How Long Should Straight-Leg Pants Be?

In fashion, trends come and go, but there are always classic pieces that never seem to go out of style. Straight-leg pants are a great wardrobe staple that lasts over time and sees many variations to follow current trends. They fit a little looser than skinny jeans and follow a straight line down the legs' length and through the ankles. Unlike skinny jeans, they do not hug the ankle, yet they also don’t flare out like wide-cut or bootleg pants.  But, how long should straight-leg pants be? We've got the answer for you!

Like with any cut of pants, finding the right length will make the difference in creating a flattering look. As a general guide, straight-leg pants should hit right below the ankle (if they are not a cropped or ankle cut style). This length is flattering and easy to wear. Ensuring they hit in the right place will keep your whole outfit looking fresh and modern. 

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule since there are so many different pants styles and cuts. So keep reading as we go more in-depth about various styles, how to wear them, and recommend some of the best styles for straight-leg styles.

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The Versatile Straight-Leg Pant

One of the great things about straight-leg pants is that they can easily be worn and flatter nearly every body type. Bootcut and wider leg pants can be difficult for petite women to wear because they tend to be too long or overwhelming on a small body frame. Straight leg jeans are versatile because they aren’t too baggy or too conforming, making them the perfect balance between fitted and loose. The best part is that they are stylish and wearable for all body types!

How to Wear Straight-Leg Pants 

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Straight-leg pants come in many different styles, colors (or washes for jeans), and even lengths, so there really is a pair for everyone! Like mentioned earlier, a full-length straight leg pant should typically hit right below the ankle.

However, a more updated look that's in style at the moment is a straight-leg ankle or cropped pant. Straight-leg ankle pants should hit, as you guessed it, at the ankle. To be more specific, they should fall right at the top of your ankle bone. 

Straight-leg pants can be worn for any occasion, depending on their material and style. This cut is common in dress pants because they are professional, chic, and flattering. Black straight leg dress pants are a classic staple to have in your wardrobe. Cream is also another classic and wearable color for dress pants. 

What Shoes Go Well With Straight-Leg Pants?

A full-length pant coordinates with any type of boot or heel. You can tuck pants in if you want to show off your shoes or wear them over your boots for a more relaxed yet chic look. Ankle length styles look great with pumps or sneakers with a little bit of a platform (this prevents the pants from looking like highwaters). Straight-leg pants can be worn casually with sneakers, especially in a light wash denim or more casual sportswear material. 

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Are Straight-Leg Pants Back in Style? 

Skinny jeans have been a long-lasting denim trend, but straight-leg denim has taken center stage for the last couple of seasons. Light wash cropped and ankle-length, straight-leg jeans have been in style. The longer cut, slightly bunched look has been popular amongst celebrities and "it" girls. Whatever your preference, there are many washes and colors that vary from darker, more formal washes to acid washes with holes. There are styles for all ages and personalities. 

We all know what goes around comes around, and lately, straight leg denim has been very reminiscent of the '90s. Think light washes and a more relaxed, longer fit. The straight leg “mom jeans” (jeans that are tighter at the waistline but have a looser fit through the legs) are the epitome of 90’s denim inspiration.

The options of colors and materials you can find in straight-leg pants are virtually endless. Leather pants are another great and versatile option, or you can even find some in metallic finishes if that suits your fancy. Don't forget to accessorize! Check out "What Belt Should You Wear With Jeans?"

Can You Hem Straight-Leg Pants? 

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So, what if you find a pair you love, but they’re too long? Good news! Straight-leg pants are easy to hem to your desired length. If they are too long and bunching around your feet, you can tailor them to hit below your ankle, or you can hem them shorter to make them ankle length if that’s more your style.

Just keep in mind the shoes you plan to wear with them so you can hem them according to length. For example, if you plan to wear your pants with high heels or over boots, you’ll want to allow yourself a longer length than if you would wear them at a cropped length with flats. 

What Are Some Of The Best Straight-Leg Pants? 

We all know that finding the perfect pair of pants is not easy. That’s why we’ve done the work and found some of the highest-rated straight-leg pants on Amazon.

Levis is famous for making affordable and good quality denim. This dark wash pair is great if you are looking for a classic, no-frills pair of straight leg jeans. The dark wash and straight cut is super flattering and will give you legs for days! Click to find them on Amazon here.

NYDJ makes a fun and edgier distressed grey pair amongst other washes. Reviewers love their high-waisted, comfortable fit and rave about how flattering they are. Click here to find them on Amazon.  

Lees is also known for comfort, and this pair is a Best Seller on Amazon. They go great with pumps like pictured or with a nice pair of booties. They are the perfect go-to pair of dress pants and come in a wide variety of colors. Click here to find them on Amazon.

This cropped style by Levi’s comes in different washes and styles. They have a great everyday light wash pair with holes on Amazon that reviewers say they fit nicely and look great with everything. Click here to find this pair on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, straight-leg pants can be worn in countless different ways. If you want a classic, full length, they should hit at the bottom of your ankle. However, there are various styles, so the length will depend on a straight leg ankle, cropped, or full length. They are versatile, and if you’re looking to mix it up, it’s a good idea to try different lengths and styles to find what you like best (and you may even end up getting a few different pairs!). 

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