How Long Do Clay Masks Last?

Clay masks are a great way to eliminate hidden dirt in pores and add a glow to the skin. However, like all other products used for the health and beauty of the face, it is crucial to be able to recognize when the product has gone bad. We've researched the longevity of clay masks, whether open or sealed, to let you know how long to keep your mask on the shelf.

When unopened, clay masks are good for about two years. When opened, a clay mask can usually last between one and two years; however, clay masks can expire as early as six months. The shelf life of masks varies greatly.

Stay with us as we look at various types of clay face masks to discuss their ingredients and how long they will potentially last. We'll also provide storage tips to keep your clay face mask at the ready!

Face mask with lavender essential oil and spa products on white wooden background with green leaves, How Long Do Clay Masks Last?

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Why It Is Important Not to Use Expire Clay Masks

Clay masks are a great way to get rid of hidden dirt in pores and to add a glow to the skin. Clay masks are full of vitamins. An analysis by the Skin and Stem Cell Research Center at Tehran University (2018) found that vitamins A, C, and E were used most in clay masks compared to other vitamins. These vitamins are extraordinarily good for the skin!

Together, vitamins A, C, and E enhance collagenase levels, regulate keratinization, act as an antioxidant, reduce wrinkles, work as an anti-inflammatory, and do so much else to make skin clean and radiant. Of course, all these benefits are lost or diminished if the product is expired. Expiration may even lead to skin irritation. To get the most out of this amazing skincare product, learn when the product has expired.

How Long Does the Aztec Clay Mask Last?

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The Aztec clay mask is also known as the bentonite clay mask. This mask is made from volcanic ash, especially good for drawing toxins out. This mask works best with very oily skin.

The Aztec clay mask has the longest longevity of all masks. One of the reasons for this is because it most often comes in powder, meaning you have to add water before using it as a mask. The powder form prevents the mask from drying out as well as the chemicals from denaturing.

If the Aztec clay mask is hydrated or in liquid form, it can theoretically last for many years. The key is to keep it away from heat and sunlight. It is also strongly recommended to use a clean utensil when scooping out the product to avoid contamination. Store these masks in a nonmetallic air-tight container and away from any strong-smelling substance. Throw away if the product smells sour, musty, or has a perfume odor.

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How long does a Pink Clay Mask last?

Face mask with lavender essential oil and spa products on white wooden background with green leaves, How Long Do Clay Masks Last?

Pink clay masks are abundant with silica, which improves skin elasticity and cell renewal. This is the mask to use for younger, more radiant-looking skin. It is also ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Pink clay masks typically expire within one through two years after opening. High levels of heat and light can expedite this process. Keep your pink clay mask in a cool place; room temperature is also fine, away from sunlight. Use sterile handling devices for this mask.

One of the reasons mud masks like the pink clay masks expire so quickly is because it is a damp product. Germs and fungus adore damp places, and it will not take them long to feel right at home in that muddy environment. If you notice any change in smell, color, or texture – throw it out!

How long does a Loreal Clay Mask last?

Loreal makes different clay masks. Loreal has a wide selection of clay masks to choose from: some are made with red algae, Japanese charcoal, seaweed, and/or lemon. The different kinds depend on what outcome the buyer is looking for.

Loreal clay masks come wet but tend to dry slowly. This means it probably will not expire due to hardness, but you should be careful to use a sterile application, especially since the masks come in a canister and not a tube.

DIY Homemade Mud Masks

Clay masks are great: not only are they cheaper, and you can find a lot of the ingredients already waiting in your kitchen, but you can make masks that fit your specific skin type.

Be aware that there is a greater risk for contamination when you make your own clay masks. It is important to have a lot of utensils for sterile mixing. Preferably, use only wooden utensils, so the heavy metals don’t get absorbed. You also want to make sure the surface you are working on has also been disinfected.

How long do homemade clay masks last?

You should also consider the expiration dates of the ingredients, as that can affect the expiration and efficacy of the final product. Fresh ingredients are more likely to produce face masks that have a longer shelf life. The downside of using  DIY masks is they don’t last very long. After making your mask, you should put it in a refrigerator ASAP. Refrigerating the mask should keep the mask fresh for just under a week. Throw out if there is any mold or bacteria growth.

Proper Storage

All clay masks require proper storage. This means keeping the clay mask in an airtight, nonmetallic container, keeping it away from strong odors, heat, and light, and making sure to use nonmetallic, sterile utensils during application.

When to Toss Your Clay Masks

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The masks here are good from any from a few days to a few years. First, be aware of the type of clay mask you have and try to follow these guidelines to keep your clay masks as fresh for as long as possible.

How do you know if a clay mask has expired?

You can tell a mud mask has gone bad if any of the following three things have changed: its consistency, color, or dryness. If you notice a change in any of these three qualities, throw it out! Not only do these signs indicate that the salubrious ingredients have begun to break down, but that once wonderful product can now be irritating to the skin.

If you don’t trust your senses, you can follow the general rule that mud masks are good from three years after buying and one to two years after opening.

Most masks will come with expiration dates on the bottom. Before opening your clay mask, take a look. Each mud mask will come with an expiration date printed on the bottom.

In Closing

If you plan to use an unopened clay face mask and cannot locate the expiration date on the packaging, now you know that it has a shelf-life of approximately two years. Can't remember when you purchased it? Look for warning signs of unusual texture, color, or excessive dryness before applying a mask to your face. Otherwise, your skin may not reap the benefits that a new clay mask can provide.

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