How Long Do Flip Flops Typically Last?

Flip flops are a staple of summertime. They're a comfortable and simple solution for keeping your feet nice and cool. And depending on the style, flip flops can be quite fashionable. But just how long do flip flops last? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

The length of time flip flop lasts depends on how often you wear them, what material they are made of, and where you wear them to. On average, flip flops tend to last about twelve months. However, higher-quality flip flops can last up to three to ten years.

Keep reading to learn more about what flip flops are the most durable, how long leather flip flops last, how long you should keep flip flops when you should throw out flip flops, and whether or not you can walk long distances in flip flops. Without further ado, let's get into it!

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Flip flop lifespan

As mentioned, the lifespan of a pair of flip flops depends on how often they are worn, the conditions in which they are worn, and what they're made out of.

A pair of flip flops made out of a cheap, flimsy material that is frequently worn in rugged conditions will wear out quite quickly. Under such conditions, you can expect this pair of flip flops to be unwearable in twelve months (and possibly even sooner).

On the other hand, a durable pair of flip flops worn sparingly in casual conditions will last much longer. In this case, you can expect this pair of flip flops to last for years.

What are the most durable flip flops?

Here you will see an assortment of brand-name flip flops that are known to be the most durable. The price point varies, so you will need to choose whichever flip flops suit your budget. The most common materials that flip flops are made of include leather, foam resin, rubber, suede, and foam. The following flip flops are the most durable on the market.


These sandals are top-notch. You can find ones that fit more like sandals, but they also offer flip flops. The footbed on them contours to your feet. This pair is long-lasting and ultra-comfortable. The side straps are anchored further back than most flip flops which makes them less likely to break. Certain styles are more dressy than a typical casual flip flop. The average length of time that these will last is three years. That is quite the difference between dollar store flip flops and Birkenstocks.

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The Sole Workshop

These are luxury flip flops, but they are worth the money if you are willing to invest in them. They are some of the toughest leather flip flops ever made. Sole Workshop flip flops have rubber soles which are also used for work boots. If the same soles are durable and reliable for work boots, then you will be set with these flip flops. These flip flops are handmade, so you can rest assured that the quality is superb.

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Olukai Hikianalias

According to Hawaiian surfers, these flip flops are the way to go. They are high-quality and offer a warranty. Leather options are offered but are not the only choice. The form-fitting footbeds of Olukai flip flops make all the difference. These are also quick to dry which is ideal for beachwear or poolside. They are long-lasting and should make it through numerous summer seasons.

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This is a California surfer brand. They are in competition for the most durable flip flops available. Surfers and beach-goers approve! The straps are woven which will not bother your feet the way rubber flip flops might. Some people will only wear Reef flip flops so that is a good sign when choosing which kind to buy. The heel of Reef flip flops is cushioned which is great for the feet. As an added bonus, these flip flops can function as a bottle opener.

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This brand has been around for almost 200 years! That goes to show they are doing something right. People are seriously devoted to Clarks. Their flip flops are high up on the list of long-lasting flip flops. They carry a warranty as well which is always good. These are available in a variety of colors and the straps are adjustable to fit your feet perfectly.

One great feature of Clark flip flops is that they are waterproof. They are also known to be extremely comfortable which is great for when you want to walk on the boardwalk or beach. These can even be washed in the washing machine and air-dried. Clarks can last up to ten years!

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Crocs are known for their comfortability level rather than style, but they are durable nonetheless. These flip flops will last through several seasons of wear. They are made with foam resin just like the croc shoes you have come to recognize. Crocs are comfortable, lightweight, and odor-resistant. The side straps are molded into the base of the flip flop so they are a lot less likely to break than rubber flip flops. These are much more reasonably priced than higher-end flip flops but are still durable.

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Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow sandals are made with high-quality leather. They are offered with and without arch support to suit your needs. These flip flops form to fit your feet over time which is ideal for optimal comfortability. Southern California is where you will see these the most. They take a week or two to break them in, but if you can get past that, you will be happy you chose these.

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How long do leather flip flops last?

In theory, leather flip flops are supposed to last anywhere between five and ten years. This all depends on the brand, how often you wear them, and where you wear them to. Leather flip flops are comfortable, stylish, durable, and go well with just about anything that you want to wear with them.

How long should you keep flip flops?

The answer to how long you should keep flip flops depends on the brand and quality of your shoe. Keep them for as long as they are comfortable and are not damaged beyond repair.

Some brands of flip flops come with a warranty that is good for one year. This warranty will cover damages to the flip flops such as the toe strap getting pulled out, the side strap getting pulled out, the stitching unraveling, and de-lamination. De-lamination is when the layer of the bottom of your flip flop that your foot is up against when you are walking comes loose.

When should you throw out flip flops?

You should throw flip flops away when they are worn down or the strap is broken. Spending the extra money on better quality flip flops will ensure that they will last longer. If you have a warranty that is still good for your flip flops, make use of it. If your flip flops no longer have a warranty covering them or did not come with one in the first place, it is a good idea to throw them out when they break or start to come apart.

Over time the soles of your flip flops will wear down. This is another way to help you determine when you should throw them out. Basically, if you can feel gravel under your shoes when you are walking over it, you should invest in a new pair with a thicker durable sole.

Can you walk long distances in flip flops?

You can walk long distances in flip flops, but you'll want to consider how comfortable they are before taking a long walk in them. Flip flops that have an EVA footbed are cushioned which makes them much more comfortable for walking long distances. They are also waterproof which will help prevent you from getting blistered feet. Most of the flip flop brands listed earlier have EVA footbeds such as Birkenstocks, Olukai, and Reef.

In closing

The average flip flop lasts approximately one year. If you spend the money to buy higher-end flip flops, they should last at least a few years. If you live somewhere that you experience all four seasons, you can most likely wear your flip flops for at least two summer stretches.

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