30+ Green Ombre Hair Color Ideas [Pictures and tips]

30+ Green Ombre Hair Color Ideas [Pictures and tips]

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Have you ever wanted to update your hairstyle with a unique, funky color, but didn't want the commitment of bleaching or coloring your entire head? If that's the case, an ombre color might be just what you're looking for! This style is versatile, wearable, and looks perfect with bright colors like green. In this article, we'll discuss some of the great things about ombre hair and why a green ombre hairstyle might be perfect for you.

What does ombre mean?

The term "ombre" comes from a French word that means "shaded" and refers to hair that is usually darker at the roots and lighter toward the ends. However, as you'll see in the pictures below, there are many ways to achieve an ombre look. The most important thing is that the colors fade into one another to create a subtle, natural look. The colors could be several shades of the same color, blonde that fades into green, or any other combination your imagination can dream up.

One of the best things about an ombre hair color is that the upkeep is easy, especially when the roots are your natural color. You can let your strands grow out into deeper roots without worrying about constant and expensive touch-ups. Ombre hair is also a little more subtle than dying your entire head, which means that it's easier to match with outfits (and less likely to get you in trouble with your boss).

Types of green ombre hairstyles

There are many types of green ombre hair color! Just a few combinations and green ombre hair ideas, off the top of our heads -

  • Bright green ombre
  • Dark green ombre
  • Blue-green ombre
  • Light green ombre
  • Emerald green ombre

Even blue ombre hair can have a distinct greenish tint to it, depending on the base hair color and exact product used. In fact, the end result could be hugely affected by your base hair color, prior to adding the green. Platinum blond hair will end up looking quite different than black hair color. And regardless of your natural hair color, you can change that into a new hair color prior to "ombring in" green.

Even though green ombre hair is usually seen on long, flowing, wavy locks, it looks great on any length or texture of hair. We've collected examples of green ombre hair on straight, wavy, curly, and braided hair in this post, ranging in lengths from pixie to hip-grazing. You're sure to find some inspiration for your next hair adventure!

Examples of green ombre hair ideas

Depending on where you live, you may not see a lot of green ombre hair, or even green hair color or any ombre hair color at all! We're here to help with a stunning gallery of this unique hairstyle!

Beautiful young woman with green ombre hair

Green ombre hair doesn't always mean dark hair that fades into green. It can also start with green hair near the roots that fades into dusky purple, with a few strands of dark hair throughout to keep the look natural.

Young woman with a green ombre braided hair

A single, shiny braid is the perfect way to show off your green ombre hair. This look begins with dark, almost purple locks that fade into vivid teal.

Young hipster girl with a turquoise dyed hair in an ombre coloring technique

As shown here, paired with teal-green ombre hair, beachy waves are another perfect way to display your eye-catching locks. This shade strikes a perfect balance between blue and green for a blue green ombre effect.

If you'd like a more subtle approach to green ombre hair, this emerald green hair look might be just the ticket. Dark, woodsy green blends with dark brown strands, creating a look that's simultaneously head-turning and wearable.

Ombre hair is often seen on long, flowing locks, but who says short hair can't join in on the fun, too? This angled bob looks incredible with dark green hair strands subtly woven into the model's naturally dark hair.

Multiple shades of leafy and neon bright green hair create a look that's reminiscent of a jungle. Blue-black hair at the roots is the perfect base to show off these rich tones to their best advantage.

Minty, pastel green is a gorgeous variation of green ombre hair. It's given some extra depth with its multiple shades of green balanced by dark brown roots.

If you'd like just a little hint of green, this ombre look is perfect. Classic ombre fading from dark to light brown turns into green at the very tips to create a hairstyle that's funky but easy to wear.

Sometimes, simplicity is key. This green ombre hairstyle fades rich brown hair directly into the emerald green for a look that's simple but effective.

Achieve the woodland fairy hair of your dreams with this faded green ombre look. Natural brown curls turn into various shades of light brown, green, and yellow to create a casually undone style. This is a great example of how ombre hair can continue to look stunning, even as it grows and fades.

