How Long Should Chino And Khaki Pants Be?

Figuring out how long your pants should be can be tricky without some help. Do you want to get a pair of khakis or chinos but don't know how long they should be? To help you make the most of this timeless pant choice, we brought you the answer.

Chinos and khakis, regardless of gender, should be long enough to reach your ankles. Between the two, chinos tend to be slightly shorter, leaving about an inch between them and your shoes. On the other hand, men's khakis typically run slightly longer, touching your shoes or draping about an inch over them.

As we begin, we will cover the different lengths of khakis and chinos and show you how to style them. Whether you don't know how long your pants should be or need advice on how to wear them, we've got you covered. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A man sitting on the bench wearing a white shirt and khaki pants, How Long Should Chino And Khaki Pants Be?

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Are Chinos And Khakis The Same Thing?

When it comes to chinos and khakis, although very similar, they are slightly different in style. Between the two, chinos have a more casual look and are made with lighter, more breathable fabric.

Another key difference between these styles is that khakis tend to have a bulkier look and run slightly longer than chinos.

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Are Chinos Better Than Khakis?

Although there is no one definitive answer to this, khakis are certainly more versatile. Between chinos and khakis, chinos tend to have a better look, while khakis are more widely accepted in business/professional settings.

With that said, if you want to follow current trends, chinos are probably the way to go, so they are better in that regard.

How Tight Should Chinos And Khakis Be At The Waist?

Both chinos and khakis should be close to your waist, fitting as true to size as possible. Your pants should be tight enough not to need a belt, but not to the point you are uncomfortable while wearing them.

Between the two, chinos tend to run tighter than khakis, which is something to consider while shopping.

Should Chinos Be Tighter Than Khakis?

In general, chinos look better without a belt, so you should have them fit well. With that said, khakis tend to pair well with a belt, so you can have them be looser than your chinos.

Although you don't have to have your chinos be tighter than your khakis, that would be the stylish choice.

How Should Khakis Fit?

A woman walking on the street wearing a white shirt and khaki pants

Most times, khakis should be mid-rise and sit right at your waist. For women, khakis should sit slightly higher and have a tighter fit than men's pants.

Typically, khakis have a bulkier look than chinos and follow a straight-leg, unfitted design.

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Do Men's Khakis Fit Looser Than Women's?

When it comes to men's khaki pants, they do tend to fit looser than women's. In general, men's pants have a less-fitted look than female styles and run looser in the waist.

Of course, you can always size up or down depending on the look you want your khakis to have.

Are Chinos More Comfortable Than Jeans?

Generally speaking, chinos are considered to be more comfortable to wear than jeans. Material-wise, jeans are not breathable like chinos and have a much thicker, less stretchy fabric.

Especially in warmer weather, chinos are better to wear and won't trap heat like jeans will.

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Should Chinos Be Shorter Than Jeans?

Similar to khakis, chinos should also be slightly shorter than jeans. Length-wise, jeans tend to run below your ankles, while chinos end at or above them.

For men, your chinos can run a little longer than women's, leaving about a half-inch of space between your pants and shoes.

How High Should You Wear Your Pants?

A man wearing khaki pants a brown jacket and a maroon shirt holding his phone

When it comes to how high you should wear your pants, that will depend on the length and style you are wearing. For khakis, we think wearing them right at your waist will look the best.

If you have chinos, we think they should be at or slightly above your waistline and hips. With that said, current trends point toward high-rise pants, so if yours have that design, make sure to wear them higher than you would khakis or chinos.

Should I Wear A Belt With Chinos And Khakis?

Generally, we think belts are better for khakis rather than for chinos. Khakis, in particular, have more of an "office" vibe, so choosing to wear a belt with them only makes sense.

On the other hand, chinos are more laid back than khakis and don't always look stylish with a belt. Of course, if you need to wear a belt to keep your chinos up, try going with something fashionable and fun.

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Are Chinos Business Casual?

For those wondering if their chinos will be okay for the office, we think they will look fine if you style them right. Although chino pants have a cropped, more casual design, choosing to wear a button-down shirt or blouse is an easy way to make them business-appropriate.

A man lifting a cardboard box while wearing a light green shirt and khaki pants

Another idea we have for an office-ready chino look is to pair them with a blazer to give your outfit a professional appearance. Even if you have on a casual shirt with your chinos, adding a blazer to your outfit will give it a clean, presentable look that is certainly business casual.

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Are Chinos Always Cropped?

Typically, chinos will have a cropped look, regardless of gender. One of the attractions to this pant style is that it does have more of a European look, which is all about showing some ankle.

Although chinos aren't nearly as short as capri pants, they do have that summer vacation aesthetic, but with a little more swagger.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you need new pants or don't know how to style your current pair, finding the correct length can be tricky. Both chinos and khakis should be long enough to reach your ankles. Between the two, chinos will be shorter and usually leave about an inch or two of space between your shoes and pants.

On the other hand, Khakis have a bulkier, longer look and often fall at or below your ankles. Regardless of which pant style you choose, make sure to find ones that fit you well and aren't too short or long towards the bottom.

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