Do You Use Body Scrub Before Or After Soap?

Have you just brought home a new body scrub? Maybe you even made your own. Either way, you will have the same questions when it comes to utilizing your new scrub. Everyone has their set shower routines and preferences, but there are recommended parameters when dipping into your scrub. Your sweet-smelling exfoliator holds many benefits for your skin when used in the right ways. Are you wondering which way is the right way exactly? We have scoured through various sources to give you the complete breakdown of body scrub timing and how to use this scrub most effectively.

To get the most benefit from your body scrub, you should use it after your body soap. Ultimately, your scrub routine will come down to preference. We have seen reports on people doing both; using body scrub before and using body scrub after body soap use. You can enjoy the most benefits from your body scrub if used after you have cleaned the surface of your skin. 

Read on as we discuss the benefits of using body soap before you scrub. We will reveal how many times a week you should be using this scrub routine, which part of the body you should exfoliate, and more.

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Why Use Body Wash Before Your Body Scrub?

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Using body scrub before body soap has been done but is not the best practice.  The use of body soap will clear your skin of any dirt, debris, or oil that may be hanging around. This will create a clean surface to start your exfoliation. Let's look at the benefits you can enjoy when you use a wash before a scrub.

The Benefits of Cleaning Before You Exfoliate

Having clean skin before you exfoliate has an impact on how deep your exfoliation goes.  Getting that first layer of grime off will allow for deeper exfoliation of dead skin cells and other impurities.

Body scrubs typically contain moisturizing elements. Finishing your routine with your body scrub will allow your skin to reap the benefits of this added moisture - you get to enjoy the lingering sweet smell of the scrub too.

How Do You Use Body Scrub Effectively?

The first step in using a body scrub effectively is choosing which scrub is best for your skin type and what you want to achieve. There are plenty of scrub options to choose from, including:

  • Sugar scrubs
  • Salt scrubs
  • Coffee scrubs
  • Moisturizing body scrubs
  • Herbal body scrubs

When choosing a body scrub, you will want to consider your skin type and the severity of any dry spots you may have.

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After you've got your scrub picked out, you'll want to wet your entire body in the tub or shower. Taking time to cleanse your skin with your body soap first will allow the warm water to soften your skin. You want your water to be warm, not overly hot. Too high of a temperature with the water can run the risk of drying out your skin.

After your skin is clean, apply your body scrub using your hands. You will gently move your hands over your body with small circular motions. Avoid using too much pressure with this motion. We want to exfoliate the skin without causing damage.

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Starting your scrubbing motion near your feet and working your way up to your chest is an excellent method to improve circulation.

After you have massaged the scrub over your body using this circular motion, you will rinse off and dry your skin. To dry your skin, lightly pat your body over with a towel vs. wiping yourself dry. This method will help keep the moisture from the scrub on your body.

Apply a moisturizing lotion after you are dry to promote healthy, hydrated skin.

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Should I Always Use A Moisturizer After I Exfoliate?

Yes, you should always use a moisturizer after you use a body scrub. Exfoliating the skin will clear a layer containing dead skin cells and other debris. With this cleared, your skin is more adept at absorbing anything you place on the surface.

Use a deep moisturizing body lotion after your scrub to maximize your skin's rehydration. You will enjoy the smooth touch and soft glow your skin is left with.

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Should You Exfoliate Your Whole Body?

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When using a body scrub, you will want to cover everything from your neck to your toes. Yes, you should exfoliate your whole body. Pay particular attention to any areas that you want to smooth over or spots with dry skin.

The only areas you will avoid are your face, lips, and head. Exfoliation of the face should be done with face-specific products to avoid over-moisturizing or drying out. With any product, avoid exfoliating the lips. The skin of your lips is made up of a sensitive membrane and should be avoided.

When it comes to the lips, you should focus on using only sunscreen or moisturizer to protect this area.

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How Many Times A Week Should You Use Body Scrub?

You want to find the correct balance with your body scrub. Your skin is considered a delicate organ and should never be over-exfoliated. Using a body scrub 1-2 times a week is typically safe.

Everyone's skin is unique, and each scrub contains different ingredients. To avoid an entire body reaction, do a trial with any new scrubs on a small patch of skin. This is called the "patch test." This method of testing should be done with any new skincare products you may have.

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When Is It Not Safe To Use A Body Scrub?

While it is safe to exfoliate dry skin, some instances are not safe to utilize a body scrub. It is not safe to use a body scrub on areas of the skin that have the following:

  • Open wounds
  • Sunburn
  • Rash
  • Bug bites
  • New tattoos

Exfoliating skin with these characteristics can slow down your skin's healing. You can create larger issues by exfoliating these areas, like infection or spread, if dealing with a rash.

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Another thing to consider is old or expired body scrub. Before using your scrub, check the date and consistency of your scrub. Seeing things like mold or appreciating a foul smell will indicate that your scrub is not safe to use.

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Time To Exfoliate!

Everyone loves an at-home spa day here and there. Why not enjoy one twice a week? Stocking your bathroom with a body scrub, floral-smelling body soap, and herbal body lotion will bring the spa to you. Time to put on your bathrobe and relax. We hope you found this article helpful when planning out your body scrub routine.  Remember to pay special attention to areas of your skin that have dry patches and thoroughly moisturize after every scrub.

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