How Much Fabric Do You Need For Palazzo Pants?

You are probably wondering how much fabric you will need to purchase to make palazzo pants. You have come to the right place to find out. We have researched all about this for you. Here, you will learn how much fabric you need for palazzo pants as well as other helpful details about them.

The amount of fabric necessary for palazzo pants will depend on the wearer's measurements. An estimate for an average-sized woman needs about six and a half feet of fabric for the length plus about six inches. This is for someone who stands at five feet, five inches tall. If you are shorter, you will need less fabric and vice versa.

Keep reading to learn about palazzo pants, what types go best with what body type, how to measure for them, how long palazzo pants should be, what the best fabric for palazzo pants is, and what shirts go best with palazzo pants.

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All About Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are a pajama-like type of pants. They are flowy and comfortable. Palazzo pants come in a variety of styles and are suitable for every body type. Some styles of palazzo pants flare more at the bottom than others. A few optional features include pockets, a drawstring or belted waist, layered fabrics, a tassel on the side, pleats, and ruffles.

Seasonal Wear

Palazzo pants are great for any season except for winter. This is because they are airy and allow air to flow through them due to them typically hanging loose off of your body.

Materials & Design

The most common fabrics you will see palazzo pants made of include denim, jersey, sheer fabric, cotton, rayon, polyester, chiffon, silk, crepe, and georgette. There are many different styles of palazzo pants. Some of these styles include the skirt look, a tiered design, a formal look, slits, a top that folds down, a border at the bottom, and bootcut or straight legs rather than flared ones.

Palazzo Vs. Cigarette Pants

Palazzo pants can sometimes be confused with cigarette pants. Cigarette pants are usually straight, hug the body, and are slim fit, which results in a more formal look. Palazzo pants, on the other hand, are fitted from the waist and flare at the bottom. These are more like bell-bottoms, but they are even more versatile.

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Finding the Right Palazzo Pants for Your Body Type

Pear Shapes

Palazzo pants are perfect for pear-shaped body types. You do not want them to be too tight. For pear shapes, you want palazzo pants that are fitted at the waist but loose on your thighs. This helps in bringing less attention to your thighs.

Apple Shapes

If you have an apple figure, palazzo pants will make you seem thinner, and they will elongate your legs. Incorporating a belt or choosing palazzo pants with a drawstring waist will help you look like you have a waistline. Try to stick with solid colors or prints and patterns that are not hectic. Palazzo pants with thin horizontal lines, small polka dots, or a gingham print work best. Women with an apple figure also want to avoid fabric that clings to your body, like spandex, chiffon, or rayon.

Thin or Athletic Build

Palazzo pants can look flattering on any body type. Thin and athletic figures can rock palazzo pants. This is because they make thin figures appear more curvaceous than they actually are.

Hourglass Figure

Women with an hourglass figure will like the way palazzo pants look on them. If you have an hourglass figure, pick out a pair with a drawstring waist to define your waistline. Fabrics that are tighter and cling to your body are more appealing for this body type.

Women with Long Legs

If you have long legs, palazzo pants will work great for you. That is unless you do not want your legs to appear to be longer than they are. If you do not mind showing off the length of your legs, try these out. Shopping for them in the store is the safest to find the right pair for your height.

Women with Short Legs

Palazzo pants are not out of the question for women who have short legs. You just have to be sure they are the right length for your legs so that the bottom hits right at your ankles. Wedges rather than heels are still a super cute way to wear palazzo pants.

Figuring Out the Right Amount of Fabric for Palazzo Pants

How do you measure for palazzo pants?

In order to measure for palazzo pants, you will need to take several measurements. First, measure the full length of your legs from your waist to your ankles. You will need to measure around your hips. It is also important to measure around your ankle to get the right measurements for your body type.

How long should palazzo pants be?

This answer depends on your body type. Typically, palazzo pants hang at your ankles. Most women like to wear these pants with high heels, so ideally, the pants will land right above ground level. The inseam for palazzo pants should be the same as your normal measurement for ankle pants, plus about three to four more inches. Palazzo pants need to be the length of the measurement from your waist where the pants will sit to your ankles where the pants will rest. Ideally, you want them to be a few inches above the ground.

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How many yards of fabric do I need to make palazzo pants?

You want to measure the length from your waist to your ankles, then double this length and add four inches. This will help you determine how many yards of fabric you will need. For the average woman, you will need about two and a half to three yards of fabric. If you are heavier or taller than the average woman, you will need more fabric in order to make palazzo pants to fit you just right.

What is the best fabric for palazzo pants?

Palazzo pants can be made with a wide variety of fabrics. You might want the flowy look, soft look, or you might need a stiffer fabric. If you are on the slimmer side of things, a stiff or clingy fabric will work best for you. An example of a stiffer fabric is raw silk or brocade. Canvas is another type of stiff fabric that will work well for palazzo pants.

If you are heavier, choose a less form-fitting fabric. Some examples are chiffon or georgette palazzo pants will work well with your figure. Cotton is another great choice for palazzo pants for any body type.

What Shirts Look Best with Palazzo Pants

You can either wear your shirt tucked in or wear a crop top, whatever you are comfortable with. Another option for a style of shirt that looks cute with palazzo pants is a strappy top or tank top. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in a hip-length top or a t-shirt.

Beautiful young woman is posing in striped wide leg trousers

Depending on if your pants are plain or have a design in them, an embroidered top looks great. You can also try a plain shirt or one with a design as long as the pants do not have a busy print or pattern on them. A button-down shirt can be perfect for a more formal look or even a bralette for a casual look. Regardless of the shirt you decide to pair with your palazzo pants, start by trying on different looks to see what style suits you best.

In closing

The amount of fabric you will need for palazzo pants depends on your height and body type. You will need about two and a half to three yards of fabric total to be able to make palazzo pants. If you are smaller than the average woman, you will need less fabric than three yards and vice versa.

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