Galentine’s Day Goes Viral: TikTok Celebrated Friendships And Self-Love

NEWS - Valentine's Day has come and gone, but the celebration of love and friendship continued to thrive. This year, the celebration of sisterhood took center stage on Galentine's Day.

From Tiktok dance challenges to virtual movie nights, the ladies of the world showed just how much they cherish their female friendships. Galentine's Day is all about celebrating the special bond between women and reminding each other how much they mean to each other.

Whether it's through sending thoughtful texts, arranging a surprise Zoom call, or just treating themselves to some self-care, ladies everywhere made sure to show their appreciation for each other on Galentine's Day. It just goes to show that, as the saying goes, "Sisters before misters." So, cheers to the power of female friendship!

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Galentine's Day, a holiday celebrating female friendship is no longer just a one-day celebration. The growing popularity of this holiday, as seen from the viral reach of Shay (@sb.umatiya)'s video, which received five million views and a million likes, shows how women across the globe are embracing this holiday.

With its pink, red, and heart-filled decorations, Shay transformed her home into a Galentine's Day paradise, proving that this holiday is not just limited to February 13th. In fact, the early posting of her video in mid-January highlights the growing trend of celebrating female friendships all year round.

So, why limit the celebration of the sisterhood to just one day? Let's make Galentine's Day a year-round celebration, spreading love and positivity to the women in our lives every day. From heart-to-heart conversations to surprise getaways, there are countless ways to show appreciation for the strong and supportive bonds between women.

What is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day marked on February 13

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While Valentine's Day is primarily associated with romantic love, many women have taken the opportunity to celebrate their friendships with each other on this special day.

The concept of Galentine's Day is not exactly new - think about all the times your friend surprised you with flowers after a breakup, or when you gave your daughter a heart-shaped chocolate treat.

But when did Galentine's Day officially start? It all began with a Parks and Recreation episode in 2010, when the lead character Leslie Knope, brilliantly portrayed by Amy Poehler, celebrated her love for her gal pals by taking them out to a restaurant and giving them gifts.

She even wrote a 5,000-page essay explaining why she thought they were amazing. Talk about being the ultimate best friend!

Since then, Galentine's Day has been embraced by many and was even added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2022.

However, why limit the celebration to just one day? The love and appreciation for our female friends can be shown all year round.

So, why not plan a surprise get-together, send a thoughtful message, or just take a moment to tell your gal pals how much they mean to you any day of the year? After all, sisters before misters, right?

Celebrating Galentine's Day All Year Round

When it comes to Galentine's Day, there's nothing like spending the day with your besties, chatting about life, spilling the tea, and indulging in a little bit of everything - from food to wine.

For over 100 influential women in Massachusetts, it was a day to remember with a celebration attended by governors, mayors, senators and more!

It's a day dedicated to cherishing your girl squad and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few ideas to help make the most of your Galentine's Day celebration, no matter what time of year it is:

Brunch Outing

Take a cue from Leslie Knope and plan a brunch date with your gal pals.

From mimosas to waffles, pasta, and coordinated outfits, this is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and feel fabulous.

You can go with the traditional red and pink theme, or choose a different theme altogether - the sky's the limit!

We loved seeing the Parks and Rec crew reunite once again for this Galentine's Day 2023.

Slumber Party Fun

Nothing beats a classic slumber party. Call your favorite girls over for a night of laughter and relaxation, dressed in color-coordinated or matching pajamas.

Stay up late watching movies, playing games, and chatting until the sun comes up. It's a night of no rules, just pure fun with your besties. We love these suggestions for hosting a great party!

Pampering Session

Gather your gal pals for a day of pampering. Book your favorite nail salon and spa appointments, or even bring the spa to your own home. Or take a cue from Kim Kardashian and celebrate poolside in matching bikinis.

You can even wear your cutest and most comfortable loungewear and let your worries disappear for a day.

Book your favorite nail salon and schedule appointments with your favorite spas.

Learning Adventure

For the friend group who's always up for something new, consider taking a class together. From cooking to pottery, painting, or even shooting range lessons, there's no shortage of activities to choose from.

Find something that speaks to you and your friends and make memories while learning something new.

Karaoke Night Out

Whether you're heartbroken or not, there's no better way to belt out your favorite songs than at a karaoke bar.

Grab your friends, hit the town, sing your hearts out, and dance the night away. You can even dress up as your favorite singers for added fun!

Friendship Forever

Female friendships are worth celebrating, no matter what the occasion.

Your girl squad is there for life, providing support, advice, and memories that will last a lifetime. So why not make the most of it and celebrate Galentine's Day all year round?

Three happy women wearing bright pink and orange dresses

Now, all you have to do is call the squad and let them know they are booked to celebrate Galentine's Day.

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