How Long Should Palazzo Pants Be?

If you are looking for a nice flowy pair of pants, then palazzos are definitely the way to go. The real key to pulling them off is wearing the right length and style for your body type. If you are looking to find the right length of palazzo pants for you, look no further. We have done the research for you, and here is a guide on palazzo pant length and how to shorten them if needed.

Full-length palazzo pants are, on average, between 37 and 42 inches long. When worn without shoes, they should rest lightly on the floor. If you are going for a cropped look, then they should fall between an inch above the ankle to mid-calf. To shorten palazzo pants, you can simply try them on to see how short you need them, mark the new hemline, then cut and hem.

Palazzo pants are a great piece for everyone to have in their closet. The best pair for you will be based on a few key factors: your height, body shape, and look you are trying to achieve. With criteria that differ from person to person, there is no true one-size-fits-all with these pants. Keep reading for sizing and styling tips, as well as how to hem them shorter at home.

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How long should wide-leg pants be?

As mentioned earlier, the best length of wide-leg pants for you is completely dependant on you. Let's first take a look at how your height will affect the length. It is obvious that the taller you are, the longer your pants will need to be. That is regardless of if they are cropped or not. One big problem is that mass-produced clothing cannot account for every height out there. When wearing your wide-leg pants without shoes, they should skim the floor.

There are about three different mass-produced lengths of wide-leg pants. For petite heights (starting at five-foot-three), the length is 37 inches. For average heights (starting at five-foot-five), the length is 40 inches. Lastly, for tall heights (five-foot-seven and taller), the length is 42 inches. If you are wearing heels, you can choose a longer length and cover the shoe to look taller.

What length should wide-leg cropped pants be?

Cropped wide-leg pants are a look that can be a little tricky to get right. Once again, this all comes down to length. When you are going for a cropped look with palazzo pants, you want to make sure they are not cropped too short. This style of pants has a habit of shortening the appearance of your legs, which may not be your intention.

In order to counteract that shortening effect, choose a length that falls between an inch above the ankle to mid-calf. That is the most flattering length because it shows the slimmest part of your leg in contrast with a wide pant leg. You can have the hem lower than that, but not too low. There is a thin line between pants looking cropped and looking too short; that line is about an inch or so above the ankle.

How do you shorten palazzo pants?

There are only a few lengths out there to choose from when it comes to palazzo pants. You may not fall perfectly into any pant size due to your waist and height measurements. For example, the pants may fit your waist, but the legs are a few inches too long. It's pretty common for them to need to be cut shorter at home.

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Luckily, shortening these pants is not a difficult task. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to cut your palazzo pants shorter:

  1. Try your pants on and determine how short they need to be cut.
  2. Take fabric chalk and mark on the pants where you would like to cut them.
  3. Lay the pants flat and draw a line where your mark is.
  4. Cut along the line. It is a good idea to cut a little under the line and try them on to be sure it is right.
  5. Make adjustments to length if needed and hem pants if the fabric is prone to fraying.

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It's simple, but be sure to keep a few things in mind. When marking were to cut, full-length should skim the floor, and cropped should fall around mid-calf. When you are going to draw the line at that height, it is important to follow the original hem of the pants. Some have a straight hem, while others have a slight curve. Lastly, you may need to sew a simple hem after cutting if the fabric is prone to fraying.

How to shop online for palazzo pants?

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Shopping for palazzo pants can be hard if you can't physically try them on. They can look one length on the model but completely different when you wear them. On most sites, there will be measurements for the clothing as well as measurements for the model (height and size worn) in the product photo. You can use the model's height compared to yours to determine the best sizing. If the pants come and they still happen to be too long, you can always hem them at home.

Will palazzo pants suit short height?

Yes! Palazzo pants can look fabulous on any height. If you are a shorter height, you will just need to style your pants a little differently. Typically, wide-leg pants can shorten your appearance, but that does not have to be the case. Palazzo pants can elongate the body line visually if styled correctly. If you look a little taller with palazzo pants, here are a few styling tips.

  • You can fool the eyes by wearing certain patterns to create a leg-lengthening effect. Go for something like vertical stripes or any pattern that is aligned vertically.
  • If you are shorter, you will want to stay away from cropped wide-leg pants. Instead, go for full-length pants with high waistlines.
  • You can pair with pointy-toed shoes to elongate your bodyline further.

For more great palazzo shoe pairings, check out our article on what shoes to wear with palazzo pants.

What is the best season for palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants are perfect for nice weather and can be dressed up or down to your liking. Although they are flowy, depending on how they are styled, they can be worn year-round. Let's take a quick look at some fabric and length choices to match the changing seasons.

Spring and summer

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to wear these pants because they are free and flowy. During these times of the year, you will, of course, want to go with light and breathable fabrics. Due to the temperature, this is the time when you may want to go for a cropped pant length.

Fall and winter

Fall and winter bring about a different league of palazzo pants. The silhouette is still the same, but they are a little more structured. The fabric is flowy enough to have movement but has enough weight to keep air from flowing too freely. You will want to go with a heavier fabric like wool during the colder months and definitely a full length. If you need some styling tips and inspiration, take a look at our full palazzo pant styling guide.

In Closing

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Palazzos are such a versatile style of pants. They can be elegant and classy or fun and loud. The styling opportunities are plentiful, with different hemlines, waistlines, and fabric choices available. Don't be discouraged when shopping for wide-leg pants if nothing seems to fit your height just right. All it takes is a little time and some scissors, and you can make them a perfect fit.

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