How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last?

Liquid eyeliner is a makeup tool that can enhance the look of one’s eyes. You may use it, and if you do, you may have found a favorite brand or color, right? But maybe what you don’t know is how long you can use it before needing to grab a new one. Maybe you want to stock up, but you aren't sure if it will be worthwhile. Based on our research, we've learned it is important for the health of your eyes and skin to replace your old eyeliner in a timely manner.

So, how long does liquid eyeliner last? The answer is that liquid eyeliner lasts three to six months. However, there is some debate as to whether or not six months is too long. Liquid eyeliner can store a lot of germs that are harmful to your eyes and your skin. Because of this, it is important to replace your liquid eyeliner often.

Are you new to the art of makeup and feel lost when it comes to specific questions? Or are you a pro that may just need a little clarification? Whatever your reasoning may be for reading this article, the information you seek is here for you.

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How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last?

Liquid eyeliner is said to be able to last about three to six months. However, it is best to replace it every three months or as soon as it dries out. This is the best time frame to keep your makeup sanitary and safe for your body.

Our eyes are open to all the germs in the world, and because of that, germs get onto the makeup brush or tool and transfers into the container that way. Once this happens, the eyeliner container quickly becomes a dark, damp space for bacteria to grow and spread. That means that every time you go to use that tool or brush again, the bacteria is on it being spread onto your face. This is why it is so important to replace your makeup often; every three months is best.

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Does Liquid Eyeliner Expire?

The makeup industry has yet to enforce companies to provide expiration dates on products. This, however, does not mean they don’t expire. Usually, on makeup, there is something called the open jar symbol that is located somewhere on the package and should have a number of months it is suggested to have it open before replacing it. Liquid eyeliner has an open jar timeframe of about three months.

After that time period is up, the makeup will begin to drop in quality. It will begin not to apply as well, it will rub off faster or smudge, and it can irritate the skin because of the bacteria that is most likely living in the container of makeup.

Can You Use Expired Eyeliner?

There is no rule stating you cannot use your liquid eyeliner past the amount of time stated on the open jar symbol. No one will stop you from doing that; however, it is not in your best interest to do so. It isn’t smart to continue using it either. Because of the liquid consistency, it is vulnerable to bacteria spreading and growing. Using contaminated liquid eyeliner can cause your eyes to become irritated and potentially infected from the constant spread of bacteria from eyeliner brush to the eye.

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How Long Does Liquid Eyeliner Last Unopened?

Liquid eyeliner has no steadfast rule as to how long it can be stored unopened, neither do most other makeup products). However, the suggested storage time is about six months to one year. Usually, you won’t know if it is still good to use until it is opened. Being a liquid consistency, the oils will potentially separate from each other after this time, and the product will not be the same after that.

How long makeup will last unopened varies greatly due to how it is stored. Makeup will not last long unopened in hot, sunny conditions. The best way to store it to get the longest potential store time from it is by placing it in a cool, dry place like a cabinet or drawer.

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How Often Should You Replace Liquid Eyeliner?

It is best to replace your liquid eyeliner every three months. Some people believe that you can stretch it for six months; however, the quality will decline before that time. The eyeliner will not apply as evenly as it did initially, and it will not be a smooth finished product on your eyes. Eventually, the oils will begin to separate, and the eyeliner will dry out and be unusable if you wait too long to replace it.

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In closing

Yes, liquid eyeliner can last three to six months, but it is a big deal that you replace it on time, as you have learned through this article. It is important for you to replace your liquid eyeliner every three months to get the best quality finish for your makeup look, avoid any infections or skin or eye irritation. You are keeping your skin beautiful and your eyes healthy by getting rid of your liquid eyeliner after the date on the open can symbol.

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