How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be?

When it comes to finding the perfect jeans, size and fit are everything. Do you notice your skinny jeans dragging, or do they cut off right at your ankle? We have done the work to find you the answer. So let's dive right in.

Skinny jeans should end around your ankles. This might not always be possible depending on your height, but your skinny jeans should generally cut off right near that area. This pant style is on the tighter and more form-fitting side, so you don't want your pants bunching towards the bottom. Regardless of the design and style of your skinny jeans, your pants should hug your body, including your shins and ankles.

As we begin, we will discuss all things skinny jeans and tag some helpful related products. Whether you love them or loathe them, your skinny jeans have to fit just right. With that said, let's get into this topic!

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Should Skinny Jeans Be Ankle-Length?

Like we mentioned above, yes, your skinny jeans should end around your ankles. Whether you are very tall and slim or short and curvy, your skinny jeans need to complement your body. Generally, we recommend going shorter than longer with your jeans to be on the safe side. When your jeans are too long, they tend to bunch at the bottom, which can make you look shorter.

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How Are Skinny Jeans Supposed To Fit?

When it comes to how your skinny jeans should fit, they need to hug your body. Regardless of your shape or size, skinny jeans should be skin-tight and not loose anywhere on your legs or hips. In their design, skinny jeans are meant to give you a lift and sculpt your legs to look longer and slimmer than they are. With that said, it is okay to size up if that makes you more comfortable; just make sure your jeans aren't too long.

Levi Strauss & Co Women's Modern Skinny Jeans

Here is a pair of skinny jeans from Levi Strauss & Company to try. These jeans are cotton, polyester, and elastane, made in the USA, and machine washable.

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How Long Should Skinny Jeans Be For Guys?

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If you wonder whether your skinny jeans are too long as a guy, a similar fit to women's is what we recommend. This style, in particular, is very similar for both men and women, so you don't have to choose a super long pair as a guy. With that said, we do suggest keeping your pants right near your ankle so they don't look too small on you.

Can Guys Wear Skinny Jeans?

Whether you are curious to try a pair or wear them regularly, men can certainly wear skinny jeans. In recent years, style trends have evolved to a more gender-neutral clothing idea, meaning you can wear whatever makes you feel confident. Skinny jeans, in general, are very stylish and might just get you some compliments. If you want to get a pair of skinny jeans, this is your sign to do it.

Men's Skinny Jeans Stretch Ripped Tapered Leg

Here we have a pair of skinny jeans from GINGTTO to see. These jeans are cotton, polyester, and spandex, high-waisted, and feature high-quality stitching.

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What Should I Do If My Skinny Jeans Are Too Long?

If you find yourself with extremely long skinny jeans, don't panic. Although we don't recommend choosing super long styles, there are ways to make them less frumpy. One easy way to do this is by "cuffing" them, meaning you roll them up near your ankles.

Another easy method to make your jeans shorter is to throw them into the washer on high heat and put them in the dryer. Shrinking your skinny jeans a bit will help with the length problem and size issues if they are too big in other areas.

Should I Hem My Jeans?

If you don't like the look of cuffed jeans or can't shrink your pants enough in the washer/dryer, hemming is a good option. Typically, people choose to have their clothing hemmed when they don't fit and prefer a more permanent solution. Although hemming is permanent for the most part, you can always have your pants sewn to look shorter without cutting off any extra fabric. Typically, you can expect to pay between five and 20 dollars to have your jeans hemmed.

How Do I Find The Right Size Skinny Jeans?

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When it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans, make sure you have some room to breathe. Although this style is supposed to be tight, your jeans should not feel uncomfortable to wear. Generally, we suggest walking around in your skinny jeans and doing a squat or two before purchasing. A good material to look out for in skinny jeans is spandex or elastane, so your jeans have some movement.

Le Mel Classic Stretch Skinny Shaping Jeans

Here is a pair of stretchy shaping jeans from MetHera. These skinny jeans are cotton, polyester, and spandex, mid-rise, and machine washer-friendly.

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Men's Skinny-fit Stretch Jean

Here is another stretchy pair of jeans for men by Amazon Essentials. These pants have a blend of cotton and elastane, come in various colors, and are machine washable.

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Should I Go Up A Size In Skinny Jeans?

Although skinny jeans are tight, they usually have quite a bit of stretch. Because of this, we do not recommend going up a size for your jeans. Unless your jeans are too tight in the waist, try to choose a pair that fits you snug, but not that makes you uncomfortable. Typically, skinny jeans will have spandex or elastane in them, meaning you won't have to pry your way into your pants. If you need to go up a size, you can always try our shrinking or cuffing method we mentioned earlier.

Are Skinny Jeans Still In Style?

Whether you remember wearing skinny jeans in high school or never tried them, they always seem to be in style. One of the main benefits of skinny jeans is that they help add shape and slim you down a bit, and who doesn't want that? From middle schoolers to guys in their 30s, skinny jeans are a great option for anyone who wishes to wear them.

Should I Wear Colored Skinny Jeans?

Sticking with the trends, we suggest white or black colored skinny jeans. Although there are endless color options for skinny-style jeans, bright colors are not super trendy recently. Black pants, in general, are great for making you slimmer, so this might be a perfect option to try.

On the other hand, white is also flattering and has a summer vibe, so the color choice is up to you. We prefer skinny black jeans between the two and think they look good on all bodies and genders.

Women's White Skinny High Waist Jeans

Here we have a pair of high-waisted white skinny jeans from Meraki. These jeans are cotton, polyester, and elastane, have a button closure, and feature a four-way stretch.

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Calvin Klein Men's Skinny-Fit Jeans

Here is a pair of skinny black jeans from Calvin Klein to try. These pants are cotton and elastane, zipper closure, and promise to be comfortable and stretchy.

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The Wrap Up

When it comes to the length of your skinny jeans, try to choose a pair that end at your ankles. Skinny jeans should not bunch up at the end and need to hug your legs just as they do your hips and thighs.

Generally, expect some stretch in your jeans and try to find a pair that fits you just right. Whether you are super tall or short and curvy, your jeans need to complement your figure. At the end of the day, make sure to feel confident in your jeans, and don't be scared to roll them up or get them hemmed!

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