How Long Should You Stay In A Steam Shower?

After a long day, taking a steam shower is a lifesaver for many of us, but how long is too long? We have researched this topic and have an answer to share with you! Let's dive right in.

According to health officials, a steam shower should be a maximum of 20 minutes. Deciding to relax in the steam is very beneficial to your mental and physical health but can be extremely dehydrating. The sweet spot for steam time should be between 15 and 20 minutes and spaced out a couple of times a week.

As we continue this post, we will share our insight with you about all things steam. Although your steam time may feel relaxing and beneficial, precautions must be taken when deciding how often you step in. With that being said, let's get into this.

A steam shower head turned on inside a sauna room, How Long Should You Stay In A Steam Shower?

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Steam Shower Usage

A hot steam shower inside a sauna room

Steam showers are pretty self-explanatory in meaning and are common across the globe. When taking a steamy shower, you can add essential oils to help with breathing and even muscle tension. This practice has been around for ages and has many positive health benefits.

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Is It Okay To Use A Steam Shower Every Day?

When it comes to steaming every day, we suggest using a steam shower closer to three times per week. Steam showers are very relaxing and rejuvenating but also can dehydrate your skin and body. For example, your hair is going to be healthiest when washed every other day versus steamed daily. Steaming daily can also wreak havoc on your skin and cause severe dryness and even irritation.

To stay on the safer side, we suggest not to steam shower daily. Instead, trying a face steamer may still give you that relaxation and rejuvenation without damaging your hair or skin.

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Should You Shower After A Steam Shower?

Steam showers can make you feel like a brand new person but also get you pretty sweaty. Taking a shower before and after steaming is only going to benefit you. Steam opens up your skin's pores, and it is crucial to be completely makeup and dirt free before stepping into a cloud of steam. Even a quick rinse off before and after your steam shower is acceptable.

Do Steam Showers Use A Lot Of Water?

Steam showers are surprisingly a very eco-conscious way of relaxing and do not use too much water. A 30-minute steam shower uses roughly 2 gallons of water versus a traditional shower, which uses around a gallon every 30 seconds. That is a ton of water.

So it turns out that steam showers are good for both you as well as the planet!

Which Is Better: Steam Shower Or Sauna?

When considering whether you want to hop in a steam shower or take a seat in a sauna, there are different things to consider. We have dedicated a list of benefits for each option below.

What Is A Sauna?

Interior of a modern rustic sauna room with wall lights

Before we even get into our comparison, we figured to explain a sauna and its process. A sauna is typically built from wood and heats to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You remain seated and are welcome to stay in a robe or towel during your sauna time. This is a drier option than a steam shower and will get you sweating.

Steam Shower Benefits:

  • Moisture based
  • It can be used with aromatherapy or essential oils.
  • Detoxifying
  • Helps with breathing and circulation

A steam shower has an average temperature of 110 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit and is humidity dominant. This can help alleviate cold symptoms and get your system cleared out pretty fast.

Sauna Benefits:

  • Warmer temperature
  • You can remain covered up during this option.
  • It can help lower blood pressure.
  • Less humidity (10-20 percent)

Opting for a sauna is going to be a drier and less moist option for you. Saunas can be up to 200 degrees and should only be used for 15 to 20 minutes. This option allows you to remain seated the entire time and even lay down if you prefer.

Steam Shower Products

Throughout this post, we have mentioned essential oils and figured to share some of our favorites and include other steam-related products you might be interested in. Everyone loves an accessory, so here are some excellent ones to check out.

Travertine Spa Steam Shower Eucalyptus Spray

This is a eucalyptus spray from the Travertine store that will provide scents for your steam shower. Eucalyptus is a popular option for steaming due to its healing and soothing qualities.

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Aromatherapy Associates Wellbeing Shower & Bath Essential Oils Set

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Shevalues Quick Drying Shower Slippers

These are non-slip and fast-drying shower slippers we found from the Shevalues brand that will enhance your steam experience. These are a great option for those of you who may be going to a public steam shower and want to protect your feet.

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Aromatherapy and shower/bath gifts are great stocking stuffers as well as gifts for any special occasion. Maybe your mom loves a steam room and has been needing some comfortable slippers? Essential oils and sprays are the gifts that keep on giving and will be a fan favorite.

To Wrap It Up

Taking a steam shower is a relaxing and environmentally sustainable way to rejuvenate your body and soul. The best amount of time to spend in a steamy shower is around 20 minutes and will benefit you best at three times per week. Your skin and hair will thank you for giving time between steams and will make for even better results.

Adding essential oils or sprays to your steam shower will help with pain and breathing troubles while providing that extra layer of relaxation. Eucalyptus seems to be a trendy option and promotes easy breathing and relaxed muscles. Giving the gift of relaxation is also a sure crowd pleaser and is a thoughtful and usable gift option. Everyone loves a bath or shower set!

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