How Big Is A Bath Bomb? Should You Use It Whole Or Cut It In Half?

You probably wonder how big bath bombs are and whether you should use them whole or cut them in half. You have come to the right place. We have researched all about bath bombs for you. Here you will find out the sizes bath bombs are available in and if you should use them whole or cut them in half.

Bath bombs vary in size. Smaller bath bombs average about 2.4 ounces, while large bath bombs are more like 5 to 7 ounces. Whether or not you use your bath bomb whole or cut it in half depends on the type of bath bomb it is. If your bath bomb has a crease in the middle, it is okay to split it in half. If it does not have a crease, attempting to break it in half will most likely cause it to crumble.

Keep reading to find out more about how bath bombs work, whether or not they clean you, how long you should soak in a bath bomb, whether or not you can wash your hair in bath bomb water, and how many bath bombs you can use at one time.

A bright natural fizzy bath bomb dissolves in the hand, How Big Is A Bath Bomb? Should You Use It Whole Or Cut It In Half?

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What You Need to Know About Bath Bombs

Bath bombs help relieve stress and lighten your mood. Most bath bombs are round. Others are in fun shapes like cupcakes or ice cream cones, for instance. Themed bath bombs and soaps tend to be a favorite. Whatever your preference is, you can find the right bath bomb for you.

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Even though bath bombs vary in size, there are extra-large ones available, about 8 to 10 ounces. These are best for big bathtubs and leave a more intense scent behind. The fresher they are, the better they work. If bath bombs are left out in the air for too long, they begin to lose their ability to fizz and react to water the way they normally would.

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How to Cut Your Bath Bomb into Two Halves

In order to cut your bath bomb into two pieces, it is best to use a flathead screwdriver, hammer, and cutting board. Place your bath bomb on a cutting board and use the flathead screwdriver the same way you would use a wedge. Line the screwdriver up with the crease in your bath bomb. Hit the end of your screwdriver with your hammer, and it should work as a wedge to cut it in half.

Store the half you are not using yet in a plastic bag or Tupperware container. Bath bombs that are kept for any length of time need to be sealed. The better you seal your bath bomb, the longer it will be effective.

If you cannot cut your bath bomb in half, you may still be able to get two uses out of it. This will require you to pull out the bath bomb before it completely dissolves and allow it to dry properly.

How do bath bombs work?

You add a bath bomb to your bath water before you get in. Usually, fill the bathtub first, then add your bath bomb and allow it to dissolve before getting into the bath. Bath bombs are known to have dyes and oils or perfume in them, which will fill your bathroom with a pleasant scent and leave your bath looking colorful.

The majority of bath bombs are made with a combination of baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, and either perfume or essential oils. When they are put into the water, a chemical reaction takes place. This chemical reaction causes the bath bomb to dissolve in water which produces a lot of bubbles. The process of the bath bomb dissolving causes the water to become fizzy due to carbon dioxide. Bath bombs will even spin in the water.

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Bath bombs take about five minutes to finish dissolving into the water. They are also good for your skin. Bath bombs have oil in them that leaves softeners behind that help to moisturize your skin.

Be wary if you have sensitive skin because bath bombs may irritate it. Most bath bombs are mild and will not irritate your skin, but those with perfumes and dyes might. Bath bombs with essential oils are less likely to cause break-outs.

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Bath bombs that have essential oils in them work as a mood enhancer. The smell of oranges, for example, is known to be a stress reliever. Some scents may fill you with tranquility, while others do not suit you as well. Go with what you like the most.

How many bath bombs can you use at once?

Essentially you can use more than one bath bomb at the same time. You would be better off using two halves of different bath bombs or two small-sized bath bombs rather than two large ones.

You may end up with too much baking soda in your bath if you use two large ones at the same time. If you have a large bathtub, two small bath bombs should be able to be used at the same time without a problem.

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Does a bath bomb clean you?

Bath bombs do clean your skin. In addition to being therapeutic, bath bombs have cleansers in them which are what help remove oil and dirt from your skin. Surfactants, known to be in bath bombs, help lift dirt and grease from your skin.

Some bath bombs have glitter in them, so you might come out of the bath with glitter on you. It is a good idea to rinse off before getting out of the tub since some ingredients in bath bombs are not necessarily preferable to stay on your skin. Do not use bath bombs too often if you are a woman because they can throw off your pH balance.

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As for an ingredient that is not bad for staying on your skin a little longer, consider cocoa butter bath bombs. Cocoa butter is a beneficial addition to certain bath bombs. Many people enjoy this because they like the scent of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter also nourishes your skin.

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How long should I soak in a bath bomb?

A reasonable time to soak in a bath where you have used a bath bomb is about 10 to 15 minutes. Bath bombs have emollients and softeners in them; these ingredients help to moisturize your skin.

Some bath bombs have Epsom salt in them. Epsom salts help to soothe and heal your skin. You will want to soak longer when you use bath bombs that incorporate Epsom salt. Rinse off in the shower after your bath to remove any residue left behind on your skin.

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Can I wash my hair in bath bomb water?

Because bath bombs tend to have oil in them, your hair might not come out of the bath looking as clean as you would like it to. They are not likely to damage your hair in any way if you decide to wash it in your bath bomb water. However, your hair will then smell like your bath bomb if you do.

You can look up the ingredients in your bath bomb by looking at the original packaging or reading a product description from the manufacturer. Citric acid is the main thing to look out for if you want to wash your hair using bath bomb water. Lingering citrus can cause scalp irritation and cause your scalp and hair pigment to be more sensitive to the sun.

If you have light-colored hair, keep in mind that colorful bath bombs might dye it temporarily. Err on the safe side by washing your hair after soaking in bath bomb water. At the least, rinse your hair under the running faucet before getting out of the tub to not leave any residue.

In Closing

Bath bombs are available in a variety of sizes. You can potentially cut them in half, but some of them work better when they are whole. If you try to cut a bath bomb in half that does not have a crease in it, the bath bomb will fall apart.

Bath bombs have many benefits, including the aromas they leave behind. Cocoa butter, vanilla, green tea, lavender are amongst favorite scents for bath bombs. Try one out and see which ones you like the best!

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