How Long Does A Pedicure Take? [By Type Of Pedicure]

Deciding what type of pedicure you want to get can be tricky. Are you looking for something on the fancier side, or need a new nail color? We have done some digging to find you some answers. So let's dive right into this.

On average, a pedicure takes 30 to 90 minutes. Of course, this does vary depending on what type of service you get but plan for about an hour. For a basic pedicure, we don't think you should be in there for more than 30 minutes while a luxury pedicure might be an hour or so. If your pedicure includes a massage or French technique, 90 minutes is more likely. 

As we begin, we will discuss different types of pedicures and their timeframes. Whether you need to plan around your pedicure or need something simple, we've got you covered. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

Perfectly done pedicure with red glitter nail polish, How Long Does A Pedicure Take? [By Type Of Pedicure]

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Do Pedicures Take A Long Time?

Although every service has a different timeframe, pedicures usually aren't super long. Generally, a pedicure without a massage or too much detailing will take around 30 minutes to complete. With that said, if you have a massage or luxury pedicure scheduled, you might need to change your plans for that day. It comes down to the service, location, and your foot needs.

A woman getting her ideal pedicure at the beauty salon

Basic Pedicure

A pedicure artist applying pink nail polish on her clients nail

First, we have a basic or standard pedicure. Typically, this type of pedicure should be 30 minutes or less and doesn't include anything too fancy. Price-wise, a traditional pedicure will cost you anywhere between 25 and 40 dollars, making it one of the more cost-effective options. This is a good pedicure choice if you don't need any massaging or special lotions added to your feet.

Luxury Pedicure

A woman getting foot massage treatment

Next, we have a luxurious pedicure option. On average, a luxury pedicure will take about an hour, so make sure to schedule around it. Although every luxury pedicure is different, you should budget around 50 to 75 dollars to cover the cost. In general, during a luxury pedicure, your feet get some extra attention as well as your legs. You can expect exfoliation, a thorough foot, and lower leg scrub, high-end products used, and even champagne.

Massage Pedicure

A woman getting her foot massage in the spa

For anyone needing some extra TLC, we have a massage pedicure option. This kind of pedicure will last about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the massage and nail technique. Although massage pedicures sound very fancy, they usually cost between 40 and 60 dollars, which is not too bad for the service you get. You can expect to have your feet and legs massaged and exfoliated during this type of pedicure and even given acupuncture.

French Pedicure

A woman getting her ideal pedicure at the beauty salon

Third, we have one of the more time-consuming pedicure options, using a French technique. Generally, a French pedicure will take between one and two hours, so make sure to allow for plenty of time. This longer timeframe is due to the detail and dry time associated with a French pedicure service. You can expect to have your feet massaged, exfoliated, and painted French-tip style during this type of pedicure.

How Long Should You Stay At A Salon To Let A Pedicure Dry?

When it comes to how long you should let your pedicure dry at the salon, we think 15 minutes is sufficient. Once your pedicure is done, you should be able to sit and relax until your nails are dry. Depending on what type of polish your nail tech used, this might affect dry-time.

For regular, non-gel nails, ten to 15 minutes is more than enough waiting time at the salon. If you have gel nails, we recommend about 20 minutes in the salon before heading out.

How Long Does A Pedicure Take To Fully Dry?

Although 15 to 20 minutes seems long to wait in a salon, your pedicure won't be fully dry for about 12 hours. With that said, your nails should be dry to the touch in about an hour after your appointment. Generally, you shouldn't wear socks or closed-toed shoes until those 12 hours pass to avoid smudging your pedicure.

When it comes to taking a shower or bath, we recommend keeping your water cool to warm and waiting at least eight hours after a pedicure. Of course, it can be tricky not to smudge your polish, so we recommend wearing toe separators around the house.

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How Often Should You Get A Pedicure?

Interior of a beauty spa with wooden flooring

For all our pedicure addicts out there, we found that getting one twice per month is most beneficial. When it comes to how often week-wise you should wait to schedule a pedicure appointment, every two to three is fine. Although pedicures are relaxing and feel good, getting them too often can cause dry feet and unhealthy nails.

Are Pedicures Good For You?

Pedicures not only feel good but have tons of hidden health benefits. First, they increase your foot's overall blood flow and circulation, which is great for those who sit at a desk all day. Another hidden benefit of pedicures is that they help with skin texture and the overall quality of your foot's appearance.

How Much Does A Pedicure Usually Cost?

Price-wise, a pedicure ranges between 25 and 50 dollars on average. For the most part, pedicures will cost less than a manicure unless you choose a special or deluxe service. Like our options above, pricing will vary depending on how much detail goes into your feet and how long your pedicure will take.

For reference, here is a price sheet for pedicure services from Creative Nails & Spa located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What's Included In A Pedicure?

You can expect your feet to be soaked, exfoliated, massaged, trimmed, moisturized, and painted during a pedicure appointment. Nail-wise, a pedicurist will trim or file down your nails before painting them after your feet have soaked and scrubbed down.

A pedicure often includes a light massage and foot scrub, so choosing a massage additive might not be necessary. Of course, most pedicures are entirely customizable, so make sure to check your salon's website or menu for added features and services.

How Long Does A Pedicure Last?

Perfectly done pedicure with red glitter nail polish, How Long Does A Pedicure Take? [By Type Of Pedicure]

On average, a pedicure should last you two to three weeks. With that said, if you tend to be outdoors and more active, this might shorten your nail's lifespan. Generally, a non-gel polish does chip easier than one with gel, so if you want to keep your nails beautiful longer, that is something to look into. Regardless, your nail color should last at least ten to 14 days before needing to be redone.

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How Can I Make My Pedicure Last Longer?

If you can't make it to the nail salon every other week, there are ways to extend the life of a pedicure. First, we recommend bringing your own nail polish to the salon, ideally one with a long-lasting formula. Another easy way to keep your feet looking good is to moisturize them between pedicures. Applying a top coat once your pedicure dries at home will strengthen your nails and help their color stay longer.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you regularly get pedicures or want to start, allow for enough time. A standard pedicure should only be about 30 minutes, while a deluxe or luxury option will take up to an hour or more. Of the many pedicure styles, French and massage options last about 90 minutes, so make sure to schedule accordingly. When it comes to how long a pedicure will last, two to three weeks is average. Of course, make sure to moisturize your feet between pedicures, and don't be afraid to use a top coat to protect your nail's color.

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