Short curls start at the roots as navy blue and then change into vivid grass green, creating a fun, face-framing look. Who said that ombre is only for long hair?

Long locks fade from reddish-brown to blonde, to various shades of green, blue, and teal. It's a look that even a mermaid might choose.

Even though green ombre is usually seen on dark brown hair, it's equally stunning on a blonde. This look fades from platinum blonde at the roots to minty green curls at the tips.

In another example of blonde to green ombre hair, subtle green ombre in light teal tones makes this style is easy to style and wear.

This green ombre style fades quickly from platinum blonde to grass green. Even though it makes the transition between hair colors quickly, the lack of a harsh line between the colors makes it a true ombre. This creates a soft, surprisingly natural look.

This watermelon-inspired hair creates a whole new spin on green ombre hair! Starting with dark roots, the bright green fades into coral pink for a sweet, summery hairstyle.

Olive green ombre highlights curly hair in this example, making them pop even more against the model's dark roots. As you can see here, curls paired with ombre is a dynamic combination.

You can't get much simpler than these long blonde locks that fade into pure mint green, and sometimes simple is best. This dreamy pastel combination would be ideal for the carefree summer months.

Half the fun of having green ombre hair is seeing how it looks in different hairstyles, and these space buns are the perfect way to show off dark brown roots that melt into dark teal lengths.

In this look, dark brown hair fades into dark olive green so seamlessly that you almost can't see where one ends, and the other begins. It's a look that's perfect if you want some wild color that's still subtle and work-appropriate.

Even pixie cuts can experiment with ombre green hair! In this example, the longer front part fades from dark roots to green, blue, and teal, and is offset by closely cropped dark hair on the back of the head.

This green ombre pixie cut shows that, when done right, ombre colors can still look phenomenal as they fade out of the hair.

Dark brown hair dramatically fading into soft green locks is the perfect, dramatic accompaniment for bold makeup, as you can see in this example.

In this look, a short, straight bob is a simple haircut that allows a subtle but impactful green ombre take center stage.

Casual, beachy waves are a great way to show off any hair color, but especially something special like this black to dark green ombre look.

Even though ombres typically start with the person's natural color at the roots, a hint of mystery can be achieved by adding a little bit of another color. In this picture, a small amount of deep purple was added to the model's dark roots, making the teal green ombre pop even more.

With black roots that turn into cascading teal, these box braids are a perfect way to show off the nuances of green ombre hair. The texture of the braids brings out the subtle variations as one color turns into another.

Strands of black, blue, and green weave together and create a dynamic green ombre look that's perfectly paired with a wavy lob.

In this unique look, silver roots turn into pale lime green lengths. It's an edgy look that's sure to turn heads and looks great with alternative makeup and clothing styles.

This sweet and simple green ombre style is paired with a straight, layered lob that perfectly frames the model's face.

Vivid, emerald green locks fade into long, dark brown roots for a look that's equal parts edgy and wearable.

Pale, dusty teal is paired with long black roots to create a hairstyle that's the perfect accompaniment to free-spirited clothes, jewelry, and makeup.

This look fades blonde hair into a bright, mint green ombre for a style that would be equally at home during the hot days of summer or icy cold winter nights.

This absolutely unusual and eyecatching green ombre look fades dark roots into several shades of green, which in turn change into strands of platinum blonde, red, and black.

Into this natural-looking green ombre style, light brown roots are faded into mint green locks. The haircut, however, is what makes this look truly stand out - it's a wavy bob that gently frames the model's face and is a nice change from long, loose curls.

Ombre doesn't always have to feature natural colored roots. It can also be a hairstyle that's made up entirely of "fun" colors that fade into different shades, like this green ombre look that changes from teal at the roots to light lime green at the tips.

With its dark roots and multiple shades of green, this green ombre style contains lots of depth. The two different shades of green - dark teal and grass green - create lots of movement and dimension.

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