TikTok Grandpa Takes The Fashion World By Storm With His Nike Dunks

NEWS - This is the heartwarming tale of a grandpa and his love for his new Nike Dunk SB sneakers, trendy outfits, and hip music.

Nike SB Dunk shoes

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@jaadiee's TikTok videos of his stylish grandfather have captured the hearts of millions and turned the senior into a style superstar.

This grandpa and his delightful smile are showing the world that age is just a number and that fashion knows no bounds.

With over 56 million views and counting, these videos are just what we need to remind us of the love and style shared by different generations.

Get ready to feel inspired and connected as you meet the newest member of the fashion-forward community, the Nike-wearing Grandpa.

It's time for a Nike x Cool Grandpa collab.

@jaadiee Replying to @🌎 Styling the Nike SB eBay Dunk 🔥👴🏻 #gramps #styling #nikesb #ebay #sandybodecker #fashion #streetwear #outfit ♬ goosebumps - Travis Scott

We agree with TikTok user 'nah' who says, "petition for Nike to offer him a deal." 33,000 others agreed, making this the top comment!

User Louis Broughton-Smith comments, "The KING of Fashion TikTok."

(Hey, Nike! Can you hear us now?)

We'd love to see Nike reach out to this creator and offer him a brand deal.

You can see how stylish this guy is, wearing clothes you'd see from an 18-25-year-old.

But the main event here is his styling choices for his new Nike Dunk Low SB Shoes.

Nike SB Dunk shoes with different shoe designs

Which Is Your Favorite Look?

Outfit #1:
The Everyday Look:
Nike SB + loose fitting jeans + mustard crewneck sweatshirt + white beanie

Outfit #2:
The Athleisure Look:
Black pants + white t-shirt + black letterman jacket + mustard beanie (oh, and don't miss the peace sign)

Outfit #3:
The Comfort Look
Khaki pants + white t-shirt + blue hoodie

Outfit #4:
The Loungewear Look
Blue pinstriped jeans + white graphic crewneck sweatshirt + rust-colored beanie

Outfit #5:
The Steppin' Out Look
Matching yellow pants and jacket (Is this corduroy? Swoon) + white t-shirt + white beanie

So, what do you think? Which look is your favorite?

Man wearing a pair of Nike shoes

We love Outfit #5 because it gives us Joe Burrow vibes.

TikTok 'Grandfluencers'

Age is only a number.

We only wish to be half as cool as this grandpa when the time comes.

Nike dunks are on everybody's wishlist as of recently and have even become more of a "mature" option thanks to 'Gramps.'

Even Google auto-suggests "Grandpa Nikes" in the search bar, which means many others are looking for this style too!

A woman is typing on Google search engine from a laptop

This type of content is a part of the ever-growing "Grandparent" niche on social media, with young users introducing their nana and papa to the idea of being a viral sensation.

On top of getting families together, the entire concept behind these videos is quite heartwarming. *queue the tiny violin*

Grandfluencers are not just providing incredible styling tips; they are influencing a generation with wisdom and humor from long lives of experience.

What are your thoughts on America's favorite grandpa? Do you have a grandfluencer you love to follow?

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