Fashion is Genderless: BTS J-Hope Turns Heads In Groundbreaking Ensemble

J-Hope of boy band bts arrives for the kiis fm's iheartradio jingle ball

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NEWS - J-hope has a personal style called “Hobicore” (nicknamed by fans) that has always been a subject of interest among many fashion circles.

Hobicore is the portmanteau for “Hobi,” J-hope’s nickname, and “kid core,” which is his personal aesthetic in which he plays with bold colors, smiley-face designs, and baggy clothes. 

Along with his personal style, he has always cleverly treaded the line between masculine and feminine fashion.

K-pop rapper and member of BTS, performs during the 2023 Times Square New Year's Eve celebration

His openness to exploring these different spectrums of fashion is also evident in some of his songs. Through his music, he promotes self-love and equality for all, particularly in his single “Equal Sign.”  

During the Dior Show at the Paris Fashion Week, J-Hope once again shocked spectators with his gender-fluid look as he sported an ankle-length, pleated black skirt. 

He accompanied BTS’s Jimin to the event, where Jimin headlined as Dior’s newest brand ambassador.

The skirt was draped over a pair of black pants and paired with a black sweatshirt. This made for an elegant and effortless monochromatic style.

His outfit was accentuated with a silver necklace which made the whole look pop. 

This style perfectly encapsulates Dior’s winter fashion line, which combines flow and structure encapsulated in neutral colors to express timelessness. 

J-hope: A Study In Style

BTS, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Rap Monster at the American Music Awards 2017

J-hope’s usual style on the stage consists of bold color statements and boxy silhouettes. He often chooses a piece to stand out, either the shoes, shirt, or accessories. Either way, he often goes for a statement.

Most of the time, though, it’s his accessories that really complete the look. Just like in the Dior show, the outfit will most likely look incomplete without the silver accent and chunky shoes (which are also a nod to the theme of this year’s Dior show!)

J-hope doesn’t shy away from accessorizing—most KPOP stars rarely ever do! However, he takes it to another level because you often see the intention and mindfulness behind it. 

Other Times J-Hope Rocked The Fashion World With His Bold Style

J-Hope a member of BTS performs on the stage

J-Hope is no stranger to gender-fluid styles.

In 2013, BTS made a gender-bending photoshoot where they all wore skirts, exploring the boundaries of art and expression while at the same time challenging patriarchal standards of how men should look or dress. 

For the concept shoot (Version S) of Love Yourself: Answer, J-Hope wears a knee-length half-skirt and half-shorts combo--quite similar to the one he donned at the Dior show!

At the Singles Magazine KR photoshoot, J-Hope went more fashion-forward with fishnets under an A-Line skirt. He was way ahead of his time because this was shot before 2015!

This bold statement is the beginning of their jaw-dropping, effortlessly elegant, and somehow still masculine fashion choices which will send their message of boundless gender expression loud and clear around the world. 

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