How Long Does Body Glitter Stay On Your Body? [And How to Remove It]

Who doesn't love some sparkle and shimmer? Body glitter is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to make a bold statement without a permanent commitment. However, you want the twinkle to last as long as the party. We've done some digging and found some suggestions about the application and removal of body glitter.

Body glitter is a temporary but stunning look that you can easily apply at home. Body glitter can be expected to last hours to even days, depending on several factors. These include the following:

  • Type
  • Application
  • Activity
  • Removal

If you are new to using body glitter, keep reading. We have highlighted the basics to get the sparkly look you want and know how to remove it when the party is over.

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Body Glitter 101

Here is some basic information about body glitter to get you started. Then, you are free to build your arsenal of sparkle and create whatever looks work best for your event.


Loose Glitter

Loose glitter gives you options with a range of textures and colors to create any design you can imagine. Loose glitter is inexpensive so that you can keep plenty on hand. Use one color or mix your own custom hue. You can apply it freely by applying an adhesive directly to your skin or add it to oils, gels, and sprays for your own DIY  glitter creations.

The nature of glitter is to leave a trail of sparkle, so you can expect that some glitter will rub off while wearing, but the majority will remain until you remove it or shower it off.

Chunky Pieces

This type of glitter is bold and includes large glitter pieces like sequins and rhinestones. These can be placed on the body in patterns to give a dramatic effect. You might need a stronger adhesive for this type of body glitter.

A latex eyelash adhesive is a good choice that should hold up to a day and probably something that you already have on hand.

Body Shimmer Sprays and Oils

These types of glitter are meant to give your overall body a soft shimmer that catches the eye but is not overwhelming. Fine glitter is infused into oils that can be sprayed, rubbed, or rolled onto the skin.

The sheen of this type of glitter will last until you shower it off. These products are easy for DIYers to make at home using natural products such as mica powder and body oils.

Here's a how-to from Pinterest:

Find the products to make your own body shimmer.

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Many types of glitters come in a medium ready for application like gels, oils, and sprays. All you have to do is apply the product to your skin. If you prefer using loose glitter, several products can be used as adhesive without purchasing a special glue. Many are products that you already have in your bathroom. You can use hair gel, aloe vera gel, petroleum jelly, or hand sanitizer.

Rub the product onto your skin using a brush and add the body glitter using the same brush to smooth and set it into place. The hair gel, aloe vera gel, and hand sanitizer will dry, leaving the glitter fixed onto the skin. The petroleum jelly will not dry like the other products but will leave a soft sheen on your skin. These products all work well to adhere the glitter to your body, giving you hours of sparkle and shine.

You can apply the glitter with a make-up brush or your fingers, depending on the area you plan to cover.  If you want more of a defined look, consider cutting makeup sponges into shapes. Dip them in a glitter gel and use them as stamps to decorate your body.


If your plans to show off your glitter are lowkey, a basic application process will keep your glitter in place for a few hours.  If your glitter needs to withstand harsher conditions like a performance, dancefloor, or a mosh pit, then you may need to give your glitter adhesive some additional support and layer your application starting with a primer and ending with a setting spray.


Glitter is fun, but we all know that traces of glitter can be found long after the party is over. Luckily, getting it off your skin is a much easier clean-up. Most fine body glitter will wash off in the shower. For larger pieces that you might not want to wash down the drain, all you need is a piece of scotch tape and body oil like coconut or argan oil.

Using the sticky side of the tape, remove as much of the glitter as you can.  Then rub some oil onto your skin to loosen and remove any remaining glitter.  The oil will also help to soothe any possible irritation from the glitter or adhesives. It is not recommended that you try to use regular make-up remover as it might make the glitter adhere rather than removing it.

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Where Do You Apply Body Glitter?

Fashion model with bright makeup and colorful glitter and sparkles on her face and body

There aren't many limits when it comes to adding the glitz of body glitter to your look.  There are obvious places like eyelids, lips, nails, or overall body but don't be afraid to be creative. Think about glitter brows. If you are really bold and ready to make a statement people won't soon forget, you might consider glitter boobs.

Using cosmetic glitter in your hair is a subtle way to add some sparkle without overdoing it. The initial effect may be delicate, but you get an explosion of fun when the light catches the glitter. You can add glitter to your hair gel or use glitter hair spray. If subtle really isn't your thing, try lining the part in your hair or your roots with glitter to get the attention you deserve.  Hair glitter remnants can be expected to remain through several hair washings, so be prepared that this look will last longer than most glitter applications.

Be creative but don't ignore safety. Loose glitter can cause eye irritation if it falls into your eye. Be sure to keep it on the lid and not near your eye.

Is Body Glitter Bad For Your Skin?

When using body glitter, there are a couple of considerations if you are worried about your skin. Be sure you are using a cosmetic grade of glitter, especially around your face. Craft glitters can contain irritants and sharp edges which can cut into the skin.

Even if the glitter doesn't bother your skin, you want to be aware of the ingredients in the adhesives, especially if you have sensitive skin. You should always test a small area before going all out to see if you have any skin reactions.

Thankfully, natural ingredients can be used to create shimmer and shine even if you have super sensitive skin.

Does Hairspray Seal Glitter?

Hair spray is one option for keeping glitter in place if it's in your hair or on your clothes. It can also be used to create glitter browns. Spray hairspray into a dish and add glitter. Then use a spoolie brush to create your sparkly brow look.  Just be aware that hair spray should not be sprayed directly on your skin, so don't use it as a setting spray for glitter make-up.

Is It Safe To Put Glitter On Your Lips?

Beautiful female lips close-up. Lips in the sequins. Metal glitter.

You should absolutely consider putting glitter on your lips. To make sure your glitter sticks, there are a few steps that you should do before adding glitter. First, exfoliate your lips to remove any dead skin. Next, hydrate so that you start with a smooth surface. Then, apply cream lipstick or a lip gloss as glitter does not stick well with liquid lipstick. Finally, apply a cosmetic grade glitter onto your lips using a brush or your finger.

Glitter can dry the lips, so after the night is over and you have removed the sparkle, you might want to give your lips some special attention and apply extra lip balm.

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One of the best things about body glitter is that there is no wrong way to do it.  Your body is your palette, so be creative and have fun.

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