Can Guys Wear Name Necklaces?

Wearing a name necklace is often a trendy and stylish way to express yourself and introduce your name to the world. With that being said, can a guy wear one? We've researched this topic and have the answer for you!

The good news is, yes, guys can certainly wear a necklace with their name on it. The idea of names on necklaces has been around for decades and has recently become a viral trend among younger people. There are boys and girls rocking name necklaces around the globe, so we recommend trying it. 

As we dive into this topic, we will show you some great ways for guys to wear and style their necklaces. Just remember, jewelry has no gender, which is no exception to that ideology for any takeaways. Without further ado, let's get into it.

A well dressed man wearing a stripped shirt and a long golden necklace, Can Guys Wear Name Necklaces?

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The Name Necklace

If you aren't familiar with a name necklace, look at how stylish one can be. This necklace is gold and relatively simple in style, which has a very masculine look to it. Typically, these necklaces are customizable so that you can choose your preferred font and color.

Beleco Personalized Name Necklace

Here is a name necklace from Beleco that is a fully customizable item and can be various metals and fonts. View this name necklace on Amazon here.

Are name necklaces considered tacky?

When it comes down to whether or not a name necklace is tacky, that comes down to personal opinion. Rather than tacky, we think it's a stylish way to introduce yourself. In times like these, it is nice to let people know your name from a distance. Sticking with a smaller and more simple design will help to avoid being tacky or gaudy. Remember, less is more when it comes to a nameplate necklace.

Petite Boutique Men's Name Cube Bar Necklace

Here is a non-tacky name necklace that we think will look great on guys. This style is a little more masculine and less flashy in design. View this necklace on Amazon here.

What font is best for a name necklace?

Whether you are a guy or gal, sticking with a readable and simple font for your necklace is our recommendation. You want to have the necklace be visible and understandable to those who are going to see it. Also, going with a thicker and bolder font may help improve the readability of your necklace. Choosing a classic font is what we recommend for any name necklace design.

Deciding to go with a cursive font is one of the more popular options for name necklaces. Often this font choice is referred to as script. Another trendy font style would be a retro or bubble letter design. It is always a good idea to click on your options tab and check out every font choice you have to look at while designing your necklace. Sometimes, you can even write your name to see how it will read in those fonts.

Readable Font

Readable bold capitalized text with different colors on a white background

This is a great font to use for your name necklace and will be a legible and understandable design. This font style is also sometimes referred to as print. The simpler, the better.

Non-Readable Font

Script alphabet on a white backgorund

Here is an example of what font not to choose when designing your name necklace. This font style is often called artistic script and might be harder to understand. Although this style is pretty, the result will be tough to read on your chain.

ShineSand Chunky Name Necklace

Here is an easy-to-read name necklace from the brand ShineSand. This will look great with your name on it and will be easy to understand from a distance. Click this link to view this on Amazon.

Should I put my name or hers on a necklace?

The name around your neck can hold an incredible amount of significance, so it is essential to choose the right one. Wearing your partner's name around your neck is a great way to show them you love them and always have a part of them with you. There are plenty of couple necklaces you can buy as a set that might achieve this same effect. If you love them, wear them!

MeMoShe Personalized Couples Name Necklace

Here is a couple's necklace from MeMoShe, a heartfelt and romantic option for all you lovebirds out there. Click here to see this necklace set on Amazon.

Ashleymade Couples Heart Pendant Necklace

This is another couple-themed necklace set that is an excellent buy for the two of you. Each person wears a side of the heart with their partner's name. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Are nameplate necklaces in style?

Nameplate necklaces have been steadily rising in popularity over the last few decades and are considered very stylish. Originating from black and Hispanic culture, these necklaces have always held importance and a feeling of pride for those who wear them. Celebrities have worn this nameplate style on and off the red carpet, which has increased their popularity.

Celebrity Style Name Necklace

Adding some bling to your name necklace has been popularized by rappers and public figures in recent years. Men especially tend to opt for these over-the-top lavish chains to display their wealth and status.

HECHUANG Initial Letter Pendant Necklace

Here is a blinged-out initial necklace from HECHUANG. This is a sparkly and celebrity-style necklace that will get people talking. Click here to see it on Amazon.

In The Media

Here is Kanye West sporting a necklace with his daughter's name on it. This is an excellent example of wearing someone special's name around your neck rather than your own. This is a more simple style using a readable font.

Name Necklace Alternatives

We found some great alternative options for those of you who may not be keen on the idea of a name necklace to check out. Having your name or someone else's name on your jewelry is a personal and unique thing, so we understand that a bracelet or other form of jewelry might suit you better. Achieving the same effect of a nameplate necklace with another style of jewelry is certainly possible.

VIBOOS Personalized Engraved Cuff Bracelet

Here is a personalized engraved bracelet from the VIBOOS. This bracelet is a stylish and masculine alternative to a necklace and will look great with any style. Follow this link to see it on Amazon.

SIMONLY Double Name Sterling Silver Ring

Here is a great ring for couples from SIMONLY. This is a nameplate necklace alternative that will make a statement and can be fully customized to order. View this ring on Amazon by clicking here.

To Wrap Up

Wearing a name necklace as a guy is a trendy and utterly appropriate fashion option. With so many designs to choose from, you can't go wrong with personalizing your very own. Choosing a legible and understandable font is crucial during your necklace's design process. What is the point of nobody knowing what your necklace says?

Another detail to consider is the style and message you want to include on your nameplate. Maybe going with your partner's name and making this a romantic gift is an idea you can follow. We saw how much of a celebrity influence this type of necklace has and give it two thumbs up. Now customize your very own nameplate necklace!

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