Does Eyeliner Go On Before Eyeshadow?

Everyone applies makeup differently, but are there standard ways of doing things? Are there certain products that should be applied before others? There is no need to worry if you are concerned about your own makeup routine. We have researched different techniques that describe the effects of using eyeliner and eyeshadow in either order.

Eyeshadow should be applied before your eyeliner. Although makeup is all about expressing your creativity, it is best to start with eyeshadow to prevent powdering or softening your eyeliner. In your everyday makeup routine, be sure to play around with your eyeshadow first and then apply eyeliner. After selecting your liner, follow these steps for applying it: 

  • Prime your eyes
  • Carefully apply the liner to your upper lash line
  • Add wings or finish the look 

If you still have more questions about applying eyeliner, don't fret. In this guide, we'll cover the process of applying eyeliner in more detail. We'll also discuss the best types of eyeliners, what color to use depending on your eye color, how to keep eyeliner in place all day, and more. So be sure to keep reading.

A make up artist applying eyeshadow on her model, Does Eyeliner Go On Before Eyeshadow?

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How To Apply Eyeliner

A woman putting on eyeliner on her eyelid before applying eyeshadow

Once your eyeshadow is looking just how you want it, it's time for the eyeliner. Applying eyeliner has only a few steps. The hardest step is already done once you choose the type of liner you want to use. Then follow this simple step by step guide:

Prime Your Eyes

It is always best to start with a clean base. Wash your face and eyes with a facial cleanser prior to applying makeup. Then apply a primer to your eyelids. This provides a base for all your eye makeup to stick to.

How Do You Get Your Eyeliner To Stay On All Day?

Primer's main job is to keep makeup in place for long-lasting results. Apply the primer to the top of your eyelid before putting on concealer. Doing so allows for your eyeliner and eyeshadow to look flawless and last all day. All eyeliner and eyeshadow application should have a primer base to lock in and enhance your look.

This eye primer is a great product to prevent oily lids and creasing. It's also waterproof.

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Apply The Liner To Your Upper Lash Line

The actual application of eyeliner is no different than drawing. Begin using your brush or pencil above your lash line. Use small strokes to ensure that the line is straight and not too thick. Follow the shape of your eye and try your best to keep both eyes symmetrical.

Add Wings Or Finish The Look

Adding a wing is not always necessary. However, it is a great way to try something new or exaggerate your eyeliner. To add a wing, simply extend the liner past the natural line of your lashes. The line should flip up, much like a wing.

When finishing your look, the goal is to make sure your eyes are even and your eyeliner is not chunky or smudged. Any gaps in liner should be filled and your eyeshadow should not mask your eyeliner.

Follow along with this video to perfect a winged eyeliner look:


How To Choose The Best Liner

When selecting your eyeliner there are several things to consider. There are essentially three different kinds of liner to choose from: pencil, gel, and liquid. It is up to you to decide or try out those liners to see which application works best for you and your makeup routine.

Is Liquid Eyeliner Or Pencil Better?

To truly determine which type of eyeliner is better, you have to consider what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Both kinds of liners have advantages and disadvantages. Overall, they have specific intended purposes that help you decide when to use which liner.

Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner provides the most precision. It's really more for intermediate and advanced makeup artists because of the preciseness of the line. Once it is practiced enough, the pay off is great. A liquid liner creates a very well-defined line. The most common look for liquid eyeliner is the cat-eye or wing.

Liquid eyeliners can not be sharpened in the same way that pencil liners can. This means that the tip of the liquid liner must be sharp and thin enough to be precise.

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner

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Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil liners are arguably the most popular. For decades, pencils have been used by the makeup artist pioneers. A potential downside to wearing pencil eyeliner would be their likelihood of easily smearing.

This can be seen as an advantage when creating a smoky eye look. Pencil liners are very blendable and can create an intense, dramatic, smoldering look when smudged out. Pencils also come in a variety of colors and can liven up your selection of makeup to help make your eyes stand out.

This pencil liner is matte and therefore guarantees are dark and dramatic look. For a bold share, it can be a good choice to choose a pencil eyeliner. New formulas allow for less smudging and flaking.

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Multiple color pencil sets are a great addition to your makeup kit. They offer the ability to explore and express yourself through a variety of shades. These pencils are also great for complementing your eyeshadow palettes.

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Are Gel Eyeliners Good?

Gel liners are fantastic for beginners. They are smooth and do not require tugging on the eyelid for an easy application. It glides right on. Most get eyeliners are also waterproof and do not smudge as easily as pencils. Gel liner is great for more natural looks. This is because the brush applicator helps glide the eyeliner on in a way that can be even closer to the lash line than pencil liner.

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Does Eye Color Matter?

Depending on your eye color, there is a "best" eyeliner to use. Your eye color can contrast the colors of the eyeliners you want to wear. Some colors will compliment your eye color better and make you seem happier and brighter by choosing those colors.

What Color Eyeliner Is Best For Brown Eyes?

Brown eyes are neutral and can be seen popping with shades of amber or gold. Eyeliners in shades of blue, purple, emerald green, and grey complement the brown-eyed girls well.

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What Color Eyeliner Is Best For Green Eyes?

For green, and even hazel eyes, the best eyeliners to use are the dark purple colors. The best complementing eyeshadow colors are pinks and purples. These hues complement the amethyst colors of the eyeliners and allow the green in the eyes to really stand out.

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Should You Use White Eyeliner?

White eyeliner is a great tool to use when you're wanting to create a bigger and wider effect on your eyes. Most makeup artists use white eyeliner on the lower waterline to make the illusion that your eyes are bigger and appear more awake. The white eyeliner acts as a highlighter and gives a very bright appearance to the eye.

Does Eyeliner On Bottom Lid Make You Look Older?

In the same way that using white eyeliner can create an eye-opening effect, using eyeliner on the bottom waterline can make you look older. Having dark eyeliner on both the top and bottom lids can cause your eyes to look smaller and heavy. This can give the appearance of tiredness and even age you quite a bit!

For more information about eyeliner on the bottom lid, check out Does Eyeliner Make You Look Older?

In Closing

Remember that when it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner, it is best to begin with eyeshadow before applying eyeliner. Doing so can give you the freedom to play around in the powdery colors without worrying about covering your liner. It is also important to decide what kind of look you want to create before choosing a liner.

Liquid liners allow for a crisp and sharp liner look, perfect for wings and cat eyes. Pencil liners can enhance your eyeshadow smolder with a dark smoky eye when blended in. Do not be afraid to try out new looks and new products along the way!

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