How Long Should A Tunic Be? [And How It Should Fit]

Tunics are a must for breezy summer days - for errands, get-togethers, or a walk on the beach. However, this article of clothing can be a little bit tricky to fit your body type. This especially could be the case if you are a particularly tall or short person. So you may be wondering, how long should a tunic be, and how should it fit on my body? No worries. We've done the research to answer exactly that.

Tunics can vary in length from 25 inches to 34 inches, depending on size. A top is considered a tunic if it is longer than your waist. For the most flattering fit, you want your tunic to be a bit loose but still hugging your chest and coming inward at the rib cage. You also want your tunic to hit just below the hip line, covering your bum. 

So now you know, a tunic shouldn't be baggy, and it should be just below your hip. You still may have more questions, though, and you might want to know how to wear this closet staple. Keep reading to learn more about how to wear your tunic.

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Tunic Length

For a top to be considered a tunic, it can't hit at your waist, as other blouses do. It must fall at or below your hip line. The shortest of these are at the hip line, and the longest of these are just above the knees.

Length In Inches

So how many inches should your tunic be? This ultimately depends on your size. We have found that a size small tunic, or a size 4-6, usually is around 24-26 inches in length. A plus-size tunic, size 14-20, usually is approximately 29-34 inches in length. This information may be helpful to a degree, especially if you tend to shop online. If the tunic you are thinking of purchasing is drastically longer in inches than these measurements, you may be receiving clothing that fits like a dress rather than a tunic.

Length On Your Body

Keep in mind, though; measurements aren't everything. The length of a tunic also depends on your body type. For example, a woman with a curvy figure, that is, with a larger chest and hips, is more likely to have a shorter fit in the same size tunic than a woman who has a more narrow figure. You may find that you will have to size up or down in tunics to find the right length because of your body shape.

Getting The Right Fit

Like with all clothing, you want your tunic to accentuate your strengths while hiding your trouble areas. Purchasing the right size is essential. Most tunics are made with some taper in the upper half, but if you bring home a tunic that is too big, this won't work for you. If you get a tunic that is too small, the areas that you want to disguise will be accentuated.

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Look for a tunic that comes inward the smallest part of your waist and is flowy at your midsection. Also, make sure that it does not hang off your chest but modestly shows your curves. Make sure that the tunic does not hit mid-hip but just below your hip line. This will make your waist and hips look slimmer.

Related Questions

How Do You Wear A Long Tunic?

While we suggest keeping your tunic at a modest length for the best look, some styles stretch a bit longer than just below your hip. Styling a long tunic like this can be tricky. It's long for a top, but not quite a dress. Because of this, it can look thick and frumpy over a pair of jeans or pants. Your best bet is to layer this top with a pair of black or navy leggings. We would suggest ankle-length leggings that are quite fitted, with little to no gather.

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How Long Should A Tunic Be With Leggings?

As we all know, even good-quality leggings can show more of your bottom than is classy or attractive. When wearing your tunic with leggings, we suggest making sure that your tunic hits below the hip line, covering your bum. This wear will be comfortable without covering too much of your curves.

How Is Tunic Length Measured?

Tunic length is determined using a fabric measuring tape and measuring from the shoulder to the bottom hem. You can measure from your shoulder to where you want your tunic to hit your hip line to get a rough estimate for how long your top should be. This could be very helpful as you shop online and are trying to determine which size to purchase.

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In Closing

The tunic can be a great style for every body type, and this is why you should own one! However, it can be a tricky style to buy for if you don't have much experience with it. Remember, your tunic should hit just below your hip line for the best length, and it should taper at your chest and ribs for the most flattering fit. Most of all, though, pick a top that reflects who you are and makes you feel beautiful!

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