How Much Does A Sapphire Ring Cost?

Finding the perfect ring can feel impossible without a bit of extra help. Are you not sure how much a sapphire ring will cost you, or do you have an estimate based on a past purchase? We are also very curious about this and have done our research to find you the answers. Let's discuss.

According to what we found, a sapphire ring will cost you anywhere from $400 to $1,200 per carat. Although this precious gemstone costs less than a diamond, sapphires can still reach price tags in the tens of thousands of dollars. For a higher-quality stone, expect to pay between $800 and $2,000 per carat. There are also synthetic sapphire options that will cost much less than a naturally created stone that will stay under $500 for the most part.

As we start this post, we will cover sapphire ring prices and tag some helpful related products. Even though sapphires won't usually break the bank, one's price might surprise you depending on its carat count and other embellishments. With that said, let's dive into this topic!

Women hand with Sapphire Rings, How Much Does A Sapphire Ring Cost?

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What Is A Sapphire?

Sapphire is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum family of minerals and is known for its royal beauty. Sapphires come in various colors, including pink, green, yellow, purple, white, and most commonly blue. This precious stone is a crystallized form of aluminum oxide and is famous for its rich saturated color. Although sapphires come in many colors, deep blue stones tend to be the highest in price and value.

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What Is One Carat Of Sapphire Worth?

When it comes to what one carat of sapphire is worth, that will depend on its quality. For a typical sapphire, one carat is worth anywhere between $400 to $600. If your sapphire is on the higher side of the quality and clarity spectrum, one carat is worth $800 to well over $1,200. There are more affordable sapphire options available, but more often than not, those are not genuine stones. Naturally harvested sapphires are precious and are usually considered investment pieces.

Dazzlingrock Collection 0.35 Carat Blue Sapphire And White Diamond Ring

Here is a 0.35-carat blue sapphire ring from Dazzlingrock that has white diamonds. This wedding band-style ring is 10K gold and comes in a few different color options.

Check out this blue sapphire ring on Amazon here.

How Expensive Is A Sapphire Ring?

From what we found, a genuine sapphire ring can cost anywhere from $400 to over $10,000. Many factors go into the cost of a sapphire ring, and in most cases, the quality of the stone is the deciding detail. Typically, you can expect to pay per carat for a sapphire ring and even add other stones and diamonds.

What Color Of Sapphire Is Most Expensive?

Between the various colors of sapphire, blue takes the crown for the highest average price tag. Between blue sapphires, those with deeper, more saturated hues go for the most money. Although sapphires, regardless of color, are stunning, deep blue stones are the most sought-after style.

Gem Stone King 14K White Gold Blue Sapphire Ring

Here we have a 14K white gold blue sapphire ring from GemStone Kings. This sapphire stone is 0.61 carats and measures 6x4 mm.

See this blue sapphire ring on Amazon here.

Why Are Sapphires So Popular?

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When it comes down to why sapphires are so popular, that is because of their high quality and reasonable price point. Sapphires have a long history with royalty and are a staple in wedding rings and jewelry, even after all these years. Sapphires also symbolize good fortune, virtue, and wisdom, which we could all use a little bit of.

Are Sapphires A Good Investment?

If you want to invest in a piece of sapphire jewelry, that is a great idea. Considering this precious gemstone is a classic and ever-evolving style icon, having a ring or piece of sapphire jewelry is a good investment. A beneficial sapphire investment would be a larger stone due to its rarity and excellent resale value. The bigger and clearer your sapphire, the better long-term return you will end up having. Although blue sapphires have the most significant return value, pink and yellow sapphires have also grown in popularity in recent years.

Is Sapphire A Good Engagement Ring?

Women hand with Sapphire Rings, How Much Does A Sapphire Ring Cost?

Sapphires are sturdy, fashionable engagement ring options that are perfect for popping the big question. Compared to other gemstones, sapphires do not have cleavage, meaning they don't easily break or scratch when hit on something. Another interesting detail about sapphire engagement rings is that they symbolize sincerity and faithfulness. If you want something more colorful for your engagement ring, we suggest looking into a sapphire option.

Are Sapphires Considered High-End?

