How Much Does A Gel Pedicure Cost?

It's that time of year for sandals and flip-flops, so you want your toes to look their best! Gel polish is durable and long-lasting, making it great for your toes that might be exposed to elements that would make a regular nail polish chip. So, how much can one expect to pay for a gel pedicure? Well, we've done the research and have the answer for you!

The cost of a gel pedicure will vary depending on your geographical location, the skill level of your technician, and any additional add-on services you choose. However, you can typically expect to pay between $35 and $80 for the service. 

You should now have a general idea of how much a gel pedicure will cost you, but keep reading as we go into detail about why the price might vary. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about gel polish and a gel pedicure.

A pedicure expert putting green gel pedicure on her clients nails, How Much Does A Gel Pedicure Cost?

Gel Pedicure Costs

Just like the cost of regular pedicures, the cost of gel pedicures varies. The price of a pedicure at your local salon will vary depending on if you choose to add additional services to your pedicure. Adding a massage, a foot treatment, or other scrub or service will increase the price.

The price of your pedicure will also depend on the skill level of your technician and the area you live in. You can expect to pay more for higher-skilled technicians and in more expensive parts of the country.

A standard pedicure or manicure usually includes regular nail polish. Most salons will list their basic pedicure packages and the cost of those while listing gel polish as an add-on. Adding gel polish to a manicure or pedicure will typically cost you $10 to $20 extra.  The price will further increase if you decide to add an ombre design. Most salons also charge more if you decide you would like french tips.

It's a good idea to check around a few salons near you to better understand how much a gel pedicure should and might cost you. Many salons list their prices on their website but don't be afraid to call and ask. Don't forget to factor in a tip for good service!

How much do you tip for a pedicure?

How much you tip should depend on how satisfied you are with your pedicure, but the general rule of thumb is tip 20% of the cost if you're satisfied and more if they did an exceptional job. For a $40 pedicure, this will mean at least an $8 tip. Many salons will list tip suggestions at the bottom of your receipt. The suggestions will often range from 18% to 22% of your total.

Remember to consider the level of service the technician gave you as well as the time it took them to complete the service. However, if you're unsatisfied enough with your service that you don't want to leave a tip, you should let them know. Most technicians want you to leave happy and will do their best to remedy the issue!

When it comes to nail services, a tip is more of a bonus for the time they spent providing you with the service rather than the quality you received. It's better to communicate your concerns with them than to punish them with a low tip.

How often should you get a gel pedicure?

How often you get a gel pedicure depends on two main things: how long it will last and whether you should take a break from gel polish. Gel polish lasts much longer than regular nail polish, so you'll likely need to change it due to growth rather than because it is damaged.

Typically, gel polish will need to be reapplied every two to three weeks if you want to keep your toes looking their best. Depending on your activity level and how much exposure your toes see, they may last up to a month.

However, gel polish can damage your nails, especially if you don't remove it correctly. If your nails do become damaged, you should wait a few weeks for them to heal before getting a new gel pedicure.

If you try to remove it yourself and do it incorrectly, it can peel off layers of your natural nail with it. Most salons will remove your gel polish for you for a small fee, and it is often worth the cost to have it done professionally to reduce the chance of damaging your natural nails. If you choose to remove the gel polish yourself, make sure to soak your toenails in acetone.

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Even if your nails do not seem damaged, you should still give them a break occasionally. Gel polish has been known to cause thinning of the nails.

For more reading on whether you should take a break from gel nails, check out our other blog post for the answer: Does Shellac Ruin Your Nails (And Do You Need A Break From Them)

Is there a clear gel nail polish?

If you're not interested in any colored nail polish and you'd like your nails to look natural but strong, you may be wondering if clear gel is an option. Good is! You can buy gel nail polish that you can apply at home with a UV light.  You could use a clear base coat paired with a clear top coat to achieve this look.

Salons cans also provide this service. Just let them know when you get your pedicure that you'd prefer a clear polish as your color choice.

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Can I use a gel base coat with regular nail polish?

Buying lots of gel polish colors can become expensive. To save money, you might be considering placing regular polish over your gel base coat. This works for lots of people, but you should consider finishing the polish with a gel top coat too. You'll essentially be making a sandwich of the regular nail polish with the gel polish. It won't last as long as if you used a gel color, but it can definitely prolong your regular nail polish life.

After manicuring your nails, apply the gel base coat as you normally would. The beauty of gel polish is that it dries quickly with the UV lamp; however, regular polish does not. Next, apply the regular polish and give it time to dry. This step will take the longest as it needs to dry completely. Finally, finish up with a gel topcoat.

This method might save you money, but it certainly won't save you time because of the long dry time of regular nail polish. It takes a lot of patience. For this reason, it might be worth just purchasing the other gel colors.

Final Thoughts

The best way to figure out how much a gel pedicure will cost you is to contact some local nail salons. However, you should be prepared to spend upwards of $40. Don't forget to factor in the additional expense of a tip, too! Hopefully, our article has provided some insight into how much you should budget!

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