Does Bottom Eyeliner Make Eyes Smaller?

Does bottom eyeliner make eyes look smaller? You know makeup has all sorts of effects on facial structure and appearance. But what are the rules when it comes to your eyeliner? Is one way better than another to intentionally make your eye look smaller? We reviewed a variety of sources to find out the effects that eyeliner has.

Applying eyeliner to your bottom lash can make your eye appear smaller. Apply it to the lower lid, above the lash, on the waterline.

Young woman and makeup artist's hand with a pencil for eyes, Does Bottom Eyeliner Make Eyes Smaller?

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We've spent some time researching the topic and have answers to more of your questions, and some great resources, below.

Making Your Eyes Appear Smaller With Lower Eyeliner

Knowing how to apply makeup can change the facial game. There are ways to enhance or hide features you feel are too prominent or too small. In this case, we're talking about eyes. Perhaps you think yours are way too large, and you want to utilize makeup to make them appear smaller. 

In this tutorial video, we see how the use of eyeshadow and a robust black eyeliner can make the eye look smaller. The eyeliner process is at about the 2:00 mark if you want to jump to that portion.

This long-wearing black eyeliner pencil is easy to handle and smudge-proof. It glides on smoothly to your lids.

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Does Eyeliner Make Your Eyes Smaller? 

No, the eyeliner doesn't make your eyes smaller. Eyeliner works to enhance your eye and makes it appear larger or makes it look smaller. It's not a "one look fits all" situation. As with all makeup, learn the right tricks for the look you hope to achieve.

How Do You Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Eyeliner?

If you can make your eyes look smaller with eyeliner, you can also make them look bigger. In this Youtube video, the expert shares how she uses a highlighting eyeliner first and only applies it to each side, but not the center. Only use eyeliner on the outer third of the eye (both upper and lower lids) and then feather it outwards.

This highlighting pencil from Physician's Formula is creamy and provides bright color that won't smudge.

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This angled eyeliner brush will give you a precise tool for blending out your eyeliner. It has synthetic bristles and a wooden handle. Say goodbye to messy smudge work with this excellent blending brush.

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Is It Better To Wear Eyeliner On The Top Lid Or The Bottom Lid?

There is no better in this situation. It boils down to what shape eye you have and what sort of look you want to achieve. If you want a safe look, that works well with most eye tips, go for a classic winged eyeliner look on top lash only.

For a simple, minimal look, use the "classic bar" as another top lid eyeliner technique. Build up 3 or 4 strokes of eyeliner on the upper lid without winging it out. Then use mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

The "open wings" style of eyeliner uses both upper lid and lower lid eyeliner. In this technique, apply liner to both lids and wing it out at the ends, the upper going slightly up, the lower going slightly down. This serves to open up the eye, making it appear rounder. Use liquid eyeliner if you can.

This liquid brush eyeliner from Maybelline is perfect for swooping eyeliner onto your skin. You get precise, sharp lines, and it won't smudge once on. Great for all-day wear.

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How Do I Make My Eyes Look Bigger Without Eyeliner?

Some people are sensitive to eyeliner, and we get that. Are there other ways to make your eyes look bigger without using eyeliner?

There sure are! The first thing to do is hydrate and get plenty of rest. A well-rested and hydrated body radiates with beauty. Second, curl your eyelashes. You can do this without any makeup, and it will look great. Wear a concealer to cover any dark circles under your eyes. And finally, if you can, use a highlighting pencil on the inner corners of your eyes near the tear ducts. This is an instant brightener and creates the illusion of a bigger eye.

How Do I Make My Eyes Look Bigger With Kajal?

Kajal is a natural form of eyeliner, also known as kohl. It's used in many South Asian cultures in the same way that Westerners use eyeliner. It's very dramatic and creates a smokey eye. There are some concerns with the ingredients and their use on children, so be aware.

This short video is a good beginning tutorial on Kajal. One point is that it can only be applied to the waterline, unlike commercial eyeliners. Otherwise, it will smudge, especially on oily skin.

This Kajal from Lotus Herbals comes in the traditional pyramid shape. This shape helps in the application of the product to your waterlines. This product is manufactured with camphor and almond eye to pamper your eyes throughout the day and to promote lash growth.  

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Here's another natural Kajal in a beautiful applicator. It's all-natural and won't irritate sensitive eyes. It's not waterproof, so if using anywhere but the eye's waterline, you'll want to apply some setting powder.

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Maybelline has gotten in on the Kajal excitement with this sleekly packaged eyeliner. It is waterproof, and it's infused with luxurious oil for your lashes. No sharpener needed and it's suitable for all-day wear.

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