How Long Should Cargo Pants Be?

Deciding how you should wear your cargo pants can be tricky without some help. Are your pants looking too big, or do you need to make them look shorter? We're here to help guide you with all of your cargo pants questions.

Cargo pants should fall right around your ankles. If your cargo pants are too long, there are a few ways to shorten them. A few we found include:

  • Rolling your pants up near your ankles
  • Tucking in the ends of your pant legs
  • Having your cargo pants hemmed
  • Bringing up your pant's waistline

As we begin, we will cover all things cargo pants and tag some helpful products. Whether your pants are too long or just don't fit right, we've got you covered. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Man wearing cargo pants and his bicycle, How Long Should Cargo Pants Be?

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How Are Cargo Pants Supposed To Fit?

Generally, cargo pants should be somewhat baggy and sit right at your waistline. Whether you wear men's or women's cargo pants, make sure they don't feel overly loose or unflattering. We recommend choosing cargo pants that fit your waist well, have plenty of pockets, and don't fall past your ankles. Regardless of your height, cargo pants should have some wiggle room and be comfortable to wear.

Women's High-Waisted Cargo Pants

These pants have a casual and loose fit, are machine washable, and come in different colors.

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Wrangler Authentics Men's Premium Cargo Pants

Here is a pair of premium cargo pants from Wrangler to see. These pants are 100% cotton, relaxed fit, and come in various color options.

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Are Cargo Pants Supposed To Be Baggy?

Typically, yes, cargo pants should have a baggy look to them. With that said, we think your cargo pants should have some shape, so they flatter your body better. Whether you are after a tactical military look or something more fashionable, cargo pants don't need to be sagging to the floor. We suggest straight-leg or jogger-style cargo pants if you don't want too much bagginess.

How Do You Make Cargo Pants Shorter?

As we mentioned, there are a few good ways to shorten a pair of cargo pants. Regardless of how well your pants fit your waist, it is also important they don't sag to the floor. Whether you want a baggy cargo look or not, sewing is not always necessary to get your pants looking ready to wear out.

Rolling Up Your Pants

First, we have a pretty simple idea for fixing super long cargo pants. To start, put on your pants and determine how much shorter you need them. Next, roll up the ends of your pant legs until they are at your desired length. Ensure to roll both of your pant legs the same way so they don't end up looking uneven. Of course, this is only a temporary fix, but if you are in a hurry or don't want to have your pants hemmed, this is a good idea to try.

Tucking In Your Pant Legs

Similar to rolling, we have another quick way to shorten a pair of cargo pants. First, grab your cargo pants and put them on/lay them on your bed. Next, see how much of your pant legs you need to tuck and start on each leg. Once you have that done, you can either leave your tucked pants as is or tie them with a rubber band or shoelace. Although you do not have to secure your pants' ends, we recommend it if you plan to move around a lot.

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Having Your Pants Hemmed

Another way to fix long cargo pants is to have them hemmed. Typically, this will cost you between ten and 25 dollars and shouldn't take more than a few hours. Of course, you can always have a seamstress sew your pants shorter instead of cutting them if you plan on having a growth spurt later on. Regardless, we think this is one of the better ideas long-term for your cargo pants, so you don't have to adjust them before each wear.

Bringing Up Your Pants Waistline

Finally, we have another permanent solution to overly long cargo pants focusing on the waistline. Similar to hemming, having your cargo pants waist shortened will cost you around 30 to 40 dollars, but again this is permanent. If you don't want the ends of your pants adjusted, having the waistline brought up is a good alternative. Furthermore, this is also a good solution for pants sagging in the hips and will help their overall fit.

What Do You Wear With Cargo Capri Pants?

For those with Capri-style cargo pants, we recommend keeping your look simple and comfortable. For women, try a wedge sandal or heel and a simple blouse or t-shirt. Style-wise for men, we suggest wearing a pair of comfortable sandals and a loose shirt or tank top. Regardless, Capri pants, in general, have a very summertime feel, so keep your look casual and ready for some adventure.

Can You Wear Capri Cargo Pants In The Winter?

Generally, we would not recommend wearing Capri-style pants in the winter. The same goes for Capri cargo options, as they do have a summer vibe. Unless you are somewhere with a tropical winter climate, this pant style might not be appropriate for colder weather. With that said, we do think a pair of regular cargo pants are perfect for wintertime and will keep you warm as well.

Can You Taper Cargo Pants?

Similar to our hemming suggestion, you can certainly taper cargo pants. For anyone wanting a more fashionable look, tapering is a great way to bring in your pants and give them a more stylish final feel. Generally, you can expect to pay between 20 and 30 dollars for tapering and usually have this done alongside hemming. If you love the way joggers look and feel, we recommend having your cargo pants tapered.

Do Tapered Cargo Pants Look Better?

Although this is up for opinion, we prefer a tapered or "brought in" cargo pants look. For the most part, cargo pants usually offer a tapered style, whether men's or women's fit. If you are worried about your cargo pants being too loose or long, a tapered style will help avoid these issues. Nevertheless, you can get your pants tapered if you don't want to purchase a brand new pair.

Women's Slim Fit Jogger Cargo Pants

Here we have a pair of high-waisted, slim-fit cargo pants from TwiinSisters to try. These tapered pants are cotton and spandex, machine washable, and come in various color and style choices.

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Men's Tapered Cargo Pants

Here is a pair of tapered cargo pants for men from PULI. These pants are 100% cotton fabric, have zipper and tie closure, and are safe to go in the washer.

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Are Cargo Shorts In Style?

young man wearing cargo pants in black and white

When it comes to cargo shorts being in style, we would say they are. Although they can be questionable at times, cargo shorts are great for summer and the outdoors. If you live a more active lifestyle, we think a pair of cargo shorts are a great option to try out. If you don't fit into this vibe, we think a pair of tapered or Capri-style cargo pants are a good alternative.

Women's Lightweight Cargo Shorts

Here is a pair of lightweight cargo shorts from VAYAGER to try out. These breathable shorts are nylon and spandex, machine washable, and come in a few color options.

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Goodthreads Men's Cargo Shorts

Here is a pair of 11-inch inseam cargo shorts from Goodthreads. These shorts are cotton and elastane, feature deep pockets, and come in various color options.

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Are Cargo Pants Fashionable?

Although cargo pants are not always considered fashionable, we believe they are. Whether you wear them to hike, work out, or just run errands, cargo pants are a comfortable and durable option. When it comes to them being super high fashion, we do not think they always fit that look, but they are versatile. Regardless of your body type or gender, if you want to try a pair of cargo pants out, we say go for it!

The Wrap Up

Man wearing cargo pants and his bicycle, How Long Should Cargo Pants Be?

Whether your cargo pants are too baggy or just super long, there are ways to fix them. From what we found, you can roll, tuck, hem, and even have the waistline of your pants brought up if the length is an issue. Although cargo pants do have an outdoorsy look, we think they are perfect for any season and can be fashionable with the right styling.

If you prefer trendy, form-fitting cargo pants, we suggest a tapered or Capri style to wear. Nevertheless, make sure to find a pair of cargo pants that fit you, and don't be afraid to have your pants hemmed if needed.

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