When it comes to sapphire being considered high-end, we say it is. Among the many color options for a sapphire, blue is the most expensive and valuable. Although the other sapphire colors are still beautiful, deep, royal blue styles are the fanciest of the bunch. Naturally harvested sapphire stones are also considered top tier versus created or any other synthetic option.

Diamondere Natural and Certified Engagement Ring

Here is a sapphire and diamond engagement ring from the Diamondere Store. This ring has a 10K gold band, is 100% genuine, and 0.47 carats.

Follow this link to view this ring on Amazon.

Sapphire Vs. Diamond: Which Is Better?

If you are torn between sapphire and diamond, there are benefits to both. When it comes to which stone has better overall quality, diamonds take the crown. Light reflects off of diamonds better than sapphires, which gives them a brighter, shinier appearance. Cost-wise, sapphires are better for anyone with a stricter budget and cost about half of what a diamond will. Regardless of which stone you choose, make sure to check for size, clarity, and whether your stone is natural or created.

Is Sapphire Worth More Than Diamond?

When it comes to whether sapphire is more valuable than a diamond, most of the time, it is not. Depending on the cut, carat size, and quality, diamonds almost always out cost and out value sapphires. Between the two styles, sapphires are worth about a third of diamonds on average and don't have the same resale value. For example, a one-carat diamond ring will cost you about $4,000 versus a high-quality sapphire costing around $800.

What Is A Created Sapphire?

From what we found, created sapphires are essentially lab-grown gemstones that mimic a naturally harvested option. This process is when a sapphire is grown in a lab using high temperatures and pressure. Created sapphires still contain corundum, meaning they will have similar features to a natural gemstone. Even though created sapphires are beautiful, they are not nearly as valuable compared to the real thing.

How Much Does A Created Sapphire Cost?

On average, a created sapphire will cost anywhere from $30 to $100 per carat. This is a steep drop in price versus a genuine sapphire and is a great, affordable option for those in the market for reasonably priced jewelry. Created pieces of jewelry are hard to tell apart from the real thing and are just as sturdy as genuine stones most of the time. We found that created sapphires are pretty standard in the jewelry world and are worn by celebrities and influencers worldwide.

Peora Created Blue Sapphire Ring

Here we have a gorgeous blue-created sapphire ring from the Peora Store. This ring comes on a sterling silver band, is an imperial octagon design, and is 4.50 carats.

View this created sapphire ring on Amazon here.

Are Pink Sapphires More Expensive Than Blue?

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Although pink sapphires don't usually come to mind when buying this stone, they are beautiful, bright options. Pink sapphires have become very popular among young jewelry buyers and are one of the rarer gemstones available. Typically, one carat of pink sapphire is going to cost between $200 and $800. This particular gemstone is comparable to a pink diamond and costs about a third of the price.

14K Gold Pink Sapphire Eternity Ring

Here is a pink sapphire eternity ring from Allurez. This ring is 14K gold plated, made in the USA, and is 0.73 carats.

See this gold-plated pink sapphire ring on Amazon here.

How Much Do Yellow Sapphires Cost?

Following a colorful sapphire theme, a yellow stone option is also an idea to try. Among the different sapphire colors, yellow is one of the cheaper gemstone jewelry options. Price-wise, one carat of yellow sapphire will cost around $300, which is considerably less than pink or blue sapphire. Yellow sapphire is another unique jewelry option to consider and perfect for anyone just getting into jewelry collecting or buying.

Divya Shakti 5.25 Carat Yellow Sapphire Ring

Here is a yellow sapphire ring from Ramneek Jewels that is perfect for gifting. This ring is an AAA quality gemstone and is 5.25 carats.

Follow this link to see this ring on Amazon.

Our Final Take

Whether you are a sapphire enthusiast or simply curious about the precious gemstone, you've got plenty of options. According to what we found, a sapphire ring will cost you between $400 and $1,200 per carat, depending on its color and clarity. Among the many shades of sapphire, blue takes the crown for overall resale value and makes for a good investment. Although sapphires can be relatively inexpensive versus diamond options, you can still make your way up in price for a naturally harvested stone. Regardless of what color sapphire you choose to buy, make sure to choose one that is clear, saturated, and most importantly, you.

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