Does Hairspray Dry Out Your Hair Or Otherwise Damage It?

Figuring out whether your hair products hurt your hair rather than help it can be tricky. Is your hairspray leaving dry, damaged hair behind, or do you not see any significant difference? We have done our research to find you an answer. So let's get into this.

Hairspray can dry out your hair and even damage it. Although it might help with shape, volume, and styling, hairspray can be harmful. Generally, if you use hairspray every so often, you should be fine, but we don't recommend daily use. Some of the side effects of overusing hairspray include dryness, dandruff, irritation, and even hair loss, so make sure to check its ingredients. In addition, we suggest steering clear of hairspray with alcohol and tons of chemicals.

As we begin our post, we will share all things hairspray and tag a few products. Whether you love to use it or avoid it at all costs, checking the ingredients in your hairspray can save your hair. With that said, let's discuss this topic!

Female hairdresser styling customers hair using hairspray. Does Hairspray Dry Out Your Hair Or Otherwise Damage It

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What Is Hairspray Made Of?

Most times, hairspray contains a mix of plastics called polymers and propellants like hydrocarbons. Although these ingredients do not sound related to hair, they are common in many haircare products. Not all hairsprays have harsh chemicals and plastics in them, but the more popular ones often do. Hydrocarbons and polymers won't damage your hair if used a couple of times per week, but they can cause damage over time.

Does Hairspray Dry Out Your Hair Or Otherwise Damage It

Is Hairspray Harmful To Your Health?

Generally speaking, hairspray is not harmful to your health. However, overusing any product is bad for hair and will end up irritating your scalp and hair follicles. If you begin to notice hair breakage or extreme dryness on your scalp/hair, make sure to stop using hairspray immediately.

Can Hairspray Cause Breakage?

When it comes to hairspray causing breakage, in some cases, it can. Typically, your actual hairspray won't cause breakage; it will only harden your hair. The breakage usually happens during brushing or styling if you use too much force. Hairspray is essentially a product that "freezes" your hair's shape through the day, which can be hard to un-style.

Should I Brush My Hair After Using Hairspray?

If you are not happy with how your hair looks after hairspray, avoid brushing through it. Rather than brushing, try flipping your hair or styling it with your fingers. We say this because of how damaging brushing through hairspray can be to your scalp. If breakage is something you struggle with, brushing your hair-sprayed hair might be the culprit.

Can Hairspray Cause Dry Scalp?

Like we mentioned earlier, yes, hairspray can dry out your scalp. However, like many hair products, too much hairspray can cause severe scalp dryness and dandruff. Generally, we suggest spraying your product away from your roots and more toward the middle and ends of your hair. When products lay on your scalp, that is when irritation and dryness usually begin.

Is It Bad To Use Hairspray Every Day?

When it comes to using hairspray every day, we recommend against it. Even if your hair doesn't react negatively towards it, hairspray's ingredients are usually harmful to your hair's health. Over time, your hair might thin or even fall out due to overusing hairspray. So a good rule of thumb to follow is only to use hairspray a few times per week at most.

Is There A Hairspray That Is Good For Your Hair?

When it comes to hairsprays that won't damage your hair, ingredients are everything. Generally speaking, we suggest one without alcohol and parabens. These two ingredients are major red flags and will eventually cause dryness and hair loss with too much use. We recommend using natural hairsprays because they won't have all of the dangerous chemicals and preservatives in them. Regardless of what you put in your hair, they probably aren't good for you if the ingredients are hard to pronounce.

Organic Hair Spray by Herbal Choice Mari

Here is an all-natural hairspray from Nature Brands to try in your hair. This product has no synthetic chemicals, is USDA certified, and is cruelty-free and vegan.

See it on Amazon here.

No nothing Very Sensitive Super Strong Hairspray

Here we have another natural hairspray from No Nothing to try. This hairspray is hypoallergenic, fragrance- and paraben-free, and unscented.

View it here on Amazon.

Is Hairspray Toxic?

Although shocking, hairspray is minimally toxic when used on hair. Accidental eye contact, ingestion, or inhalation of hairspray can cause severe irritation and even hospitalization. With that said, hairspray is generally safe to use but is highly flammable and should not go anywhere but on your hair. Like we mentioned above, natural hairsprays are not as dangerous as those with chemicals, so if you are ready to make the switch, we don't blame you.

EVOLVh - Natural UltraFlex Hairspray

Here is a non-toxic hairspray from EVOLVh that is paraben-free. This product is fast-drying, lightweight, and does not contain alcohol or fragrance.

See it here on Amazon.

Can I Use Hairspray On Wet Hair?

Wet and dry woman's blonde hair before and after using hair dryer

If you tend to style your hair when it's wet, hairspray might not be for you. For a hairspray to properly work, it needs to be sprayed onto dry, clean hair. If you use hairspray on wet hair, you risk crunchiness and higher breakage, so try to wait until your hair is dry. We recommend a quick blow dry or even a towel to speed things up if you are in a rush.

What Products Can I Put On Wet Hair?

Hair gel, mousse, and serum are perfect for damp hair. Hair gel is pretty standard for after-shower care and is great for styling and shaping your hair for the day. Another product to use is mousse, which gives the hair volume and texture similar to hairspray. Finally, if you suffer from dry, frizzy hair, try a serum after washing and massage it into your hair and scalp.

BIOLAGE Styling Gelee

Here is a styling gel from BIOLAGE to use on wet hair. This gel is paraben-free and promises to add body, shine, and control to your hair.

Check this gel out on Amazon here.

Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse

Here we have a curl-enhancing mousse from Design Essentials for those wanting some curls. This mousse has avocado and almond oil, reduces frizz, and is cruelty-free.

Follow this link to Amazon to see it.

Biotin Hair Growth Serum

Here is a nourishing hair serum from Meraz Pureauty Naturals to use on wet hair. This product has lactic acid and vitamin E, promotes new hair growth and promises healthier looking hair.

View this hair serum on Amazon here.

What Can I Use Instead Of Hairspray?

If you are not set on using hairspray, we suggest dry shampoo, texturizing spray, mousse, or sugar spray. These are just a few good alternatives to traditional hairspray and will give your hair a similar effect. Out of the bunch, dry shampoo is the most similar to hairspray and works to absorb excess oil and shine. Texturizing and sugar sprays work to add volume to your hair and give it a just-washed bounce. Finally, a mousse is a good option for those who prefer to style their hair when it's damp and has an all-day hold.

Which Of These Is Better For My Hair?

Ingredient-wise, we say that sugar spray is an all-around safe option. Sugar spray essentially adds volume and bounce to hair by coating your follicle and absorbing excess oil. One of the main benefits of using a sugar hair spray is that it usually only contains natural and safe ingredients, which is amazing for hair health.

Suncoat Sugar-Based Natural Hair Styling Spray

Here is a natural sugar spray from Suncoat to try on your hair. This spray is sugar-based, alcohol/fragrance-free, and is non-GMO, and vegan.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Whether you love to use it or can't imagine trying it, the ingredients in your hairspray make a difference. Hairspray can dry and damage your hair if used too often. Generally, we recommend finding hair products with natural ingredients and that don't have chemicals and preservatives. Another idea for anyone not set on hairspray is sugar or texturizing spray, dry shampoo, or even mousse. Regardless of what you choose, check your product's ingredients and be gentle with your hair.

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