Does Lipstick Look Bad On Small Lips?

If you have small lips and wondered how to choose the correct shade of lipstick or gloss, you are not alone. Millions of people are a bit stumped in the beauty department when faced with an endless sea of color choices. Choosing the correct shade of lipstick that compliments skin tone and lip shape can be a bit daunting. We've researched the best options for application and color considerations for different skin tones.

No, lipstick does not look bad on small lips. Generally, the issue that makes lipstick applied to small lips look less attractive is one of the following:

  • Choosing the wrong color for skin tone
  • Dehydrated lips
  • Not implementing a lip liner before applying lipstick.

Learning a few application techniques will transform the appearance of small lips in a matter of minutes. 

Are you curious about how to select the shade that helps you feel more beautiful and confident? Wondering if there are beauty tips and tricks that will transform dry, thin lips into hydrated, fuller appearing lips? Please continue reading to acquire the following helpful beauty information!

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What is the best color lipstick for small lips?

According to legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown, choosing light and neutral colors for thin lips is the best option to maximize the lips' natural shape. Also, choose colors that match the natural skin tone of your lips. If you are trying colors in person, swatch several lip colors and view the colors in the natural light to determine which one is the most becoming for your unique style and skin tone.

For naturally pale lips, use beige, sandy pink, coral, pale pink, or muted red. These colors blend well with fair skin tones and offer a wide variety of eye shadow colors that contrast well. When applying blush, be sure that the color matches the lip tone for an even monochromatic application.

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Medium skin tone lips meld with brown, rose pink, light orange, and warm red.  Please purchase the accompanying lip liner when applying lipstick colors in the brown or warm red color scheme. The lip liner ensures that your lipstick is applied well and exudes a professional look.

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Dark skin tone lips go well with neutral light chocolate brown, blackberry, plum, and crimson red. Darker skin tone lips can carry darker colors very well. Also, using a crimson red with a thin lip will enhance the wearer's eyes. Consider contrasting the reds with a dark eyeliner or neutral eye shadow shade.

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Can small lips be attractive?

Absolutely, small lips are attractive. Like any type of lips, they require tender loving care with a beauty routine that keeps both beauty and health linked. Choosing lipstick/gloss colors that both enhance the shape of the lip and match skin tone will enhance the wearers' appearance.

How can I make my small lips look better?

Moisturizing your lips before bed with a nighttime lip balm or moisturizing chapstick is paramount for lip health. Also, consider placing a humidifier in your bedroom. This helps reduce dryness in your bedroom during the cold winter months.

Always make sure your lips are well-moisturized before applying makeup. Use chapstick during the day as well, and if you are spending time outdoors, be sure that your chapstick contains SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun's damaging UV rays. The UV rays will age skin and cause damages on a cellular level that will expedite the aging process.

Exfoliating lips is another vital aspect of caring for your lips that will help lip products apply much smoother and give your lips a healthy glow. Only exfoliate once a week if you are under forty. For those over forty, every ten days to two weeks is sufficient.

Over-exfoliating will cause more damage than good by creating small micro-tears in your lips. Avoid using products containing micro-beads that are very harmful to the environment and could cause micro-tears in the skin.

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How do you apply lipstick with small lips?

Firstly, apply lip balm. Doing so will help avoid ashy lips, and the lipstick will glide on much smoother. Secondly, use a lip liner to line your lips. Begin at one corner and draw to center and then across. Thirdly apply the lipstick, gently press the lipstick to your lips and glide the stick from the corner of the mouth to the center. Fourthly, lipgloss to seal the lipstick!

How do you make your lips fuller with lipstick?

To create a fuller appearance of your lips, the steps are similar to those listed above with a couple of extra steps. During the second step, draw your lip line slightly just outside of your natural lipline. Gently draw the cupid's bow just hovering over your lip line to ensure that it isn't too exaggerated. Use a lip liner close to your lips' natural color to avoid looking artificial or overdone.

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Use two shades of lipstick that are similar in color to slightly contrast each other for a fuller plumped look. Also, you could use a small eyeshadow brush to blend the colors.

Next, apply a small amount of lip highlighter only to your cupid's bow and center of lips. Dab it with your ring finger to blend; this will help create a fuller appearance.

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Additional beauty tips

Always remove makeup before going to bed, as sleeping with makeup on can age the skin seven times quicker. The best way to remove makeup is to add makeup remover onto a cotton round or a reusable eco pad and gently remove makeup from the face and lips. Don't forget your hairline!

Always remove with circular motions that work toward the center of your face. Avoid using motions that pull on your skin in a downward motion-this will contribute to the aging and sagging of your skin.

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Consider educating yourself on the art of beauty product application and skincare. These skills are vital for looking your best and feeling confident when shopping for makeup and skincare products. There are hundreds of books and videos that could help you become a well-educated consumer.

When choosing which beauty gurus to learn from or follow online. Be mindful to check the beauty advisor's credentials. Were they professionally trained? Do they have a degree or state-regulated license that allows them to make beauty claims?

For Everyone from Beginner to Pro Makeup Manual By Bobbi Brown is a great book to start with that covers basic skincare, everyday makeup looks, and how to select the best products for your skin tone and type.

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In closing

Honing your personal style while finding the colors that make you feel beautiful and confident are the pillars of a successful beauty routine. We hope this post has helped you find more ways to feel beautiful in your own skin.

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