How Long Does It Take For Hairspray To Dry?

Figuring out how long your hair products take to dry can be tricky sometimes. Do you want to try using hairspray but don't know how long it takes to dry? We have done plenty of research to find you the answer.

Hairspray should dry in about five to ten minutes. Hairsprays with alcohol will dry faster than those without but are not too good for your hair. Generally, the drier your hair is when you apply hairspray, the quicker it will dry.

As we begin, we will cover all things hairspray and discuss how to use it properly. Whether you can't imagine life without it or are hesitant to try using some, it is important to know how long hairspray will take to dry. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A woman combing her hair and holding a hairspray inside her powder room, How Long Does It Take For Hairspray To Dry?

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Do You Use Hairspray On Wet Or Dry Hair?

When it comes to hairspray, you should use it on completely dry, clean hair. In general, hairspray works best when there are no other products or moisture in your hair.

Using hairspray on wet hair will affect its dry time and might lead to crunchiness and hair breakage if done too often.

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Does Hairspray Take Long To Dry?

As long as your hair isn't wet, hairspray shouldn't take more than ten minutes to dry. Of course, ingredients also play a role in dry time, and hairsprays without alcohols might take longer to dry in your hair.

If your hair is damp and you want to use hairspray, try grabbing a blowdryer or wrapping your hair in a towel for a few extra minutes.

How Do You Dry Hairspray?

For anyone who used hairspray before their hair fully dried, don't panic. The easiest way to dry hairspray is to use a hairdryer on a low heat setting for five to ten minutes.

You want to make sure you aren't using heat because it can damage your hair and cause your product not to work.

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Can You Brush Your Hair After Hairspray?

We wouldn't recommend brushing or combing your hair after using hairspray. It is better for your hair and scalp if you brush before using hairspray and then styling it with your fingers afterward.

Hairspray essentially coats your hair with product, so brushing through it can cause your hair to lose shape and be harder to style. Although using your fingers seems old school, it is better for your hair's overall health when dealing with hairspray.

What Does Hairspray Do?

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Essentially, hairspray works to hold your hair in place and add some volume to its appearance. Hairspray also helps tame frizz and adds shine to your hair to give it a healthier, softer look.

With that said, not all hairsprays contain good ingredients, so it is best to choose alcohol and chemical-free options. Although more natural formulas might take longer to dry, they are better long-term for your hair and scalp.

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Can I Use Hairspray Every Day?

When it comes to using hairspray daily, we would recommend against it. Although it's convenient between washes, too much hairspray can cause dandruff and even hair loss in severe situations.

It is important to give your hair a break every couple of days to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

Is Hairspray Supposed To Be Sticky?

If you start to notice your hairspray making your hair feel sticky, it's time to switch brands. Hairspray should not be sticky or cause your hair to clump, so if yours is causing issues, it might be due to its ingredients.

Most times, hairspray has a mattifying effect on hair and should feel closer to a dry shampoo rather than sticky or super wet.

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Does Hairspray Wash Out?

When it comes to washing out hairspray, this is an easy way to clean out any product still left in your hair. Generally, it is a good idea to wash your hair every few days and give it a good brush between washes.

As long as the hairspray you use is lightweight, you should be able to get most of it out of your hair with a quick brush rather than needing to get it wet.

Read more about washing out hairspray: Does Hairspray Wash Out With Water? [And Other Ways To Remove It]

What Is The Difference Between Hairspray And Dry Shampoo?

For those torn between using hairspray or dry shampoo, there is a slight difference. Between the two, dry shampoo has a lighter feel on hair but doesn't give it much volume.

On the other hand, Hairspray has a heavier feel but does a better job styling/volumizing your hair. If you prefer a lighter product, we suggest dry shampoo, and if you need something to give your hair shape and bounce, we recommend hairspray.

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Is Dry Shampoo Better Than Hairspray?

Although dry shampoo is lighter and less drying than hairspray, we still don't think it is great for your hair. Regardless of which product you use, too much of anything can cause significant problems for your hair and scalp.

Dry shampoo absorbs the oil from your hair, essentially masking it until it is washed. This may seem like a quick fix, but overusing your products can often lead to even oilier, less healthy hair.

What Can I Use Instead Of Hairspray?

When it comes to good hairspray alternatives, we think mousse, sugar spray, pomade, and texturizing sprays are worth a try. We suggest switching to either a mousse or pomade to style your hair without causing dryness if you have thick curly hair.

If your hair is thinner, we recommend trying a sugar or texturizing spray to give it a boost without weighing your hair down. Regardless, make sure to choose products with good ingredients and ones without harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Cake Beauty Curl Defining & Volumizing Mousse

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Authentic Beauty Concept Solid Pomade

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Pureology Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray

This sugar spray is 100% vegan, has heat protection, is safe to use on color-treated hair, and promises a salon-quality finish.

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Cote Hair Vegan Sea Style Texturizing Spray

This texturizing spray is GMO-free, safe for color-treated hair, plant-based, promises to give your hair a beachy look, and is sulfate and paraben-free.

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To Wrap It Up

Whether you use hairspray often or want to try it, expect it to dry in about five to ten minutes. From what we found, your hair needs to be clean and fully dry before using hairspray. Typically, as long as your hair is dry, your hairspray shouldn't cause any crunchiness or take too long to dry in your hair.

Between the countless hairspray options, we recommend choosing one with a lightweight formula and natural ingredients. Regardless of what hair type you have, make sure to dry it before using hairspray and give it a break from products a few days per week.

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