How Long Does Hairspray Hold?

How long does the average hairspray hold your style, or even stay in your hair? You've got your style looking perfect but need to make sure it maintains its great shape. Are there different sprays? We've checked in with the experts to find out for you what you can expect from your hairspray.

Hairspray comes in different holds and formulas and can last anywhere from a few hours to all day. Depending upon what you use on your hair, you'll end up with different results. For instance, if you use a texturizing spray, it will give your hair a bit more volume and heft, but won't hold specific tendrils exactly in place.  Conversely, if you use a freeze spray, it will hold your hair like it's frozen in place. Though some sprays advertise things like seventy-two hour holds, the reality is once you go to sleep on your hair, brush it, or wash it, the hairspray is going to come out, at least partially.

We'll look at the different types of spray and how long they hold. We'll also discuss if it's okay to use hairspray daily or sleep with it still in your hair. Finally, we'll answer questions about using hairspray for volume and if it works on bangs. So please, keep reading.

Hairdresser spraying woman’s long black hair with hair spray, How Long Does Hairspray Hold?

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Different Types Of Hairspray And How They Hold

Hairspray has come a long way from the aerosol cans of the olden days. Now there are a variety of types of sprays and uses and lengths of hold. We'll look at the most common types here.

Thermal Spray

Thermal hairspray is used for hair that is styled with heat products. If you use a curling iron or a flat iron, thermal spray is spritzed onto the hair before styling to add both hold and protection.

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Volumizing Spray

Volumizing spray not only adds hold but will also give a lift to your hair. Spray, then scrunch or push upwards to give your hair more body than it would have on its own.

This volumizing spray has a super firm hold and can stay up to 72 hours. Keep in mind that if you brush your hair, run your fingers through it, or sleep on it, you're going to lessen the effectiveness of the hold. Click here for this product on Amazon.

Regular Spray

If you just need a quick fix or something to keep your flyaway hair tame, then a regular spray may be all you need. This spray is not going to put a heavy layer of hold on and will leave your hair feeling more natural.

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Texturizing Spray

Texturizing spray is going to have the least amount of hold. This spray is used to give your hair volume and a bit of beachy separation. It doesn't add a lot of weight to the hair so it won't drag down your volume.

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Freeze Spray

Freeze spray is for when you want things held tightly in place. This type of spray is good for a vintage updo or if you need your slicked-back pony to stay slicked back. This is the strongest type of hold available in hairspray.

This Mega Freeze spray holds for 24 hours, no problem. Click here to see this one on Amazon.

Finishing Spray

Besides freeze spray, a finishing spray is your next strongest holding hairspray. The finishing spray is your final step for keeping your styled hair in place and looking how you want it. Spray it on after you've done all of your styling for an all-day hold. Of course, extreme weather, humidity, and messing with your hair can lead to the breakdown of spray, so it's always good to have a mini-size can in your purse for touch-ups.

This mini-sized finishing spray is great for touch-ups on windy or hot days. Click here for this product on Amazon.

Does Hairspray Hold Your Hair In Place?

Keeping a style in your hair or holding those flyaways at bay is exactly what hairspray was made for. And nowadays, hairspray is no longer the crunchy thick lacquer that smells terrible and makes your head feel like a helmet. It's got a nice scent and though your hair will hold its style, it will move and swing and feel soft to the touch. Though we don't recommend touching it too much as that can affect the hairspray's effectiveness.

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Is It Bad To Leave Hairspray In Overnight?

Hairdresser spraying his customer's hair

Technically, your hair is already dead once it's grown out from your scalp, so leaving product on it won't hurt the hair. However, leaving products other than a deep conditioner on overnight can cause damage to your scalp, pores, and even the skin on your face and neck. You could clog your pores causing breakouts, or in the case of your hair follicles, damage to the area where the hair grows out.

Experts seem to think that the best practice with hairspray and gels is to either wash your hair without reapplying product before sleep or brush it out. Brushing your hair before bed will move the oils from your scalp down the individual hair shafts and reduce breakage and frizziness.

Is It Bad To Use Hairspray Every Day?

Stylists have differing opinions on this. Some feel that with hairspray's development over the past ten years or so, that there is relatively little risk from a bit of daily hold. Other stylists feel it may dry or dull your hair over time if used too frequently. In this case, it may be that the hair is not being conditioned enough along with the use of hairspray.

As long as you're not spraying on half of a can of super lacquer spray on the daily, your hair will probably be okay with a bit of a daily spritz of hairspray.

Does Hairspray Give Your Hair Volume?

Hairspray can absolutely add volume to your hair. The trick is to use volumizing hairspray. Separate segments of your hair and spray to build up volume throughout your hair. A good spray won't leave flakes and will still feel soft to the touch. Though keep in mind if you touch it too much or brush your hair, you'll lose some of the volume.

This spray has a 72-hour hold and works for volume and against humidity and frizzing. Click here for it on Amazon.

Here's another volume hairspray. This one works well for both color-treated and fine hair. Spray at the crown and gently push your hair up to get some bulk and volume in your hair. Click here for this one on Amazon.

Does Hairspray Help Bangs?

Hairspray is great for getting your bangs at just the spot you want and keeping them there. The trick is to spray from both beneath the bangs and then over the top. Don't get too close as you don't want any white, flaky residue from the spray showing on your bangs. We've got a quick video here to show you how to do this:

In addition, if you're growing out your bangs, hairspray can be helpful for keeping them back off your face and allowing them to blend in with your long hair. One stylist suggests blow-drying, then clipping back your long bangs at the sides of your hair. Style the rest of your hair as you would normally, then remove the clips, and spray those longer bangs in place.

Spray Will Hold It Together

Hairdresser spraying woman’s long black hair with hair spray, How Long Does Hairspray Hold?

Whether you need a quick fix or an all-day masterpiece, hairspray is a super tool for your hair-styling closet. This versatile product will volumize, shine, and keep frizziness at bay. There are unscented versions and those that have perfume appeal. Pick a few and switch them up to find out which works best for your type of hair and hairstyle.

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