How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost?

Choosing the perfect nail polish style and treatment can be exhausting. You want to choose a nail polish that won't chip but isn't going to ruin your actual fingernail. Shellac nails typically give you the best of both worlds and come at a surprising cost. We have done some investigating and have this answer waiting for you.

Generally speaking, shellac nails will cost you around $45 to $60 at the nail salon. This may seem like either an inflated cost or a steal, depending on your current nail regimen. 

As we cover shellac nails and how to keep your nails healthy, we will show you some great recommendations. Achieving healthy natural nails while also being able to style them and get creative is the goal here. Let's dive into this and get those nails done!

Bright iridescent gel polish shellac with multicolored highlights, How Much Do Shellac Nails Cost?

Shellac Nails

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A set of shellac style nails is much more durable and can withstand more of a beating versus a standard polish. Shellac ingredients mimic a gel polish look and feel without damaging your natural nails. A reason for this style of nail polish's popularity is that it is reliable and able to be painted on acrylic nails. You can see above how shimmery and gel looking these nails came out using a shellac polish.

Can I do shellac nails at home?

Doing your own shellac nails at home is pretty easy and does not require a lot of experience. To have your nails dry correctly, you will need a UV or LED light to dry your nails. Shellac polish is very similar to gel and should be applied and dried the same way.


This first product we found to dry shellac nails comes from SUNLUV and is shown above. You want to make sure your nail polish dries correctly when using shellac polish because it will last for about two weeks.

To check out this nail drying UV lamp on Amazon, Follow this link.

Modelones Nail Polish Kit

This next shellac/gel nail kit is a good option for those who may want to do their nails at home. This kit is advertised as a softer gel and falls into a shellac look and feel once applied to the nail.

To view this at home nail kit on Amazon, please follow this link.

Beetles 20 Piece Nail Polish Kit

The product shown above is a gel and shellac at home nail set and is made by Beetles Gel Polish Store. This is another at-home nail option and does come with 20 different polishes.

To check this home nail set out on Amazon, follow this link.

How much does it cost to have shellac nails removed?

Having your shellac nails removed will be very similar to gel when it comes to process and cost. You can expect to pay around $15 to have your shellac nails removed. This does vary and may end up being cheaper if you are getting another manicure after removing your old color. It takes around 15 minutes to get the polish off your nails thoroughly, so make sure to allow for that in your schedule.

We recommend buying a nail remover set for those of you who may not want to pay $15 every time you want to try a new color. If you want to remove the paint off of your nails, you can use tin foil and traditional nail polish remover on each finger. Some products promise to make the process easier and less time consuming, and we have attached them below.

FANDAMEI Nail Polish Remover Kit

We found this recommended nail polish remover kit that will make taking off your shellac or gel nail polish much more manageable. This set will come with all of the essential polish removing products, but you will need to purchase a strong liquid polish remover to use with the kit.

To check out this nail removing kit on Amazon, follow this link here.

Magic Nail Polish Remover

We have also found this magic nail polish remover from the Gaobeisi Cosmetic C0mpany. This product is intended to be used either with a nail removing kit or with tin foil wrapped around each nail. This product is a faster option and promises to take off your shellac nail color in 3 to 5 minutes.

To view this magic nail polish remover on Amazon, follow this link.

Pronto 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

This nail polish remover shown above is a professional grade option to try at home and is made by Pronto. There are mixed feelings about using an acetone polish remover, but for shellac or gel nails, you need to have the strength of an acetone-based product. Wrapping tin foil around cotton balls dipped in this type of remover will get the color off your nails in no time.

To check this acetone nail polish remover out on Amazon, please follow this link.

Is shellac more expensive than acrylic?

Shellac nails are not as expensive as acrylic styles and are better for your actual fingernail health. An acrylic set of nails will usually cost you $65 to $100, depending on the detail and shape you go with. Shellac nails are going to cost about two-thirds of that price and last a similar two weeks. Shellac nails have a more classic and livable look to them, and you don't have to worry about a refill if one breaks. Acrylic nails are a fun style but do require costly upkeep.

Here are some examples of shellac vs. acrylic nail designs for all the nail lovers in the house.


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The shellac nails shown above are beautiful and don't require extra attention for two weeks. These nails are most likely for people who may use their hands a lot and can't afford to make a refill appointment or get a filling frequently. This style of nails is also deemed ok at most jobs in food and customer service.


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These next set of nails are acrylic style and are also very aesthetically pleasing. These nails require upkeep and are on the higher end of the price range for nails in general. Many people do love this style and adapt to having such long nails in their everyday life. It comes down to your preference.

The Wrap Up

Shellac nails really do tend to be an excellent option for the majority of people wanting colored nails. They are very durable and do come in at an affordable price tag versus other nail styles. Shellac is very similar to gel and does need to be applied and removed the same way, which can be daunting. Deciding on whether or not to invest in an at-home nail kit is really up to you but only will save you money.

Nails are super sensitive to harsh products and chemicals, so it is important to take little nail breaks and choose suitable products. Shellac has the best reputation for keeping your real nails intact and usually lasts about two weeks. We recommend shellac polish and want you to have fun on your nail journey.

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