How Long Is A Midi Skirt Or Dress?

The midi is a quintessential style that has never taken a break since the early 1900s, but what classifies as a true midi skirt or dress? That may be something you need to know as you browse the dress racks or do your online shopping. Learning fashion jargon can be tricky and overwhelming, but have no fear. We've done the research for you so that you can know just what to expect in terms of length when you purchase a midi skirt or dress.

A midi is just what it sounds like- a mid-length skirt or dress. It typically hits mid-calf, no shorter than the knee and no longer than the ankle.

Still a little confused about this skirt length? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Keep reading to have your questions answered about the midi dress.

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The Length Of A Midi

Its length classifies the midi, and its length is what gives such a classic, proper fit and shape. As a true fashionista who is thinking about adding some of these skirts and dresses to your wardrobe, you may want to know exactly how long it should be, and where it should be hitting on your body. So, what is a midi dress length? We've broken it down the inch.

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How Long Is A Midi Skirt In Inches?

This is useful information if you do a lot of online shopping and want to make sure that what you're purchasing is a true midi. Most midi skirts will be between 26 to 30 inches long. Keep in mind, though, that this is completely dependent on which department you are shopping in. A petite midi will always be several inches shorter than the midi for the typical height woman.

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Where should a midi dress fall?

Ideally, the midi dress should hit just above or just below the swell or the largest point of your calf. This gives the most popular and timeless fit. It draws the eye to a cinched waist or a thin ankle.

Styling The Midi

Now that you know what a midi dress is, you may be wondering how to transition these pieces into your wardrobe. Fortunately, there are so many ways to style this dress that it really is hard to go wrong.

Midi skirts are appropriate for all seasons and for most life events. You can go from a stroll in the park, to work, to a date night - all in a midi. Their shape draws the eye to the smallest part of a woman's waist and accentuates the hips and chest, making the style beautiful on all body types.

For a midi skirt, try pairing it with a button-up shirt and pumps or ballet flats. Tuck in or tie your shirt to better show off your waist.

For a midi dress, once again pair with heels or ballet flats. Strappy sandals are also appropriate in warmer months. Give your waist more definition with a belt or a well-fitted jacket.

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Do Midi Dresses Make You Look Shorter?

For most, this shouldn't be a problem if the dress fits correctly. However, petite women should beware. A midi dress crafted for the average height woman may be too long on you, and if it doesn't fit just right, it could make you look shorter.

Avoid looking stumpy in a midi by purchasing your dress in the correct department, whether that be regular, tall, or petite. You can also pair a midi skirt with pumps or heeled boots to make yourself look taller and slimmer.

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The Fashion

Women did not typically wear dresses above the ankles until the twentieth century, with the midi first making an appearance in fashion vogue in the early 1900s. Before, it had been a sign of poverty to have visible ankles, as only people who did not have the money for new clothes wore dresses or pants that were too short.

The rising of the midi could have been a matter of convenience or cost, as the world raged with the World Wars. Nevertheless, the style stuck. Women have been sporting the midi ever since.

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Are Midi Length Dresses Still In Fashion?

We are happy to report that this iconic dress is still very much in style. It has been even more so in recent years as it has come around again in high fashion, with celebrities like Kate Middleton being photographed in this classy design.

In Closing

The midi dress or skirt is a fabulous choice as you build up a sophisticated and versatile wardrobe. A true midi dress or skirt should hit no shorter than below the knee and no longer than the ankle, with most midi skirt lengths ranging from 26 to 30 inches. This style provides plenty of coverage so that it is appropriate for just about any event, while also accentuating a voluptuous shape. This could be your new favorite dress length and fit. Happy shopping!

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