Does Colored Hair Mousse Cover Grey?

Grey hair tends to pop up when least expected, especially as we age. The first thought you might have is to cover up grey immediately. You can use a colored hair mousse, and a quick application will cover greys right up. But how effective is colored hair mousse in covering your grey hair? Continue reading to learn what we have discovered when coloring grey hair.

Colored hair mousse will cover any grey hair you may have. It is excellent for a quick touch-up between coloring sessions. It deposits pigments that infiltrate the hair and will cover greys. A colored mousse will make grey hair much less noticeable but will not cover the dyed hair. It also lessens the contrast between the grey strands and your natural hair color and is best to cover only a few gray strands versus a whole head of greys.

Yes, colored hair mousse will cover the grey hairs. But is it the best option available to cover those stubborn greys? Is the product suitable for your hair? Which color is the best for hiding grey hair? We've got all the questions covered below.

A woman putting hair mousse on her curly blonde hair, Does Colored Hair Mousse Cover Grey?

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What Causes Grey Hair?

First, when the body stops producing melanin, hair turns grey. This lack of color can make the hair appear white, grey, or even silver, depending on body composition. Aging, stress, medication reactions, and even genetics play a role in factors that influence what causes grey hair. Each person is different and turns grey in their own time.

What is Colored Hair Mousse?

A colored hair mousse is an option for hairstyling that comes as a foam. Mousse is usually applied to the hair with your hands and worked consistently from top to bottom. After that, you can leave the hair to air dry or blow-dry it. When styling your hair, the mousse should be distributed and massaged onto the grey areas you want to target. The areas of grey should be thoroughly mixed in and dispensed evenly. The hair should be left alone for 20 minutes to let the color develop and rinsed and conditioned for the best results.

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The best hair coloring option for long-term results

The best way to cover any grey hair is to visit a salon for a professional color when it comes down to it. The best option is to dye hair every two months or so with permanent hair color. However, grey hairs can begin to pop up after a few weeks. This is when a product, the colored hair mousse, comes to the rescue. It is the best option for in-between cover-ups.

Is it bad to leave mousse in your hair?

A man spraying hair mousse on his hand

It is easy to link mousse and the bulky 80's types of hairstyles that we're unable to dislodge. The mousse can also tend to leave the hair feeling gluey and crusty. It may have you questioning if the mousse is suitable for your hair.

There is also the idea of a range of chemicals in mousse or other hair products that can damage hair, such as irritation to skin, eyes, nose, throat, hives, and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is essential to do your research before seeking out a product to determine which is the safest for you and your hair.

There is good news. Mousse can be very effective with minimal unwanted side effects such as tacky and brittle hair when used appropriately. It is essential to use ammonia-free dyes when covering grey hair. Most grey hair is already weak, and it doesn’t need to be weakened further by using a color agent to lead to breakage.

Does mousse leave a cast?

Mousse can leave a cast. However, this is the end of what some people's results are looking for. Those with curly hair, for example, are looking to make a cast with the mousse to hold their curls in place for more extended periods. Those with mohawk styles look for a mousse cast to hold their hair up and in the area.

Certain types of mousse will not leave a cast on your hair. It is crucial to pick the correct kind of mousse for your hair when looking to achieve this result. If you select a suitable mousse, then your result should be bouncy, fuller hair without the stickiness and cast.

Can you put Mousse in your hair after dying it?

Absolutely! When looking to apply mousse to colored hair, it is vital to select a safe mousse for permanent hair dyes. These kinds of mousse are gentler to your hair than usual mousse products—no need to worry about the mousse pulling the color from your hair.

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What hair color hides grey best?

When looking to cover grey hairs, there are many options. It is most important to choose a color that will blend and look natural against your usual hair color. Your natural hair color will be important when selecting a color to dye the gray hair.

When choosing a color, remember that the end goal of dyeing the hair is to get a natural-looking hair color that will look good with your skin color. Generally, you want to choose a dying color based on your complexion. The best option is to seek advice from a professional hairstylist at your local salon.

In Closing

In closing, a colored hair mousse is a good option when looking to cover grey hair quickly. Grey hair can appear anytime in one’s life and has multiple reasons. A more permanent option would be to find a local salon and have a professional do a full dye. However, colored mousse is a safe, effective way to cover those annoying greys.

When trying to find a color that will work best for you, the goal of dying greys is to ensure a natural-looking result. This usually requires choosing a color based on your complexion. Once you find a color that will work for you, you will have a convenient way to manage those pesky greys any time you need to!

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