How To Get Body Glitter To Stick

From summer music festivals to cosplay and Halloween costumes, body glitter is the perfect accessory to take your look from average to extra. However, getting the glitter to stick to your body is the first step in creating an amazing look. We've done the research and put together a list of the best ways to get body glitter to stay in place for any occasion.

For body glitter to stick, you need to create a sticky surface on your skin before applying the glitter. Applying an adhesive using a synthetic makeup brush in thin, even layers will give you the ideal canvas for decorating your body in glitter.

If you're ready to jump on the body glitter bandwagon, keep reading! We will show you how to get loose glitter and sequins to stick.

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Applying Glitter To Your Body

Loose body glitter isn't created to magically adhere to your skin. That's why it's necessary to select the right glue and apply it correctly.

You should start with clean and dry skin. You don't want lotions or other products to create a barrier between the glitter adhesive and your skin. Then, using a synthetic makeup brush, make a thin and even layer of your adhesive choice where you want the glitter.

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Applying the glue thick and unevenly will cause the glitter to clump and even shift throughout the day or night. Once you have an even and sticky surface on your skin, press the glitter into the adhesive with your fingers or the same makeup brush. Let it get as dry as possible before moving around too much.

When you are looking to adorn yourself in body glitter, having the right adhesive is very important. You want your glitter to last the day, withstanding sweat and time. You can use products to ensure your body glitter stays put through any day and night activity.

Glitter Glue

The simplest answer for keeping glitter in place is to purchase an adhesive made specifically for body glitter. This can either be in the form of glue that you can attach loose glitter and body jewels to or glue that already has glitter mixed in. Each product is going to provide differing results but will provide the best surface for glitter.

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A glitter adhesive is going to give you the most freedom when applying body glitter. This glue can be rolled or brushed on, allowing you to choose the placement of your loose glitter to create your desired look.

Once you apply the adhesive, you can use a brush or your finger to press the glitter into the product exactly where you want it.

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If you want the quickest application, a glitter gel is going to be the best option. This glitter can be applied straight from the package onto your skin with no additional adhesives needed. This option is not only the simplest application, but it also eliminates the nightmare of cleaning up loose glitter.

This option doesn't allow you much room to be extra creative, but it will give you a long-lasting hold since the glitter is soaked in the adhesive.

Petroleum Jelly

For a household product to apply glitter, petroleum jelly products such as Vaseline create a sticky layer on your skin. Creating an even and thin layer of Vaseline and then pressing loose glitter on top will keep your glitter in place.

Petroleum jelly doesn't provide a quick dry. So one downfall of this product is that Vaseline can move and shift on your skin, especially when the layer isn't very thin. So anything that rubs against your skin, such as a wall or even your hand, can leave a smudge behind. So keep your Vaseline layers thin and avoid clumping.

Hair Gel

An extra strong hold hair gel is the most recommended household product to use for applying body glitter. These products are created with a long-lasting hold in mind that will withstand sweat.

When choosing a hair gel, go for a product that advertises a 24-hour hold. The stronger the hair gel, the longer it will last. Unlike Vaseline, hair gel will dry on your skin. Applying the glitter while the product is wet is the only way you will achieve a proper hold.

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Apply Glitter To Your Face

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The skin on your face tends to be more sensitive than the rest of your body, so you may want to consider taking extra care when applying glitter. You can always use glitter glues or gel on your face for a more extravagant look. However, adding glitter to your everyday makeup look can be just as dramatic without irritating your skin.


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For an eye-popping look, you can use your favorite lipstick or lipgloss to create a glitter lip. All you need is a lip scrub, lipstick, and cosmetic-grade glitter.

Using a lip scrub should be your first step, as it will clear any dead skin away and leave you with a smooth and clean canvas for your glitter lip. Once your lips are smooth and dry, apply your choice of lipstick or lipgloss. Then, using your finger or a lip brush, press the glitter onto your lips.

Apply a thin layer over your lips, and then press your lips together to lock the glitter into place. Then you have a glittery version of your favorite lipstick.


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The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the face, so getting products in or around them can cause a harmful or painful reaction. To combat this, stick with products that are made specifically for that area, and take care not to get loose glitter in your eyes.

Eyelash glue is the perfect adhesive for glitter around your eyes. Not only is it created to be around your eyes without irritating them, but it's also made with a strong and lasting hold in mind.

Use the lash glue as you would a liquid eyeliner, and then press your choice of cosmetic glitter into the glue. This will give you a gorgeous glitter eyeliner that's sure to impress.

Eyelash glue can also be used to apply sequins or jewels around your eyes. Either look will be bold and beautiful and, hopefully, keep your face free from irritation.


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When applying glitter or sequins to your cheeks, you can use cosmetic glitter glue that is safe for your face and body. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a glue made for your face to be used under loose makeup. Products created for the face are going to be made with the idea that facial skin is sensitive.

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Does Vaseline keep the glitter on your face?

Vaseline will keep the glitter on your face, just as it will your body. However, it can move and shift, meaning you aren't getting a complete and secure stick as you would with an adhesive.

Vaseline is thick and sticky and can cause breakouts or irritation, especially around the eyes. Sweating can also cause the Vaseline to run down your face, meaning it can get in your eyes. It should be used with caution.

How To Remove Glitter From Your Face And Body

Applying loose glitter to your body and face can be a lot of fun until it's time to remove it. How do you remove layers of body glitter and sequins without making a total disaster of your bathroom?

Glitter is relatively easy to remove when you use the correct products. Most makeup removers are oil-based to help break down and clean away makeup. So when removing glitter, use a cotton swab soaked in an oil-based remover, cleanser, or baby oil to wipe away the glitter and adhesive.

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If you have larger chunks of glitter or sequins, you can begin by using a piece of scotch tape to lift the looser elements away before cleaning.

In Closing

Glitter is the best way to take any outfit or costume to the next level. So when you're going for a show-stopping and glamourous look, make sure your body glitter is staying right where you want it.

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