Yes, You Can Wear That! The Comeback Of 90s Fashion With The Barbie Movie

Who could forget Aqua's iconic anthem, "Barbie Girl," or the pop culture frenzy surrounding Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis, and dial-up internet? As we gear up for the highly anticipated release of the Barbie movie in 2023, we're also witnessing a full-blown 90s fashion renaissance!

From cardigans to sheer dresses, claw hair clips to bike shorts, the bold and diverse styles of the 90s are making a fabulous comeback with a fresh, modern twist. So, dust off your old Backstreet Boys CDs, revive your Tamagotchi, and join us on a journey through the best 90s fashion trends returning to the spotlight. Plus, we'll share our top tips on how to seamlessly incorporate these retro gems into your contemporary wardrobe.

Barbie's Iconic Hairstyles and Accessories

The upcoming "Barbie" movie will undoubtedly bring back some of the most memorable hairstyles and accessories from our favorite fashion doll. Here's a sneak peek at some of the trends that we can expect to see on the big screen and how you can incorporate them into your own style.

High Ponytails

Barbie's iconic high ponytail is a classic look that never goes out of style. For a modern twist, try using a scrunchie or a claw hair clip to secure your ponytail. This style is perfect for those days when you want a chic, no-fuss look that still exudes 90s charm.

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Braids and Twist Hairstyles

From French braids to twisted updos, the "Barbie" movie is sure to feature a variety of intricate hairstyles that showcase Barbie's fun and creative side. To rock these looks yourself, experiment with different braid styles and add hair accessories like colorful hair clips or ribbons to make your braids even more eye-catching.

Glittery Hair Accessories

The 90s were all about shimmer and shine, and we can expect to see plenty of that in the "Barbie" movie. To embrace the glittery hair accessory trend, try incorporating sparkly hairpins, barrettes, or headbands into your hairstyles. These dazzling accessories will not only add a touch of glamour but will also make you feel like a true 90s fashionista.

Colorful Snap Clips

Another throwback hair accessory that we're likely to see in the "Barbie" movie is the colorful snap clip. These vibrant and playful clips are perfect for adding a pop of color to your hair and creating a fun, nostalgic vibe. To get in on this trend, simply snap a few of these clips into your hair, either to hold back stray strands or to create a unique, eye-catching pattern.

Barbie-Inspired Outfits

The "Barbie" movie is sure to feature some fabulous fashion ensembles that will have us all wanting to raid Barbie's closet. Here are a few outfit ideas inspired by the iconic fashion doll that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe:

Pink Perfection: Embrace Barbie's signature color by donning a pink dress, skirt, or blouse. Pair your pink piece with neutral accessories, such as nude heels or a white handbag, for a chic and feminine look.

Glamorous Gowns: Channel your inner Barbie by dressing up in a gorgeous gown for a special occasion. Look for dresses with unique details, such as ruffles, sequins, or intricate beading, to truly capture the essence of Barbie's glamorous style.

Denim Days: Barbie has rocked her fair share of denim outfits over the years, and you can do the same by incorporating denim pieces into your wardrobe. Try pairing a denim jacket with a cute sundress or rocking a denim-on-denim ensemble for a casual yet fashionable look.

Sporty Chic: Barbie has always been known for her active lifestyle, so why not take a page out of her playbook and rock some sporty chic outfits? Combine athletic pieces, like track pants or a sporty jacket, with more polished items, such as a tailored blazer or sleek heels, for a balanced and stylish outfit.

Bold Prints: Embrace Barbie's fun and daring fashion sense by incorporating bold prints into your wardrobe. Think tropical patterns, animal prints, or geometric designs. Mix and match prints for a statement look or pair them with solid-colored pieces for a more subdued ensemble.

"Barbie" Movie Fashion: Reliving the 90s Magic

The upcoming "Barbie" movie is sure to be a treasure trove of 90s-inspired fashion, hairstyles, and accessories. By taking inspiration from the film and incorporating these nostalgic trends into your own style, you'll be able to channel your inner Barbie and rock the 90s revival with confidence and flair. So, grab your favorite scrunchie and get ready to party like it's 1999.

Get ready to embrace the magic of the 90s, as the "Barbie" movie inspires us to incorporate these timeless trends into our wardrobes. Be daring, be bold, and most importantly, have fun!

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