How Long Should An Anklet Be?


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It seems that everyone's wearing an anklet. Men, women, teenagers. They're fantastic and add a bit of flair to your look. But how long should an anklet be? We have looked into this to determine the best answer to your question.

In general, anklets can range anywhere from about 8-10" for women, and 9-12" for men. But for an accurate fit, you'll want to measure.

We'll tell you how to measure for your best fit, and show some great examples of the various lengths and styles in our post. Keep reading for all of this valuable information.

What's The Big Deal With Anklets?

Anklets have been around as long as there has been jewelry. Found in Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian tombs, they crossed all class structures. Precious metal anklets were found in the tombs of the wealthy, but even the servants of the time were found with remains of shell and stone anklets. In Ancient India, anklets were worn to symbolize the marital status of a woman and later used to create sounds for Arabian belly dancers.

In today's time, anklets cross all genders and give us an accessory that allows us to show off our style. They come in a multitude of materials and styles for dressed-down days at the beach or with a glint of gold and diamond to show off your status.

Measuring For An Anklet

The best way to get an accurate fit with your anklet is to measure your ankle. You'll want to do this at a time when your ankle is not swollen from travel. To measure, get a cloth tape measuring tape or some non-stretchy string. Place it around your ankle below your ankle bone snugly. Take that measurement and add either 1/4" or 1/2" depending on how loose you want the fit.

Women's Anklets

The average size for a woman's anklet is nine inches in length. Petite sizes range in the eight to eight and a half-inch range. Larger anklets for women go up to twelve inches. Many anklets will come with an extender chain that will allow you to adjust to the right length for your ankle.

three red garnet beads on a gold-filled chain anklet on amazon.

This delicate gold-filled anklet comes in an eight-inch size and includes a two-inch extender. It features three red garnet beads on a gold-filled chain.

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turquoise anklet on amazon.

This turquoise anklet comes in slightly larger at 8.5". It features a lobster claw clasp, and an extension chain can be requested as this is a handmade item.

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beaded and leather-worked anklet on amazon

This beaded and leather-worked anklet is hand-crafted by artisans. It is a true nine-inch measurement with no extension chain. This is the average size for most women's anklets.

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14k gold anklet with nine fringe mini-bezel diamonds on amazon

When bling is your thing, you might want to check out this 14k gold anklet with nine fringe mini-bezel diamonds that will shimmer on your leg. This photo gives you a great idea of what an extender chain looks like with a lobster clasp closure. This anklet is adjustable from 8" - 9".

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ocean-inspired anklet on amazon

This ocean-inspired anklet is adjustable from 9-11 inches so that it will fit most women's ankles. The beads are hung on delicate sterling silver and are made of larimar, which is said to have properties that cool tempers and quell fears.

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Men's Anklets

Men's anklets typically start at around the 9" mark and work their way up with some being as long as 15". Same as for women's though, you'll want to measure for the best fit possible. In general, it seems that men's anklets are worn slightly snugger than women's anklets are.

faux leather band features silver-plated geometric accents on amazon

This faux leather band features silver-plated geometric accents for a modern retro look. It clasps with a lobster clasp, is 9.4" in length, and comes with a 2.5" extender.

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beautiful, tiger eye and seed bead anklet on amazon

Here is a beautiful, tiger eye and seed bead anklet that would work well for a man. It measures an even 10" and hooks with a lobster clasp hook. It's strung on a sturdy nylon-coated steel cable for flexibility and durability.

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Hematite beads and rope macrame custom-made on amazon

Hematite beads and rope macrame custom-made to your size with a silver lobster clasp and maker's mark silver bead make this anklet a dead sexy winner for your summer wardrobe. It's handmade on Martha's Vineyard, and once you put it on, you won't want to take it off.

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Blue fabric bands and a silver-plated anchor on amazon

This 18.9" anklet comes with a 2" extension chain. Blue fabric bands and a silver-plated anchor make this nautical-themed anklet a fun choice for a day out boating. It comes in a handy gift box and can also be ordered to custom specifications.

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Is An Anklet Longer Than A Bracelet?

How-Long-Should-An-Anklet-Be, girl's legs up in the air while wearing anklet and heels

Yes, anklets are longer than bracelets. Otherwise, we could wear our bracelets on our ankles. The average bracelet size for a woman is 6.5 to 7 inches, versus 8-10 inches for an anklet. For men, the average bracelet size is 7.5 to 9 inches, with the average size being 8 inches. Compare that to the men's anklet average, which is 9 to 11 inches in length.

You should now be prepared to measure yourself in preparation for the purchase of your perfect anklet. Remember to measure below your ankle bone and add up to a 1/2" in size. Don't worry if you run a bit smaller or larger than average. Many anklet sellers are willing to create your custom length or send along an extender to give you the perfect fit.

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