From “Not Like Other Girls” To “Just Like Every Girl”: Get To Know Life In Barbiecore Fashion

NEWS - Pink, glam, and glitter — the definitions of Barbie-inspired fashion have paved the way for the Barbiecore trend.

But they are the exact things most of us girls learned to dislike at some point in our lives too.

And cue the line we've all heard and (maybe) said as we stayed away from these things, "I'm not like other girls!"

But times are changing, so who could stop us from loving pink and all glamour like the other girls? No one. With this comes Barbiecore fashion, the hottest topic today.

Glamorous lady in a chic pink dress

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The trend of being one with the Barbie world didn't just start with nothing.

It started with Valentino's Pink PP Collection featuring a head-to-toe hot pink ensemble that buzzed among Barbie fanatics and celebrities— and it is here to stay.

But, it is to note that Greta Gerwig's "Barbie," starring Margot Robbie, about the iconic Mattel doll, stimulated the trend further to what it is now.

The upcoming movie's behind the scene photos with Margot in pink and bright-looking colors added fuel to the fire Valentino's hot pink collection fuelled for this fashion.

Get a look at a behind-the-scenes video of Margot caught in a pink jumpsuit, which made rounds in Barbiecore fashion:

But has pink and, well, hyper-feminine style always been this loved?

What Is Barbiecore? And What Does It Mean For Hyper-feminism?

I always loved dressing in pink and Barbie, but I also know a sad truth about this.

Often, dressing like the iconic doll meant being "like the other girls" as if it was a bad thing.

It was as if pretty and intelligence could never come together.

Barbiecore, interchangeably referred to as "Bimbocore," had a negative connotation.

Bimbo, where the term was from, is widely referred to as a woman who only gets by her looks and lacks substance.

Much like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, wearing pink, heels, and poppy makeup meant there was nothing else behind the looks.

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON at the world premiere, in Los Angeles, of her new movie Legally Blonde

Barbie herself (whose also criticized for making unrealistic beauty standards, but that's a different topic to discuss) didn't escape this narrative.

She has multiple careers and diplomas, so her "dumb" image because of this all seems ridiculous.

Society reduced even a traditionally perfect doll into this narrative.

So how much harder could it be for real women to express hyper-feminism without being considered shallow?

That's why when Barbiecore fashion trended online, you best believe it helped steer hyper-feminism's direction away from the old view surrounding it.

To further understand what makes it so empowering, here's a video with a detailed explanation of it:

Of course, it doesn't dismantle how most of society still sees girls who dress like this, but it's a start.

It is reassuring to know that many other girls are dressing like Barbie because they want to, ignoring the "pretty in pink without brains" stereotype.

The Barbiecore Aesthetic Tiktok Trend— A Steer Away from The "Dumb" Barbie Stereotype?

If society dictates that there's something wrong with how we dress, you should know that many millennials and Gen Z's behind popular Tiktok accounts couldn't care less.

Moreover, the Barbiecore or Bimbocore aesthetics grew as a new trend.

Hot pink outfits, skimpy skirts, heels, and anything glitter is more in than ever (not like it went out of style, though).

This new trend does not ignore the negative connotations that society has attached to it, in fact, it recognizes them and works to change them.

It also makes fun of the Bimbo image through a satirical lens, much like this video:

@chrissychlapecka just another day in the life of a bimbo (men r dogs) 💕👼🏼💋💖 #ihatecapitalism #bimbo #bimbotok #hi #ily ♬ original sound - chrissy

So what more could others say if those who partake in this fashion embrace the stereotype upon it through laughs?

As this Tiktok says, "A woman should be three things— what. she. wants."

@barbiedollbabe True 💋 Also don’t forget to vote this November 8th! It’s so important 💖 @StickToTheStatusRoe #StatusRoe ♬ Like a G6 - Like a G6 Karaoke

Beyond this trend is a great message further empowering women, unapologetically loving pink as much as we want.

Iconic Barbie-Inspired Looks By Paris Hilton, Lizzo, And More

Beyond Tiktok, a lot of celebrities dressed pretty in pink. But this didn't just start; Barbie-like fashion has always been there. But today, it's even more defined.

Here are some of the most recent iconic Barbiecore looks in no particular order:

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton at the opening of Silesia City Center

We can't talk about Barbiecore without ever thinking of Paris Hilton herself, who people call Barbie's embodiment.

She has so many looks in this category, so it's hard to choose her best one. 

But, if we consider how recent her look is, the best is probably this:

The fuzzy pink dress tied up with faux fur? — yet again, a Paris Hilton Barbie moment.

But what makes this outfit work even better is her pink bejeweled gloves, big pink necklace, and oversized, chunky sunglasses.

Indeed, Paris is living in a Barbie world, and we all witness it in awe.


What could be more of a slay than a pink panther suit? Well, none. This Lizzo all-pink look is just oh-so-jaw-dropping.

Just look at the details!

The pink hair and makeup are what essentially catch our eyes. But, if you look even closer, the nails have the same panther pattern as Lizzo's suit, tying the outfit together.

Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian at the christie's x 25th anniversary auction preview

When Kim Kardashian received her Giving Tree Award at the Baby2Baby Gala, you should know she'd strut it with pink realness.

How the asymmetrical dress hugs her body with the little bows in the right places is a pure Kim fashion moment.

What's more, though, is that because her dress is a lighter shade of pink, her hot pink high heels peaks through with such sass.


Nothing could make you pop more than being all covered with hot pink Valentino clothes.

Wearing the PP Pink Collection of Valentino, which sparked Barbiecore fashion, here's a look at Zendaya's entry:

Seriously though, the chunky platform heels are a statement for this look!

So How Do We Dress In Embrace Bedazzled Pink Life Like Barbie?

Learning about Barbiecore fashion nudges us pink lovers to partake in it. But fashion emergency— what do we do? Are there tips? Rules?

Female hands raised up from pile of unfolded pink clothes

Well, there are tips you can follow if you want to, especially if you want a little guide to help you start.

  • Incorporate pink! It's the most crucial rule in the Barbiecore world. Because what makes Barbie without some pink?
  • Neutrals are your friends. Pink can sometimes seem complicated to match with other colors, so you can start pairing it with white, beige, or black for starters.
  • Don't try crazy outfit match-ups if you're not used to them yet. If you're a beginner, it's best to play safe first.
  • Don't be afraid to go all-pink. Sometimes, an all-pink ensemble might seem too outlandish, but what's Barbiecore if not that? We bleed pink!
  • Green, green, green! If pink is a must, green's its most appealing friend. If you want some color combo with your fit, this color's for you, so go ahead and try.

But is there a rule to follow for Barbiecore aside from going pink? 

Well, here's one: Have fun!

Let's Go Barbie!

At first, getting into Barbiecore fashion seems like a farfetched dream with all the stereotypes of anything traditionally feminine.

It's hard to love these because people do not seem to take us seriously if we do.

But seriously, who cares? 

Fashion can be just what it is; wearing what makes us feel pretty, whether in pink like Barbie or not.

In the words of Barbie, "Live your dream."

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