Does Hairspray Fade Hair Color?

Figuring out whether your hair products are good for your color or not can be tricky. Do you like to use hairspray for styling but don't want it to fade or damage your hair's color? We have done plenty of research and have the answer for you.

Hairspray can cause color fading. Generally, hairspray won't cause fading in natural hair color but can damage color-treated hair. Hairspray often contains chemicals that interfere with semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes, so you might want to take it easy if you have color-treated hair.

As we begin, we will discuss why and how hairspray fades hair color and how to prevent it. Whether you just dyed your hair or noticed your color fading faster than usual, we've got you covered. With that said, let's dive into this topic!

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Why Does Hair Color Fade?

When it comes to why hair color fades, overwashing and harsh products are usually to blame. Between the two, hair washing has a greater effect on color-treated hair, often leading to severe color fading.

Every time you wash your hair using shampoo, you essentially risk stripping it of its color. This happens because shampoo causes hair to swell, causing dyes and other products to separate and release from your hair.

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Effects of Hairspray On Hair Color

For the most part, hairspray won't dramatically fade your hair's color. With that said, using a product with harsh chemicals and alcohol will not benefit your hair's health or color either.

As we mentioned, products with harsher, drying ingredients tend to gradually strip hair and fade its color. If you can, try to avoid overwashing and over-styling your hair to prevent noticeable color fading.

Can You Use Hairspray After Dying Your Hair?

If you just dyed your hair and want to style it using hairspray, wait about a week or so. Typically, newly colored hair is very sensitive to chemicals and styling products, so it's best to give your hair a break. Although you might want a little boost or shape, using hairspray too soon can open up your hair's cuticles, leading to color fading.

Hair Care After Color

After you dye your hair, it is best to avoid getting it wet or shampooing it for at least 72 hours. Once three days have passed, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner on your hair to lock in its color. We also recommend using a leave-in conditioner or treatment to nourish your hair and help its color stay vibrant for longer.

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Does Hairspray Remove Hair Dye Stains?

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Although this does not always work, hairspray can get rid of hair dye stains if they are recent. As long as your hair dye stain is somewhat fresh, using a bit of hairspray on it will help lift it from your skin/clothing.

If your skin is sensitive, we recommend using a washcloth, mixing a gentle cleanser with baking soda, and scrubbing the affected areas.

Is Hair Dye Permanent?

When it comes to hair dye being permanent, it is to an extent. In general, hair dye will last around six to eight weeks and then need to be redone.

For the most part, hair dye will fade after a few months but can sometimes last for up to six, depending on how slow your hair grows. We recommend a semi-permanent option rather than a permanent one until you know which color you are happy with.

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How Do I Keep My Dyed Hair From Fading?

Keeping your dyed hair from fading comes down to using good products and not washing too often. Most importantly, make sure only to use shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates and parabens.

Another way to keep your color is to wash your hair less often and regularly use hair masks. Healthy hair tends to hold color better than dry, damaged hair, so don't be afraid to deep condition once a week.

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Is Colored Hairspray Bad For Your Hair?

When it comes to colored hairspray being bad for your hair, we disagree. Generally, colored hairspray only stays in your hair for a few days and doesn't have any major side effects.

With that said, too much of any hairspray is not great for your scalp/hair, so try not to use it more than once or twice per week.

How Often Should You Wash Color-Treated Hair?

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To keep your hair color looking better for longer, we recommend only washing your hair twice per week. Between washes, we think a dry shampoo or powder is a good way to keep your hair's color intact while still keeping it looking fresh.

Regardless of your hair's texture or color, less washing and better products will keep its color more vibrant.

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How Often Should I Use Conditioner?

For those with dyed hair, we recommend conditioning every time you wash and shampoo your hair. Color-treated hair, in particular, gets very dry and often breaks off, so using a conditioner two to three times per week is a good idea.

Regardless of your hair type, try using a color-protecting conditioner specifically made for those with dyed hair.

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Is Hairspray Good For Hair?

When it comes to hairspray being good for hair, that depends on its ingredients. Most big brand hairsprays contain harmful chemicals and alcohol, which, if used too frequently, can damage your hair.

Generally, you shouldn't have any issues if you only use hairspray a few times per week and avoid products with harmful ingredients. With that said, we recommend hairsprays with natural ingredients over those with hard-to-read, chemically-based formulas.

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Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Hairspray

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Can I Use Hairspray Every Day?

Although convenient, we do not recommend using hairspray every day. Using too much of any product in your hair can lead to dandruff, hair damage, and even hair loss, so it's better to give your hair a break a couple of times per week.

If you start to notice your hair become too oily between washes, try cutting back on conditioning to once per week and stop using products on it for a few days. Sometimes all your hair needs is a reset from excess products/treatments, so keep hairspray your use to a minimum.

Our Final Words

Whether you use hairspray on color-treated hair regularly or squirm at the idea of it, it can fade your color. From what we found, hairspray, along with most other hair products, can fade your hair's color if used too often.

Ingredient-wise, we suggest only using products in your hair that are sulfate and alcohol-free to prevent damage and color fading. Although many big brand hairsprays promise to give your hair bounce and shine, their ingredients might be the reason your hair color fades so quickly. Regardless of what color your hair is, make sure to condition it frequently and choose products with naturally derived ingredients.

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