How Often Should You Use A Charcoal Mask?

Charcoal products have become all the rage recently and for good reason. Charcoal has countless health benefits, namely in regard to skin health. If you're interested in using charcoal skincare products, you've probably come across charcoal masks, and you're likely wondering how often you should use one. So, how often should you use a charcoal mask? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

If your skin isn't sensitive, you should use a charcoal mask once per week. If your skin is sensitive, you should limit your charcoal mask applications to once every two weeks. But depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you can certainly tailor your charcoal mask regimen accordingly. 

If you still have some more questions about charcoal masks, don't worry. In this guide, we'll explore the topic in greater detail. We'll talk about how many times a charcoal mask can be used, whether or not they remove blackheads, and more. Without further ado, let's get into it.

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The Best Charcoal Mask Regimen

Charcoal masks extract dirt and oil from the skin, leaving your face feeling great and healthy. For the best results, follow this charcoal mask regimen once or twice per week depending on the sensitivity of your skin:

  • Select a high-quality charcoal face mask. Look for masks that contain activated charcoal and ingredients that will soothe the skin. It's also preferable to choose a charcoal mask from a reputable skincare brand.

This charcoal mask from Éclat Skincare contains activated bamboo charcoal, clay, and numerous soothing ingredients. Click here to see this charcoal mask on Amazon.

  • Test the mask for an allergic reaction. If you haven't used a charcoal face mask before, place a small amount of the charcoal mask mixture onto your cheek, and wait 10-15 minutes to determine whether or not the mask will cause an allergic reaction. If there is no irritation, simply wash the mask off your cheek and proceed.
  • Thoroughly wash and exfoliate your face using your favorite gentle cleanser. This will purge your face of dirt, oil, and dead skin, optimizing the results of your charcoal mask application.
  • Apply the charcoal mask with a brush or your fingertips. Ensure that the face mask is spread evenly. Be sure to avoid spreading the mask to your eyes and lips.

A simple face mask brush will ensure that your charcoal face mask is applied evenly. Click here to see these brushes on Amazon.

  • Wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the mask to dry. Actual drying time will vary depending on the specific charcoal face mask and how thick the mask was applied.
  • After the mask has dried, gently peel it off. It's generally easier to start peeling at the bottom of the mask.
  • Rinse your face and apply your favorite moisturizer. If there are small bits of charcoal clinging to your face, simply rinse your face off and lightly scrub to remove the pieces. Then, dry your face off, and apply your favorite moisturizer.
  • Repeat this regimen periodically depending on the sensitivity of your skin. As mentioned, for sensitive skin, limit the use of charcoal masks to once every two weeks. If your skin isn't sensitive, you should be able to apply a charcoal mask every week. However, this is just a general rule; don't be afraid to tailor your regimen to your skin's needs and sensitivity.

How Many Times Can A Charcoal Mask Be Used?

Charcoal masks come in liquid or gel-like form, in either single packets or tubes. Most charcoal masks are a one-time-use product. Once applied, a charcoal mask dries out as it cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. After each use, the charcoal mask should be peeled off and discarded.

Purchasing single-use charcoal mask packets can be a fun way to sample various products without committing to purchasing entire tubes or bottles of it.

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Do Charcoal Masks Remove Blackheads?

We've already established that charcoal masks boast countless benefits for your face. But one thing charcoal masks do exceptionally well is remove pesky, surface-level blackheads.

Charcoal masks won't quite be able to remove deep, cystic blackheads, but they will certainly rid the face of less severe blackheads.

Do Charcoal Masks Damage Skin?

A woman applying charcoal mask on her face

For most people, charcoal masks will detoxify the skin, remove excess oil, and leave the face feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you have sensitive skin, however, charcoal masks do have the potential to dry out the skin. After all, charcoal masks do remove a layer of skin, which might agitate someone with sensitive skin.

Should I Wash My Face After Using A Charcoal Mask?

As mentioned in the recommended face mask regimen, there will likely be some small pieces of charcoal on your face after peeling the mask off. Simply rinse your face off with water, and gently scrub any charcoal pieces to remove them.

Avoid washing your face with a cleanser following a charcoal mask treatment. If you follow the recommended regimen, your face will be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated before applying the mask. And since the mask removes a layer of skin, using an abrasive cleanser afterward will only leave your face dry and irritated.

Rather than using a cleanser after a charcoal mask treatment, apply moisturizer instead.

This moisturizer from Neutrogena is perfect for virtually all types of skin. Apply a moderate layer following a charcoal mask treatment. Click here to see this facial moisturizer on Amazon.

How Often Should I Use Charcoal Face Wash?

It's no surprise that charcoal boasts a myriad of health benefits. The advent of activated charcoal has given rise not only to face masks but facial cleansers as well. As a general rule, you should use charcoal face wash once daily to fully experience the cleanser's myriad benefits.

However, if you notice any skin irritation from using charcoal face wash daily, limit use to once every other day.

In Closing

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We hope this guide taught you everything you need to know about charcoal masks. Using charcoal masks is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do for your face. If you follow the regimen outlined here, your face will definitely thank you. But be sure to consider the sensitivity of your skin when creating your own charcoal mask regimen.

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