How Much Does A Cowboy Hat Cost?

Have you been browsing for a cowboy hat lately? Maybe you already have a pair of cowboy boots, and you need a hat to complete the look. Or, maybe you want to incorporate a western element into your wardrobe. Either way, you need to know the cowboy hat price ranges. To save you time, we have already researched prices. Let us help you save you money and time. 

Cowboy hats have a wide price range. You can find affordable or expensive hats in every style. Here is a list of the most popular types of cowboy hats; they all have fluctuating prices. 

  1. The Cattleman
  2. The Gambler
  3. The Nevada
  4. The Dakota
  5. The Gus
  6. The Pinch Front 

They can cost as low as $20 or as high as $250 and up. Some artisan cowboy hats cost thousands of dollars. The great news is that there is a cowboy hat for every budget!

The price range is so wide due to many factors. You probably have more questions about this. Lucky for you, we talk about cowboy hats more in-depth below. Keep reading to find out more information over these factors, the different styles, brands, and more.

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What Are The Cowboy Hat Styles?

Despite what you may think, cowboy hats come in more than one style. This kind of headwear has evolved over the years to become a staple piece for many people. Whether your purpose for wearing this hat is for function or fashion, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

1. The Cattleman

This style of cowboy hat is the most traditional. The curved brim and three-creased tall crown distinguish it from the other styles. When you think of a traditional western movie, these are the hats the cowboys wear. 

2. The Gambler 

This striking cowboy hat style stands out because of its flat crown and flat brim. The flat-top prevents hot air build-up to keep your head cool. The wide brim is sure to keep the sun out of your sensitive eyes.

3. The Nevada

The Nevada style echos the Gambler. Like the Gambler, the Nevada has a flat crown and flat brim. However, the most noticeable difference is the large, woven band always present on Nevada style cowboy hats. 

4. The Dakota 

At first glance, this cowboy hat style looks similar to the Cattleman. But, the Dakota stands out because of the rectangular indent on top of the crown. Bull riders are notorious for wearing this style.  

5. The Gus 

The Gus is another very popular option. It has a high crown with three dimples, like the Cattleman, but a recognizable downward slope to create its unique shape. 

6. The Pinch Front 

This is the most popular style for women. As the name suggests, the front of the crown has two pinches. This creates a V-shape to lengthen the face and make it look narrower. 

What Contributes To The Cost Of A Cowboy Hat? 

Now that you know some styles, let's look at the factors that affect cowboy hat prices.

Material: What Are Cowboy Hats Typically Made Of? 

The modern-day cowboy hat is usually made from fur-based felts and wool. Cowboy hats can also be constructed out of leather and straw. 

Straw hats are the cheapest and require the least amount of care. If you want a novelty hat, or a hat with low maintenance, then straw is a good choice. 

Leather cowboy hats have a wide price range, so there are options for every budget. Leather is durable and water-resistant, but it can get very hot in the summer. 

Wool is another popular choice and is more affordable than some fur felt hats. But, wool gets very hot in summer and isn't waterproof, so many prefer a different hat material. 

Fur-based felt is the most popular fabric option for cowboy hats.  The most expensive hats are made from fur felts because this material is water-resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. Rabbit, beaver, and milk buffalo furs are commonly used for cowboy hats.  Mink and chinchilla furs can also be used, however, these are the most expensive and usually mixed with beaver fur in premium hats. 


You may think the bigger the hat, the more expensive it is, but this is not usually the case. However, if you buy a hat that is not the correct size, you risk having to invest in another hat.  


The brand is another factor that affects cowboy hat prices. Any brand that specializes in hats and western products will be more expensive. These include Stetson and Resistol. Bullhide is a great mid-price range brand. Some brands like Ariat offer more affordable options but do not specialize in cowboy hats. Ariat is better known for its boots. To read a guide about Ariat boots, click here. 

How Much Is A Stetson Cowboy Hat?

Stetson is top of the line when it comes to cowboy hats. They are famous for selling the most expensive cowboy hat in the world, the Diamant√©, for $5,000. But, do not fear because they offer more affordable options: 

  • Premium hats range from $255 to $500 and up.
  • Felt hats range from $125 to $250 and up.
  • Straw hats range from $30 to $150.

Below is the Stetson Skyline. It is a very popular, felt Cattleman hat that comes in a variety of colors.

Click here to see it on Amazon. 

The Stetson Griffin is pictured below. It is a stylish, premium hat meant for special occasions.

To see more Stetson hats on Amazon, click here. 

How Much Is A Resistol Cowboy Hat?

Resistol is another trusted cowboy hat brand. This company lives and breathes the western lifestyle. They have a wide selection of products ranging from affordable to luxurious. You are sure to find one to fit your budget:  

  • Straw hats begin at $30.00 and can cost as much as $145.
  • Felt hat prices can range from $40 to over $1,000. 

Below is the Kingman, from Resitol's Geroge Strait Collection. This felt hat has a timeless quality sure to look good for years.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

 A premium western hat from Resistol is pictured below. This Cattleman is a classic hat made from fur felt.

To see it on Amazon, click here. 

How Much Is A Bullhide Cowboy Hat?

Bullhide offers a selection of cowboy hats for the whole family. Either old or young, they have a hat for everybody. Keep in mind, Bullhide only sells to wholesale buyers, so you need to find a retail store or another source to buy these hats: 

  • Kids' hats sell for as low as $15.
  • Straw hats range from $40 to $125.
  • Felt hats range from $45 to $215. 

The Bullhide pictured below is a women's straw hat. The stylish band adds a pop of color.

Click here to see it on Amazon.  

Below is another Bullhide hat to choose from. It is felt and comes in three different color options, including red.

To see them on Amazon, click here.

What Does 10x Or 30x Mean In Cowboy Hats?

Since you are looking for cowboy hats, you have probably seen X's in descriptions. Today, this X-factor rating system is used in straw and felt hats. 

In straw hats, the X refers to the weave tightness and the reed size. The more X's there are for straw hats,  the tighter the weave. 

In felt hats, the X refers to the percentage of fur used in making the felt. Traditionally, the X-factor rating system was only used for beaver fur. It's the highest quality fur for western hats. The ratings ranged from 1X to 10X. In this system, 10X meant 100% beaver fur, and anything 5X and under was more wool-like.

Today, the X-factor rating system is much different. As a general rule, the more X's there are, the higher the fur percentage. However, there is no standardized system in place. Companies have the freedom to label any kind of fur, no matter the quality, with an X. This is why the X-factor rating system now ranges from 1X to 1,000X.

One company's 30X could be equivalent to another company's 10X. This makes comparing hats from different brands very difficult. It is always best to talk to the dealer to find out the true fur quality, and feel the hat for yourself. A high-quality hat feels smooth and velvety, not tough and dry. 

Why Are Cowboy Hats So Big?

Cowboy hats are big because they were traditionally worn for functional purposes. The large brim and high crown are more than a fashion statement. The wide brim kept the sun out of wearer's faces and the high crown provided insulation, ventilation, and more shade. You may wear your cowboy hat as a stylish accessory to complement your outfits, but know there is a reason behind the large size.  

There Is A Cowboy Hat For Everyone

No matter your budget, you can find a cowboy hat in your price range. If you are curious about other types of hats, check out this blog to see more headwear options. It is great to have a cowboy hat in your wardrobe. Whether you want function or fashion, you can have both with a western hat. Get yours today!

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