, bolder matte lipstick. So, if you want a bold look that will last a while, ditch the lipstick for a lip liner! It might take a little longer to apply than lipstick, but it's totally worth it for the great results it has!

A word of caution, though: lip liner can be a bit drying to your lips. So make sure to moisturize your lips before applying the lip liner!

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have covered why you might need a lip liner, the advantages there are to using it, and how to line your lips if you find yourself out of lip liner. We have also discussed that while you can use eyeliner on your lips, you should never use lip liner on your eyes and that you can use a lip liner as lipstick. Now you're ready for that night on the town!

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