Fashion Frenzy: The Pressure To Never Repeat An Outfit

NEWS - What's the point of investing in fashion if it means sacrificing your financial well-being? Some people have found ways to have the best of both worlds.

Recently, a celebrity faced backlash on the internet for committing the ultimate fashion faux pas - wearing the same designer outfit twice.

Sherri Shepherd weighed in on her talk show host to speak out in defense of repeating outfits.

She also revealed her personal strategy of opting for budget-friendly clothes and buying multiple pieces in different colors.

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This reminded me of a friend and colleague, who often bought several pieces of the same outfit. She said that once she wore an outfit that made her feel good and got compliments from others, she wanted to have that feeling forever.

So, she got three or four pieces of the same outfit!

Hearing this strategy taught me two things. First, anyone can have trouble finding clothes they are comfortable in. Second, when you find what works, stick to it!

Another big question that weighs on the fashion-conscious is whether they should buy expensive items to make a statement or if they will feel like they wasted money because they only wear them once.

In this social media era, everyone is snapping away, and the world is bound to see that outfit you wore twice (or thrice...).

Was it worth doing? Does your budget allow for it? Did you rock it and you look so good in those timeless photos, you would do it all over just the same?

Or, did end up being not worth it?

Love Is Blind Star Weighs In

Love is Blind star Alexa Lemieux says she does not wear the same outfit twice.

After receiving backlash from fans that thought she was referring to an article of clothing, she clarified that she will not put the exact same outfit together twice. She'll change the jacket, accessories, shoes, and so on.

"Spoiled" was what she was called by many through emails and letters.

She replied to the backlash, “That’s my money. I’m paying for it. Who spoiled me? Me? That’s what I work for, hello!”

"Don't You Dare Wear That Same Blue Dress"

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A Reddit user's story was picked up by Times Now. She said that she doesn't have a need for certain types of clothing including dresses for a night out (or wedding).

So, she keeps one dress that she loves and she wears it at every wedding she is invited to.

With her most recent wedding invitation, a note came with it that said "don't you dare wear that same blue dress!"


It sure seems like people can have bold opinions on what others wear!

Is this fair?

Should they get an opinion on what affects your finances?

50 Cent Gives His Opinion

Young woman hands choosing the right clothes for herself and checking prices during sale time

American rapper 50 cent has another point of view about wearing designer labels.

He says he has worn high-price tag clothing in the past, but his opinion on it has changed over time.

The fact that he can afford them (and others know that) has made him go from wearing brands to being a brand.

Now, he prefers simple non-designer clothing that helps express his state of mind at that time.

(But can we say he has that luxury because of his financial status, or can we all do the same?)

When a person is appropriately dressed for a situation, it can attract positive attention and increase their confidence.

This allows them to fully engage in the task at hand without feeling self-conscious or fidgety.

50 cent expands on his fashion opinion by saying that it is all about making statements. It is about the message you are trying to send.

Clothes definitely do more than cover your body.

A well-fitting suit gives you confidence, while a T-shirt and shorts let you feel free and relaxed.

What message are you conveying through your appearance?

Is it the designer or brand that is speaking, or are you expressing yourself through your attire?

Can someone's appearance be used to define or identify them?

Listen to what 50 Cent had to say in this video:

Kate Middleton Wears Her Outfits More Than Once

The Royal Family is in the public eye every single day.

Every time they leave their home, photos of them are posted in the media.

We know what they are wearing day in and day out.

Yet, Kate Middleton doesn't seem to be bothered by it. She will wear her outfits more than once, letting us know that she loves those particular outfits.

Here's a look at the ensembles she has repeated.

Clearly, if royalty can do it, so can you!

And The Verdict Is

beautiful clothes in modern fashion shop.

So, what's the verdict? Should you spend your hard-earned finances on satisfying those that say to you, "don't you dare!"?

Should you wear expensive pieces, even if you don't feel your best in them?

Body image issues affect everyone, from nursing mothers to awkward teenagers.

However, affordable clothing can help boost confidence.

While replicating designer styles may not always be successful, it is crucial to alleviate the pressure of feeling inadequate when not wearing designer clothing.

Designer clothing should not be viewed as a necessity, but rather as a luxury that can be enjoyed occasionally by those who can afford them.

You may end up with designer shoes like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, but no money for rent. Consider this before making your purchase.

Remember to make fashion work for you!

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